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Acne Alternative Treatments Reviews

July 20th, 2009

Acne Alternative Treatments – The Best & Worst

(From a former acne alternative treatments patient)

Perhaps you tried conventional acne treatments and they have failed to give you results.  (Or like me they made your acne worse.)

Maybe the long-term side effects of acne treatments like accutane and acne antibiotics scare you (as they should).

Or perhaps you just want a holistic acne alternative treatment.

Well before you jump into the alternative acne treatments waters there are few things you need to know.  (And I’m speaking from experience here. I spent years in the acne alternative treatments waters.  So I know what I’m talking about).

I have good news and I have bad news:

First the good news…

Yes, you can cure your acne naturally, without drugs, without antibiotics, without any topical acne cream and you can do it by working WITH your body.

The bad news…

When it comes to acne alternative treatments, there is a maze of confusion waiting to trap you, confuse you, and waste years of your valuable time sorting it out.

There are so many different acne alternative remedy products that claim to cure your acne naturally.   Before I cured my own acne I tried what seemed like “all” of them.  And while some helped, no doubt about it, most did nothing.  And the sad truth is none of them worked long-term.

(It wasn’t until years later that I found out why.  None of these acne alternative treatments fixed the root cause of my acne.)

But please don’t misunderstand me…

Some acne alternative treatments do work.  Some will help you.  And you should definitely look into some of them.  But so you don’t waste too much time with what doesn’t work I’m going to breakdown someone more popular acne alternative treatments and give you my experience with them.

Homeopathic Acne Alternative Treatments:

I’ve tried dozens and dozens of these.  In the truth while homeopathic remedies helped me in up with other health conditions they did nothing to help my acne.

In general I would not waste my time with them.

Herbal Based Acne Alternative Treatments:

Believe it or not some of these treatments that I tried really did work.  Some worked amazingly well.

However all them (except one… more about this in a moment) stopped working after about two to four weeks.  Why did they stop working?  Well, it took me years to figure this one out.

I explain why in this special report. You can grab your copy here…

Herbal Acne Alternative Treatments Report

Vitamin For Acne Treatments:

The long and short of vitamin for acne treatments…

There are some “key” nutrients the body must have to maintain precise hormonal balance… which leads to acne free skin.  The right mix of these nutrients can improve acne for sure. But the most key nutrient for hormonal balance isn’t a vitamin.  (Nope it’s something else entirely).

However, the root cause of acne is much deeper than just a vitamin deficiency.  In my experience, while the right mix of nutrients certainly will help you they aren’t going to cure your acne…

What worked for me…

What was very key for me curing my own acne was correctly understanding exactly what was causing it.  It took a decade of research to figure that out.  Once understood the true cause of acne it didn’t take too much longer to find the long-term solution.

I cover the fundamentals of what’s causing acne and the basics to the long-term solution in a online acne cure e-tutorial.  You can grab your copy here:

The Acne Cure E-Tutorial

While it won’t be easy, trust me it’s not going to be easy, it can be done.  You can fix the root cause of your acne, and you can enjoy a lifetime of acne free skin.

Hormonal Acne

July 20th, 2009

The missing piece to the “hormonal balance” puzzle

“The key to LASTING acne-free skin is to ensure any excess and used hormones are quickly ‘deactivated’ and cleared from your system. In this lesson you’ll discover how…”

(Lesson 4 of 5)

So far you understand that your acne is an important message that something is going very wrong internally. And you now have a solid understanding of just what’s causing all the trouble.

Now let’s get down to business “fixing” the problem. Balancing hormones is the first key step to doing that.

I know we covered this a little bit in the last lesson, but I’m going to elaborate more in this lesson.

Your hormonal “river”

Think of it this way…

Your body is constantly making hormones. Think of those as a river (hormones) flowing into a pond (your internal system). Then your body is constantly “deactivating” and getting rid of these hormones after they have been “used”…

Think of that as the stream of water running out of the pond.

But what would happen if you dammed up the stream of water leaving the pond?

The “pond” would overflow and flood the surroundings.

