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July 19th, 2000

Are are acne medications making your acne worse?

Forget about acne medications like tetracycline, monocycline, accutane, Oxy, Clearasil, Benzoyle peroxide, etc.
I’ve discovered something much more powerful than them all…

Hi, my name is Leo. I was a severe acne sufferer for years. I tried all the acne medications with little success.
But then I “stumbled” upon a cure far more effective than any medications. I’ve assembled all this information that took years to piece together into a complete program. Once you follow this program
you will cure your acne forever without acne medications.
In it I reveal…

  • Why all acne medications are flawed and can only treat but will never cure your acne.What the true cause of your acne is. It’s not what any dermatologist will tell you.
  • How to eliminate the actual cause of your acne, and do it without acne medications.

And so much more.

What others say about this program…

“Leo-I just want to say thank you. I found everything you had to say
very interesting. I started following your advice, and …my face looks incredible!!!
I have gotten so many comments on my CLEAR complexion.

Before I read your
book, I was on Retin-A, and it was actually making my face worse. I am so
happy I browsed on the net and found you!!! Thank you so much for letting
me ‘show’ my face again.”


Tracy Person

I’ll show you step by step how to cure your acne forever without medications…
To find out more checkout the Acne Cure E-course.

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I sincerely want to help you cure acne without harsh medications.

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July 19th, 2000

The Acne Cure Book That Cured My Acne

If you’re looking for an acne cure book that will arm you with the knowledge to get rid of your acne once and for all then you’ve come to the right place.


Because after over a decade of acne cures research I’ve discovered the secrets to lasting acne free skin.

Using this breakthrough discovery I cured my severe acne completely. And it’s never returned.

Checkout my story and how I cured my severe acne here…

How I Cured My Severe Acne

I’ve assembled everything I learned into a complete program…

What the information in this acne cure book will do…

Show you in 5 simple steps how to directly “attack” and fix once and for all the internal problem causing your acne. So you can finally enjoy the lasting acne-free skin you deserve.

Unsolicited Testimonial

“amazing results”


I just had to tell you the good news!

I recently had amazing results with your program…The results are fantastic!

My face is less red and I haven’t had any more of those big nasty red spots. I’ve never seen a difference like this and I’ve been trying to do everything the “right way” for 2 years.

Thanks for the info. I’m very grateful. No alternative doctor (and I’ve been to many!) had ever mentioned anything like this.


In addition to that, you will discover…

  • The secret to LASTING acne-free skin

  • How to get rid of blackheads internally…once and for all.

  • The difference between teen acne and adult acne, and how to get rid of them both.

  • Why the dermatologist treatments you’ve been using ended up making your acne worse. Don’t let it happen to you.

And a zillion other acne cures secrets you’ve been searching for.

Click the link to discover more about this breakthrough acne cure book.

The Acne Cure Book That Cured My Severe Acne

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