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“I don’t want permanent acne scars!”

July 20th, 2001

How to stop dead in their tracks any new acne scars, and what to do about acne scaring you already have

Dear Acne Sufferer,

Does the thought of permanent acne scars make you quake at the knees?

Well no doubt about it…you should be concerned. Because the painful truth is acne usually packs a double whammy

What do I mean by that?

Well, not only does it ruin your life now, but if you don’t do something about it FAST then you’ll have to live with those nasty acne scars…

your whole life!

You know what I’m talking about…those pitted, potted holes in the cheeks, neck, and even back…

Not very pleasant when you think about it.

So your Numero Uno mission is to fix this acne challenge NOW before you get any more acne scars!

And no, I’m not talking about popping another pill, or pasting some other cream on your face…

No sir, not here. You and I both know that DOESN’T work.

But what does work?

Well, good question…

How to prevent acne scars

There’s only one way to prevent any new acne scars from forming. And that is you’ve got to fix the deep INTERNAL problem that’s causing your acne.

You see, acne scars don’t come from the air around you…the smog doesn’t cause them…and no neither does some nasty bacteria! (See the acne bacteria myth.)

Acne scars are the end result of acne which is caused by a deep INTERNAL problem…

They come from inside you!

As crazy as it sounds, the root cause of acne scars have nothing to do with your skin…

Nope…nothing at all. (That is except AFTER they have formed.)

And no, I haven’t lost my marbles…and I’m not on Prozac either.

Please listen to me when I say…

Stop looking at your skin as the problem. And decide that you’re going to do what it takes to correct the deep INTERNAL problem that is the ROOT cause of ALL your skin problems.

And the good news is you don’t have to let acne scars ruin your life. You can STOP dead in their tracks any new acne scars.


Boy, isn’t that the million dollar question.

Luckily, you’ve struck gold!

After nearly a decade of focused effort, I’ve discovered the secret to lasting acne free-skin. And I’m spilling all the beans in this web site.

Do what I say and you will not have to suffer from any more acne scars…plain and simple!

So what’s your very next step in conquering these acne scars before they become a problem?

Well, I’ve prepared a Acne Cure E-Tutorial that reveals how I cured my severe acne. Check it out…

But what if I already have acne scars?

What to do if you’ve already got acne scars

Well, I can’t really help you get rid of acne scars once you’ve got them. Sorry!

But I can show you how to stop any new ones.

So here’s my best advice…

Before you go about getting rid of acne scars fix the deep internal problem that’s causing your acne. Get that part handled permanently.


Checkout my special report The ONLY Path to LASTING Freedom From Acne for the answer to that, a premier on the basis for any effective alternative acne treatment.

Then once you’ve stopped any new acne scars, checkout a few of the plastic surgery options for acne scars removal. They are going to be a little pricey…but hey, this one time investment is going to pay dividends your whole life.

“Parents, teenage acne is shunting your child’s development”

July 20th, 2001

Why teenage acne is the most important challenge you can help your child overcome for their long-term development

(from an ex-acne sufferer)

Dear Parent,

If your son or daughter is suffering from teenage acne then you have every right to be concerned. Because I’m telling you from personal experience, their acne is shunting their emotional, social, and intellectual growth in more ways then you can realize.

And probably the most significant thing you can do for them is to help them overcome this acne challenge once and for all.

I’m serious about that…I’m speaking from direct experience.

I suffered from severe acne for years. And I avoided life because of it. Where every other teenager was “in” life experiencing it…I was hiding in the corner, hoping no one would see me.

And I sure did pay a price, not only in self-esteem but social, emotional, and my intellectual development. It took years for me to catch up after I finally cured my acne.

So I’m speaking from experience when I say, helping your child overcome teenage acne permanently will have a greater impact on their life then just about anything else. It’s far more important then the grades they get or the college they get into…really! It’s impacting them that much.

How to best help your son or daughter suffering from teenage acne

So how do you best help them?

Well, the odds are very good that their teenage acne is terribly embarrassing to them. So as address this issue very tactfully. And above all else…don’t ever make them feel embarrassment, and don’t EVER blame them for the teenage acne they are suffering from.

As basic as it sounds…I just want to make sure you get it…because it’s pretty darn important…

Above anything else, you can best help your son or daughter suffering from teenage acne by approaching them from a place of understanding. Try to put yourself in their shoes and always keep that perspective.

O.k. if you just understand that your 90% there. Next you’ve got to help them do something about it.

And believe me…even if they don’t say it, they would eat mud if it meant it would cure their teenage acne. They are doing everything they know to do, or can do. The problem is they simply don’t know what to do.