Well, that’s what happens if something stops excess and “used” hormones from “flowing” out of your system?

They get “all out of balance”…leading to acne and many other chronic hormonally related health problems.

And if you suffer from acne then I can assure you this is happening to you.

So what’s causing this to happen anyway? And how do you stop it?

Well, first you need to understand how your body “deactivates” and gets rid of hormones…

(Stay with me, because this is about to get very interesting…)

How your body “deactivates” hormones

First hormones are produced by various glands throughout your system. These hormones are then transported to the various hormone receptors throughout your system where they cause their effect.

Think of the hormones themselves as “keys” and hormone receptors as “key holes”. They will only “fit” in the hormone receptor they are designed for.

Anyway, what happens after these hormones are “used” by the hormone receptors?

They are then transported by your blood and lymph to your liver. Your liver then “deactivates” them by adding another piece to them so they can’t “fit” into any hormonal receptor “key holes”.

These deactivated hormones are then expelled by your bowels and kidneys.

Don’t worry about understanding all this perfectly. Just get the basic concept here…

Hormones must get “deactivated” and then get  out of your system after they have been used or they will become chronically imbalanced.

The problem is this “hormonal highway” can get messed up so hormones can’t get out of your system.

The end result is CHRONIC hormonal imbalance and the dreaded acne!

So what do you do about it?

How to “fix” your hormonal regulating system

Isn’t that the million dollar question. And luckily I have the million dollar answer…

After years of focused research the secret to repairing and regenerating this hormonal regulating system has been discovered. And after yet more years of trial and error and refining and “tweaking” a ground-breaking program has been developed.

Using this program I believe virtually anyone can get rid of their acne once and for all.

The 5 parts to this program work together in a very specific way to “fix” your body’s natural hormonal regulating system so that your body can quickly “deactivate” and “expel” any excess and used hormones from your system.

In addition to that, the 5 parts to the program are also designed to correct the internal problem that’s causing congesting blood and lymph toxins to buildup in your system.

The bottom line is, this program is the only solution in existence that directly addresses ROOT problems causing your acne. It designed to optimize your internal system to work as good as or better then someone with effortless flawless skin.

However there are some caveats. While many do see dramatic results with just step one it will take discipline and time to complete the remaining steps. If you’re not up for it PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t waste your time or my time. It’s not for you.

However, if you are ready to do what it takes your search is over. You’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

While it won’t be easy, once you’ve completed the steps the results will be lasting.

Here’s a great example from our online forum from Dan…

When asked what results he got after completing the steps he responded…

“My skin has never looked better…”

My skin has never looked better. In fact, I feel great about it. I think this is the best it has looked in over a decade!

I no longer always have an inflamed area somewhere nor do I wake up to 2-4 new zit friends everyday. In fact, I haven’t seen a real zit in weeks! After steadily decreasing in frequency and size (they went down to pin head size) I’ve have no more whiteheads at all.

I did take several months (Jan until April) and I was getting pretty frustrated for a while, but I will never get off this program…

All I can say is this was the best money I’ve spent!!


For more information about this breakthrough discovery click the link below…

Lesson 5: The acne discovery »

Congratulations, you’ve made it this far. Most want to change something in their life, but few will actually do what it takes to make that change. The fact that you made it this far separates you from 98% (98.2% to be exact) of everyone else who begins this e-tutorial…

And as promised I have a secret for you. But I didn’t want to tell it to just anybody. Those other 98.2% wouldn’t have “got it” anyway…

The #1 reason I beat my acne challenge
and the #1 reason you’ll beat yours

This secret is the reason why I finally beat my severe acne after struggling for over a decade.

Without this secret I’d still be suffering from severe acne. Really!

What is it…?

O.k. here it is…

No matter what you want to change in your life, whether it’s your acne or anything else there is one ingredient you must have if you’re ever going to make that change…

And that is you must have a compelling reason WHY you must make that change NOW no matter what…

Not just a wish…

Not just a hope…

Not just if it works out…

Not sometime in the future…

But an absolute compelling reason why you MUST make this change happen NOW in your life.

