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July 20th, 2004

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Buy Accutane Online??

July 19th, 2004

Accutane researcher reveals the surprising reason why you should never buy accutane online

If you’re looking to buy accutane online then thank God you found me first!

I was a severe acne sufferer and before I finally cured it I researched accutane thoroughly.

I was almost about to buy accutane online but the more I discovered about the drug, the more it…

Scared the sh*t out of me!

I’ve assembled all my shocking finding in on web page.

In it you will discover…

  • Why accutane makes your acne WORSE once the drug wares off. This is a must read
  • The horrific long-term and sometimes PERMANENT side-effects of accutane.
  • Why leading doctors are pushing to BAN the drug.

And much more.

In fact if you’re looking to buy accutane online you’re crazy if you don’t check it out first. Get the facts here…

buy accutane online

Natural Acne Treatments Results

July 19th, 2004

“Acne medications, or conventional acne treatments will never cure your acne…”

“I will show any acne sufferer how to cure acne without conventional acne treatments or acne medications.”

“Acne starts on the inside and can only be cured from the inside“…claims ex-acne sufferer Leo Kiesen. “Medications, or topical acne treatments can’t cure the root cause of acne.”

Ex-Acne sufferer, claims he can show any acne sufferer how to cure acne completely, without harsh medications, treatments or drugs.

Leo was a severe acne sufferer since the age of twelve. Because of a “very painful” experience, he promised himself he would find a cure for his acne.

“After going to countless dermatologist and doctors I finally gave up on conventional treatments to cure my acne.”

“After going to countless dermatologist and doctors I finally gave up on conventional treatments to cure my acne.” states Leo.

After giving up on traditional acne treatments Leo became in his words “a research madman.” “I focused my attention on little known alternative acne treatments. I tried every conceivable alternative treatment, but they to only gave temporary results.”

But he finally found what he was looking for…

He says, “It took a lot of research and trial and error, but I was finally able to piece together the puzzle. Once I had all the pieces to the puzzle I was able to cure my acne completely, and it has never returned.”

What others say about this program…

“Leo- I just want to say thank you. I found everything you had to say
very interesting. I started following your advice, and …my face looks incredible!!!
I have gotten so many comments on my CLEAR complexion.

Before I read your
book, I was on Retin-A, and it was actually making my face worse. I am so
happy I browsed on the net and found you!!! Thank you so much for letting
me ‘show’ my face again.”


Tracy Person

Leo became and outspoken advocate for acne sufferers everywhere. He exclaims he wants to make sure no one has to go through pain he did. To help as many acne sufferers as possible he has assembled an E-book that explains how he cured his acne using little-known alternative treatments. And he is making it available free of charge to anyone who visits this website.

To checkout Leo’s free acne reports click the link…

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