So then the next step is to help them “find” the way to cure their teenage acne.

Let me repeat that….help THEM find the way.

In the vast majority of cases it’s far better that they think it’s their idea….rather then something you’re pushing on them.

As I’m sure you already know…teenagers can be pretty darn stubborn.

So how do you best do that?

Well, in this website you will discover exactly how I cured my severe acne…and how I helped thousands of others do the same. It contains all the keys they need to get rid of their teenage acne permanently.

All you’ve got to do is point them in this direction. And let them discover it for themselves. Tell them you understand what their feeling and you found something that looks interesting…something they might want to check out.

Then let them check it out for themselves.

Trust me…they will do the rest.

Then just be their cheer leader…helping (but never forcing) them along the way.

As basic as this advice sounds this is coming directly from someone who’s been through it. And it will mean all the difference in the world…not only now, but the impact it has on your son or daughter will resonate through the rest of their life.

In addition…I would recommend you do a little research yourself, so you can understand more what’s causing your son or daughters teenage acne.

The first place I would start is with my special report…
The surprising message acne is trying to send you

After you’ve reviewed it be sure to checkout…
The TRUE Cause of Teenage Acne

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July 19th, 2001

Acne Cures…

“This amazing alternative treatment cured my acne!”

Unique alternative acne treatment is changing the lives of acne sufferer’s everywhere

The Acne Cure E-course

“If you’re tired of acne treatments that just don’t work than this e-book is for you,” says advocate Leo.

He should know, because he had severe acne and tried nearly every treatment. Leo finally gave up on conventional treatments, and researched little known alternative treatments…

He finally found what he was looking for. “After I put all the pieces of the puzzle together I was able to cure my severe acne within a matter of weeks using a unique alternative treatment,” says Leo.

Leo has made it his mission to help acne sufferers everywhere. He explains this alternative treatment in his free e-book.

He is making this e-book available to anyone who visits this website.

To learn more click the link…

Alternative Acne Treatments Reports

What others say about this program…


I just want to say thank you. I found everything you had to say very interesting. I started following your advice, and …my face looks incredible!!!
I have gotten so many comments on my CLEAR complexion.

Before I read your book, I was on Retin-A, and it was actually making my face worse. I am so happy I browsed on the net and found you!!! Thank you so much for letting
me ‘show’ my face again.”


Tracy Person

“Hi Leo,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the remendous amount of research you have done on curing acne. I had tried every antibiotic, accutane, topical medications, you name it.

My acne only seemed to get worse, especially after accutane.

I followed your program and my face cleared up…quickly. I only get occasional pimples now, but I’ve never had a completely clear face.

I am THRILLED with the results of your program and wanted to say thank you, this program has made a huge difference in my life.”


“Thank you for the acne miracle. I saw results in just a few days.

I haven’t used my dermatologist prescribed benzamycin gel since I started your program, and your program delivers better results.

Thank you again, Leo, and keep up the good work.
You’ve made a difference here!”


To learn more grab your copy of  the Acne Cure E-course

How I cured my severe acne with alternative acne treatments

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Accutane…the disturbing truth: Thinking about accutane? Then you had better check this out!

The TRUE cause of your adult acne: And it’s not what anyone else (including your dermatologist) has ever told you.

July 19th, 2001

“Unique acne home remedy stops the root cause of acne discreetly in the comfort of your own home

“Using this unique acne home remedy I cured my severe acne from the privacy of my home!”

Dear Acne Sufferer,

Are you looking for an acne home remedy that works? Want something that’s inexpensive and you can do from home?

Well you just found it!

For years I searched endlessly for something…ANYTHING…that would cure my severe acne. I tried EVERYTHING!

I spent years, and thousands of dollars endlessly tried one thing after another. Anything that promised even a smidgen of hope I tried.

But despite everything I tried…

Nothing worked!

But out of sheer luck I stumbled upon a breakthrough, natural acne program that WORKS.

Using this unique acne program…to my utter surprise…

I cured my severe acne!

I couldn’t believe it. I finally found something that works.

And what’s even more amazing is that it worked with NO negative side effects…and used no drugs, creams, or typical acne “stuff” of any kind.

I’m telling you I never had to paste anything on my face or take mass doses of anything. It was my dream come true.

And here’s how I did it…

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acne alternative treatments info

July 19th, 2001

Tetracycline for acne treatment

Considering Tetracycline to treat acne? Get the facts before you decide…

Why tetracycline acne treatment will lead to dependency and aggravated acne in the long run.