NOW is very important…

If you put it off then it will never happen. If you don’t take the first step in the only time you can, “now”, then it will never happen.

Days will turn into weeks, weeks into years…and what you hoped to change will never have happened.

So whether you choose this program or not, you must find that compelling reason for you…whatever it may be. Because trust me, life is way to short to live it suffering from acne.

Now’s the time to take care of this problem once and for all.

I hope you found this e-tutorial enlightening so far. It’s been a pleasuring bringing it to you. If you’d like to continue receiving enlightening information like this be sure to sign up for my free e-newsletter.

Sign up today and as my thank you I’ll give you instant access to my revealing lesson “The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin”. You may try countless acne treatments, but your acne will always return until you do this one thing…This lesson reveals all the details.

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Looking For Acne Tips?

July 20th, 2009

RESULTS PROVEN Acne Tips Delivered Straight to Your E-mail Box FREE of Charge

Looking for acne tips that get RESULTS? Want to stay up to date an all the issues facing acne sufferers? Want the UNBIASED insider scoop on natural acne treatments?

I spend hundreds of hours and plenty of money every month researching and testing various acne treatments.

Whenever I find something that WORKS (I test everything myself, I don’t take ANYONE’S word for it) or some piece of acne information that you MUST have then I send it out to my CHOICE few subscribers FREE of charge…via e-mail.

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Natural Acne Treatment 101 – The Basics

July 20th, 2009

“The Natural Acne Treatment Fundamentals”

If you’re going to beat your acne you need to understand a few basics such as…

  • What’s really causing your acne
  • What’s NOT causing your acne
  • Why you are suffering from acne while so many enjoy flawless skin
  • And what you must do to stop it

Below are 4 key acne lessons that cover these all important fundamentals in detail. I recommend review them now starting with The TRUE Cause of Acne

The TRUE Cause of Acne – Find out what’s really causing your acne. And believe me it is nothing your dermatologist or anyone else has ever told you.

The ONLY Path To LASTING Acne-Free Skin – For any acne treatment to work long-term it must do this…Find out what it is in this lesson.

The Crucial Message Your Acne Is Trying to Send You – Why are you suffering from acne while your friend has flawless skin? This lesson covers the important message behind your acne. What it means, and what you should do about it.

The Acne Bacteria Myth – Does acne bacteria really cause acne? Can you cure your acne simply by killing of acne bacteria? Find out in this lesson.


The TRUE Cause of Your Acne

July 20th, 2009

“To cure your acne it is critical that you understand precisely what’s causing it…” Discover what’s really causing your acne in this groundbreaking special lesson…

(and it’s NOTHING your dermatologist or anyone else has ever told you)…

(The 2nd vital secret to overcoming your acne challenge)

If you’re ever going to overcome your acne challenge it is critical that you pay close attention to this lesson…

After reviewing this lesson you will know in detail what no doctor, dermatologist, nor even the countless doctors in the various fields of alternative medicine I’ve interviewed understand…

You will know EXACTLY what the root cause of your acne is. Which will make it very clear why all the acne treatments you’ve tried up until now haven’t worked. And you’ll have a solid foundation for the lasting solution explained in future lessons…

But before we get to that I’d like to congratulate you for making it this far…

The truth is most people talk, but few actually do the “doing”. The fact that you made it this far means you’ve already separated yourself from 90% of everyone else. 90% quit after the first lesson. And sadly 90% of acne sufferers will never cure their acne.

I commend you for being here now.

Will you make it through this e-tutorial and apply what you learn to enjoy the lasting rewards?

We’ll see 😉

Anyway, back to business…

The ROOT cause of your acne

No, the root cause of your acne isn’t bacteria (if it was then acne would be highly contagious, which it isn’t).

The root cause of your acne isn’t the wrong diet (if it was then everyone eating the “wrong” diet would suffer from acne).

Nor is your acne caused by many of the common “causes” you may read about on the web.

This mystery your about to discover took literally YEARS of dedicated research and thousands upon thousands of dollars to finally unravel. So lean in close because what your about to discover has the potential to completely change your life…

Are you ready…?

The very ROOT cause of your acne is 2 things and 2 things only…

Hormonal imbalance  combined with a very particular type of congesting toxins that buildup in your blood and lymph fluid.

Let me explain…

Hormones are chemical messengers your body uses to send messages back and forth between organs and cells telling them what to do.

In regards to your acne, androgenic hormones tell your skin’s oil glands just how much sebum or skin oil to be “spitting out”.

If you get too many of these androgenic hormones floating around then your skin’s oil glands go into “overdrive” producing way too much sebum.

But, that’s certainly isn’t the whole story…

Don’t you know people with oily skin yet do NOT have acne?

That’s because you won’t get acne until you mix excess sebum (skin oil) with a very particular kind of highly congesting blood and lymph fluid toxins.

This mixture of excess skin oil, sebum, and highly congesting blood toxins creates the perfect “breeding environment” in and on your skin for acne bacteria to grow like crazy …causing redness, inflammation, swelling, puss, clogged pores, and finally full blown acne.

You see it’s not bacteria that cause acne but the environment that’s created in and on your skin that causes the trouble. And no matter how many acne bacteria killing products you try acne bacteria will always return.

The difference between someone who suffers from acne and someone who doesn’t

The difference between you and your friend with perfect skin isn’t because they eat a different diet, or take different vitamins, or have a different skin care regimen…No it’s nothing like that.

The difference is they are never “overflowing” their system with excess androgenic hormones and a very particular kind of highly congesting blood and lymph fluid toxins.

Their liver is quickly deactivating and clearing from their blood any excess and/or previously “used” androgenic hormones and blood toxins.

They have much stronger liver function in this regard.

Why you suffer from acne most during puberty

Think about it…

Why do you suffer from acne most during puberty…?

Your liver has only so much capacity to deactivate and clear excess and previously used hormones and blood toxins from your system at any one time.

And while growing up you can weaken your liver in this aspect. Then what happens when you hit puberty?…

A SURGE of androgenic hormones course through your system all at once.

This would be o.k. if your liver function was strong. It would quickly clear excess and previously used hormones from your system…

But if it’s not working up to par then it gets overwhelmed…kinda like overflowing a bucket. Once your “liver bucket” overflows your blood becomes loaded with excess and used androgenic hormones and blood toxins causing your skin to breakout like crazy.

Why women suffer from acne most during their monthly cycle

This is also why women suffer from acne most during their monthly cycle…

During your monthly cycle your body is producing all kinds of extra hormones at this time. Yet your liver still only has so much ability to deactivate and clear any excess and used hormones from your system.

So your cycle roles around and your liver gets flooded with all these extra hormones at one time…

It can’t keep up!

The end result is the same…androgenic hormones get out of balance causing the skin’s oil glands to produce way too much sebum. And when combined with a very particular type of congesting blood toxins acne flares.

Adult acne…What’s going on here?

O.k. then Mr. Smarty Pants…If hormones and these particular blood toxins are causing acne then why do adults get acne?

Good question. Now you’re thinking…

The root cause of ALL acne, be it teenage acne, acne that flares during women’s monthly cycles, or adult acne are all the same …hormonal imbalance and excess of a particular kind of congesting blood and lymph toxins.

But the major difference with adult acne is that it isn’t so much a surge of hormones overwhelming the liver all at once, but more so it’s that the liver’s ability to deactivate “used” and excess hormones from the blood and purify the blood of toxins becomes severely compromised…or slowed down.

The end result is still the same…the liver gets overwhelmed. Which leads to excess androgenic hormones and congesting blood toxins. Which leads to adult acne.

The little-known first crucial step to solving your acne problem

So now you know what no dermatologist or doctor knows. Now how do we fix the problem?

Well, the truth is it will take a several key steps to fix the problem completely. And despite what others may tell you, it’s not going to be easy. But the good news is it can be done very effectively IF you know what you’re doing.

By the way…

Have you found this information enlightening? Would you like more? I publish a newsletter loaded with acne tips and ground breaking information like this. For a limited time it’s yours free of charge simply for the asking.