You’ve heard about Tetracycline to treat acne , and you’re wondering if it’s right for your acne. Read this before  you decide…

Does Tetracycline work for acne?

It is a broad-based anti-biotic that kills acne bacteria. Therefore, if you have cystic acne it might help. But if you have blackheads Tetracycline will do nothing for you.

But what’s the problem?

The single greatest problem with Tetracycline is it destroys your body’s primary immune defense, the friendly bacteria in the colon. That causes your body to be dependent on the anti-biotic.

But it gets worse…

Eventually the bacteria become immune to the anti-biotic. Tetracycline causes bacteria to mutate into “super strain” bacteria. It is now unable to kill the bacteria. And it is that much harder for your body’s immune system to kill these super stain bacteria.

So in the long run it actually makes your acne worse.

I was a severe acne sufferer and was considering Tetracycline. Luckily, I stumbled upon a far more effective way to treat acne. It’s deadly effective and has no side effects.

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acne alternative treatment

Acne Vitamin Secrets

July 19th, 2001

Ex-Acne Sufferer Reveals How To Cure Acne Using Vitamins and Other Alternative Acne Treatments

Acne Cure E-Tutorial Unravels The Acne Vitamin Mystery

To treat acne successfully vitamins are extremely important. But you got to use vitamins the right way. I was a severe acne sufferer and was able to cure my acne completely using vitamins and other alternative treatments.
After experimenting with a lot of different vitamins and minerals for acne here is what I’ve found…

Vitamins for Acne

Vitamins work together with minerals and other nutrients so you need to get them in balance. The vitamins that got me the most dramatic results are…

Vitamin A: This vitamin is essential for acne-free skin. Vitamin A produces a lot of the effects of the drug retin-A and accutane but without the side effects.

Vitamin E: This vitamin is important for skin repair and retards cellular aging.

Zinc: Zinc is essential for absorption of Vitamin A and also regulates levels of Vitamin E in the blood. It also boosts the immune system and helps kill acne bacteria.

Selenium: Selenium is needed for skin elasticity. It also boosts the action of the other anti-oxidants.

Magnesium This mineral seems to play a major role in hormone balance. And imbalance hormones are a major cause of acne.

Acne Vitamins alone are not enough…

Although vitamins are important to treat acne, the most important nutrient for the treatment of acne is not a vitamin, mineral, or an herb. Without it your hormones get way out of balance and you get acne. However, if you have enough of it your hormones balance out naturally and acne disappears.

What am I talking about?

Well, I describe it in detail in the E-books.

These E-books are the result of years of research and trial and error with my own acne. Using the information I explain in them I was able to cure my severe acne completely.
And it has never returned.

To find out more check out the Acne Cure E-course…

Click Here For The Acne Cure E-Tutorial

The Acne Cure E-course reveals…

  • The true cause of acne
  • How to eliminate the root cause of acne
  • The secret to balanced hormones and flawless skin..

And so much more…

How I Cured My Severe Acne using vitamins and other natural acne treatments

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The TRUE cause of your acne: And it’s not what anyone else (including your dermatologist) has ever told you.

July 19th, 2001

Natural Acne Remedies…The NAKED TRUTH

Results of years of natural acne remedies research revealed

What natural acne remedies work, what do not, and what natural acne remedies you should AVOID at all costs

I’ve spent years, and thousands of dollars testing natural acne remedies. After I gave up on traditional acne treatments, natural acne remedies was one of the first things I turned to.

As much as much as I believe in natural healing (which is the ONLY way you’re going to enjoy LASTING acne-free skin). I’ve got to be straight up with you…

Just because its “natural” doesn’t mean it works. Nor does it mean it’s safe.

In fact, 99.999% every natural acne remedy I tested did not work. And some proved to be very HARMFUL. This despite the manufacture claiming it was totally natural and safe.

Yet, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…

There are some natural acne remedies you should definitely checkout.

In this report you’ll save yourself lots of heartache. Because you discover what works, what doesn’t, and what natural acne remedies you should AVOID at all cost.

And finally I reveal to you how you’re going to beat your acne once and for all.

Natural acne remedies that don’t work

Colloidal silver used as a natural acne remedy

Colloidal silver is very useful for many different things. But it CAN’T cure your acne. In this report you will discover why.

Any natural acne remedies that are “topical”

Acne is caused by a deep internal problem. No topical natural acne remedies can work….sorry, but they just can’t. But there are some that do help with the symptoms of acne…for the short-term. But do not cure acne.

In this report I give you the best, and worst.