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In the next lesson you’ll discover the little-known and rarely understood first crucial step to LASTING hormonal balance. Without this first crucial step you have no hope of overcoming your acne. But once you properly apply it you can begin to see results in just a matter of days.

Click the continue button below to get all the details …

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Herbal Acne Treatments – The “Rebound” Problem

July 20th, 2009

“Why did that herbal acne treatment stop working? And how can I make it work long-term”

Get the answers to these questions in this report

I’ve tested zillions of herbal acne treatments over the years…ZILLIONS (well not exactly zillions, but close 😉!

While most proved to be very disappointing…Belief it or not SOME herbal acne treatments actually worked SURPRISINGLY well…For the SHORT-TERM.

But not one ever worked for the long-term…

Not one!

In this ground breaking report you will discover the answer to a mystery that took YEARS to solve.

You’ll know why SOME herbal acne treatments worked so well in the beginning, but then STOP working.

And I’ll reveal to you what NO herbalist understands…How to get LASTING, long-term results with herbal acne treatments.

You won’t find this insider information anywhere else.

Why some herbal acne treatments actually work for acne

I’m the very first to tell you that YES belief it or not some herbal acne treatments proved to be very powerful for acne sufferers…for the short-term.

And the ones that worked (most did not), had ONE thing in common…

The herbal blend strengthened and improved liver function…there by purifying the blood and helping to balance hormones…


The herbal blend killed fungal forms that stress the liver oh so much.

To understand why this is so important please checkout my report on The TRUE Cause of Acne.

It’s your liver that “deactivates” and clears excess and used hormones from your system. And it’s also your liver’s that purifies your blood of the congesting toxins that aggravate acne so very much.

So, if it’s not working at capacity in this regard, then you’re going to get acne…No matter what you do.

Well, there are some herbs that can temporarily stimulate your liver to WORK better. And it’s these herbal blends that work for acne sufferers.

There are also herbs that help to kill fungal forms that weaken your liver so much. (This important distinction will prove to be VERY valuable for long-term results so stay with me.)

So the net effect is your liver works better at clearing excess and used hormones out of your system…and cleaning your blood. There by improving acne.

Sounds pretty good so far right?

Well, there’s a BIG problem that will ALWAYS prevent herbal acne treatments from working long-term.

To understand why you need to understand…

How herbs work in your system

Herbs…ALL herbs work one of 2 ways or a combination of these 2 ways…

  1. The herb carries with it vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and a less understood “life force”. These aspects support the body nutritionally and belief it or not “energetically”. These kinds of herbs are generally safe to be taken long-term. But should ONLY be taken seasonally.
  2. The herb has chemical components that actually throw the body out of balance or homeostasis. Depending on these chemical components different body systems are thrown out of balance. These herbs work short-term, and are damaging to the system if taken long-term.

Please understand…herbal acne treatments that temporarily throw your body out of balance are NOT a bad thing. That’s why they work. But they should NEVER be taken long-term and will actually STOP working very quickly if you do.

And here’s why…

Why NO herbal acne treatment will work long-term

You’re body is always trying to maintain balance (homeostasis).

Example: If you get too hot then you start to sweat to cool yourself down.

And this principle of homeostasis is UNIVERSAL. No matter what…your body will do whatever it can to maintain balance.

Well, once you’ve started taking that herbal acne treatment it threw your body out of balance (which is why it worked).

And for a time it actually worked.

But your body responded by doing whatever it had to do to bring your body back into balance. And once it did then the herbal acne treatment STOPPED working.

Sound’s depressing huh…oh what can be done? If herbs alone can’t cure my acne then what do I do?

Don’t fret…because I’ve discovered the secret you’re looking for…

The secret to long-term success with herbal acne treatments

First you need to understand…

you don’t have acne because of an herbal deficiency…

The reason you’re herbal acne treatment worked initially is because in a way it was giving you’re liver…

A SHOT of “nitrous”

Causing it to go into overdrive…”red-lining” it in a way.

(If you’re not familiar with street racing please forgive my analogy 😉

If you imagine your liver as an auto engine…then the herbs that actually work for acne would be akin to injecting nitrous into your gas…

Causing your liver to temporarily “rev” higher.

This makes it do more work clearing hormones and toxins from your blood. Which has dramatic effects on clearing your acne.

But your liver quickly burns out. You can “red line” an engine for only so long.

The secret then for LONG-TERM results with acne is not to inject “nitrous” into your gas (what herbal acne treatments are doing)…but to “build” a bigger more powerful engine (liver) that can do more work.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you suffer from acne then your liver’s ability to “deactivate” and clear excess hormones from your blood is probably 20% or less of what it could be…

Sorry, but that’s just the case.

To cure your acne once and for all you need to “build” and “strengthen” your liver capacity to over 40%. And if you can get it to 70% or better not only will you look amazing, but you will feel like a million bucks…And you’re sports performance will go through the ROOF!

Believe me, I’m speaking from experience.

Building and strengthening liver capacity is the most powerful thing you can do.

The problem is that until VERY recently NO one new how to do it very well. All the liver strengthening techniques didn’t really work that well.

And there were so many variables that NO one had pieced together…

until now…

Take the Acne Cure E-tutorial to find out how to stop the very ROOT cause of your acne once and for all.

Continue –»

acne alternative treatments

Why you suffer from acne and your friend does not…

July 20th, 2009

Discover the surprising message your acne is trying to send you

Why am I cursed with acne? What did I ever do to deserve this? And why does my friend have perfects skin while I suffer? And how do I finally cure acne once and for all?

Sound familiar?

I know it’s so incredibly frustrating …I’ve been there. I know exactly what you’re going through.

But take heart because you’ve come to the right place. You’re about to discover the acne secrets that hold the power to cure acne naturally once and for all.

But before we go any further there’s a secret that you must know. And knowing and understanding this secret is the very first step to cure acne naturally, and permanently…

The surprising message behind your acne

Let me prepare you. It sounds a little crazy at first, but please hear me out. Because it’s pretty darn important you get it before you can cure acne.

Are you ready? Great, then here is your first secret that is vital you understand to cure acne. As a healer told me…

We need every disease we have!
(Including your acne)

What, are you telling me I need this God awful skin?

Yep that’s exactly what I’m saying. No, I’m not on drugs and I didn’t escape from a funny farm 😉

Let me explain…

Your acne is an important message from your body…

What happens is something small starts to go wrong in your body. So your body sends you a message. You may feel a little nausea, or a pain somewhere, or indigestion …something small.

Now you either hear the message and make some changes or you don’t.

If you don’t hear it then the problem only gets worse. Then your body sends you another message…this time LOUDER! Now instead of a small pain in your side you feel a sharp stabbing pain. Now instead of a little indigestion you get chronic heart burn etc.

And the messages keep getting louder and louder (the disease symptoms get more and more severe) until you either sit up, take notice, and do something about it…

Or you die!

Don’t freak out. I’m not saying you’re going to die.

But what I am saying is…

Your acne is only an external message
to a much deeper INTERNAL problem

So, you’ve got to sit up, take notice, listen to this message. And do something about it. Because if you don’t it’s only going to get worse.

And you know what…

…If you don’t listen to this message and do something about it…not only will you suffer from acne and acne scars, but also you will suffer from yet an ever increasing severity of hormonal related diseases down the road such as…

  • PMS
  • Hair loss (both male and female)
  • Prostate problems (even cancers)
  • Any disease associated with high estrogen levels…such as female problems, female cancers, and endometriosis.

Pretty scary when you think about it.

And these diseases will manifest even if your acne goes away …because you never corrected the deep INTERNAL problem that caused your acne in the first place.

How could I possibly say that?

Well, the reason you’re getting acne now is because your system is not "deactivating" and clearing excess and "used" hormones from your body very effectively. Your hormones are way out of wack!

Sorry…but that’s the reality! (No worries …I’m going to show you exactly how to cure it.)

So as much as you feel cursed now…your acne isn’t a curse! Thank God your body is letting you know something is wrong. So next time you look in the mirror …don’t get upset, but appreciate the message…

And do something about it!