Natural acne remedies that not only don’t work but are DANGEROUS

Mega dose vitamin b5 acne treatment

This natural acne remedy you should AVOID at ALL costs. It does NOT work. And despite the proponents telling you its safe believe me…it is DANGEROUS, and will cause SERIOUS health problems. This report is a must read.

The Wai diet

As much as I respect anyone who is SINCERELY trying to help acne sufferers the advocate of this diet is VERY misguided. Not only does this diet not cure acne, but long-term it will cause you some serious problems. In this report I reveal why.

Natural acne remedies that are useful short-term but do not cure acne

Some herbal acne remedies

While most herbal acne remedies didn’t work, some worked surprisingly well. But NONE worked long-term. In this revealing report you’ll learn exactly why.

Zinc acne treatment

While this natural acne remedy isn’t going to cure your acne, it’s one you should definitely look into. It will help a bunch. This report gives all the details.

Some vitamins and minerals

There is no doubt about it, your body needs BASE nutrition to work properly. Some vitamin, minerals, and foods actually proved to be very useful for acne sufferers. But they CAN’T cure acne. This report reveals why.

The only natural approach I’ve discovered that will get rid of the very root cause of your acne

No natural acne remedies, no herbal acne remedy, no acne diet, nor any vitamin or mineral natural acne remedies will work long-term…UNTIL you do this one thing…

What is it?

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acne alternative treatments

July 19th, 2001

Is your dermatologist making your acne worse?

Acne E-Tutorial Reveals the Secrets to Acne-Free Skin

Dear acne sufferer,

Before you go to a dermatologist for treatment please read this…

I had severe acne and went to countless dermatologists and doctors for treatments.

I tried everything my dermatologist gave me faithfully, and spent thousands of dollars doing it.

But whatever results I did get were short lived. My acne always came back ..”with vengeance”. I finally gave up on dermatologist and doctors and started researching alternative treatments.

Well it took a lot of research and trial and error, but I finally cured my severe acne completely.

And now I’m going to help you do the same!

I’ve put together a complete program that shows you how to do exactly what I did without a dermatologist.

To learn more about how to eliminate your acne without a dermatologist
checkout my free acne cure e-course.

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More revealing acne reports

The Acne Bacteria Myth: Why acne bacteria does not cause acne and why you can’t cure it by killing acne bacteria.

The TRUE cause of your acne: And it’s not what anyone else (including your dermatologist) has ever told you.

Accutane…the disturbing truth: Thinking about accutane? Then you had better check this out!

Herbal Acne Secrets Revealed

July 19th, 2001

Discover How to Cure Acne Naturally Using Herbs and other Alternative Treatments for Acne

Acne Cure E-Tutorial shows you how

Herbal remedies can be very effective if you use them right. I had severe acne and cured it completely using herbs and vitamins in combination with a few other alternative acne treatments.

After experimenting with a lot of herbs here is what I found…

Thee most important organ to for acne treatment is the liver. The liver purifies the blood removing toxins and hormones that aggravate acne. If your liver is not functioning properly you get acne. Therefore thee most effective herbs for acne treatment are herbs that strengthen liver function.

The herbs that do that best are…

Burdock: It is a potent blood purifier. It works by stimulating liver function.

Yellow Dock: It works by stimulating bile and gallbladder function and is also a blood purifier. (Oh so important for acne treatment).

Dandelion Root: This herb is a digestive aid and yet another powerful liver tonic.

Oregon Grape: It is an effective liver protector.

Other herbs that aids liver function are Red Clover and Milk Thistle. For me these herbs didn’t give dramatic effects, yet they are still beneficial for acne.

And Echinacea can be effective for killing acne bacteria.

In addition to these herbs a few more I have found useful are…

Saw Palmetto and Beta Sito Sterol (actually this is not an herb it is a plant sterol extract, but still very effective on acne). These have the effect of balancing out the hormone testosterone and can be very effective in males.

The herb Vitex may be beneficial for some females. In some cases it helps to balance out female hormones.

And the sarsaparilla is said to help balance hormones. The results of this herb were subtle for me, however everybody is different; you might want to experiment with it.

Acne herbs alone are not enough…

Although herbs if used right will be beneficial for acne you will not be able to cure it completely until you address the underlying cause.

After years of research, trial and error, and a little luck, I finally cured my severe acne. Once I put all the pieces of the puzzle together I was able to cure my acne within weeks. And it never returned.

I’ve assembled everything I learned about acne into a complete program. Check it out here..

How I cured my severe acne using alternative treatments like herbs for acne

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July 19th, 2001

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