O.k. you’ve made that point clear. Now how do I cure acne?

Well, the very next step to cure acne is you need to understand in more detail why you’re getting it in the first place.

Here is a special report that explains this in detail. Click the link below to get it…

causing your acne

Continue to The True Cause Of Acne –»

The missing piece to the Sugar and Acne puzzle

July 20th, 2009

Sugar and Acne, Is there a connection?

“Everything you’ve ever heard about sugar and acne is only a tiny piece to a larger puzzle. The ‘rest of the sugar acne story’ revealed in this report.”

Many acne sufferers notice their acne flares when they eat sugar. And some even claim sugar is the cause of acne.

Yet nearly every dermatologist or doctor will tell you sugar has nothing to do with acne.

Well my friend they are BOTH wrong!

In this report you’ll discover exactly how sugar does and does not effects acne symptoms. And why sugar is NOT the cause of acne.

And most importantly, you learn what you should do to prevent sugar from aggravating your acne.

Understanding the sugar acne relationship

Yep, there most definitely is a relationship to sugar intake and acne. But that’s far from the whole story…

As revealed in my special report The TRUE Cause of Acne, all acne is caused by only 2 things…

Hormonal imbalance combined with a particular kind of highly congesting blood and lymph toxins.

But what does this have to do with sugar and acne?

Well, I’m about to unravel this mystery before your very eyes 😉

Stay with me…Because this information is going to be very beneficial for you as an acne sufferer. Here is where it gets interesting…

Your HORMONAL response to sugar

Just what happens after you eat sugar?

Well right of the bat your blood sugar levels rise rapidly. To bring blood sugar levels down your body excretes hormones…particularly insulin and other androgenic hormones.

These hormones signal your body’s cells to upon up their “doors” and let the sugar in.

The primary places blood sugar goes is the cells of the liver and the cells that make up the muscles. They “fill up” just like inflating a tire or filling up a water balloon.

But what happens when they are all full to capacity?

Well, any excess blood sugar is then converted by your liver into long chain fats (basically LARD). This “lard” is then transported to your fat cells and stored as fat.

End effects of consuming EXCESS sugar

Sugar, unlike other more complex starches, raises blood sugars rapidly. It is metabolized (“burned”) very quickly in your system.

It spikes blood sugar levels in direct proportion to how much you ingest at one time. The more you ingest the greater the spike in blood sugar levels.

This spike in blood sugar causes your body to excrete a SURGE of hormones all at one time.

It also causes a surge of high blood fats (LARD) all at one time.

So the end effect is it overwhelms your system with hormones and blood fats.

All these excess androgenic hormones cause your skin sebum glands to go into hyper drive…producing way too much skin oil. Add to that the excess blood fats floating around and the end results is aggravation of an already existing acne condition.

So if sugar aggravates acne then why can some people eat all the sugar in the world yet still have flawless skin?

Great question….

Why sugar aggravates acne in some and NOT in others

Here’s the missing piece to the sugar acne relationship you’ve been looking for…

Ingesting too much sugar alone will not aggravate acne. It’s only when you overwhelm the liver with excess hormones that acne will flare.

The liver is what “deactivates” and “clears” excess hormones from your system.

But it only has so much capacity to do that.

So the reason sugar aggravates your acne, while your friend can eat all the sugar they want and still not get acne is because their liver function is much stronger.

Their liver is able to quickly “deactivate” and “clear” any excess hormones. So they never sufferer hormonal imbalance. And they never sufferer from acne.

But you’re liver capacity in this regard is significantly “shackled”. That’s why even a little bit of sugar can aggravate your acne.

How to PREVENT sugar from aggravating your acne

So what’s the solution?

Well, you’ve got to “build” and “strengthen” your liver function in this regard. Once you do that, then you’ll be able to eat some sugar yet still have perfect skin.

So you can see it’s NOT sugar itself that causes acne, but a liver that is drastically compromised and overwhelmed with too many hormones all at one time.

Sugar only aggravates an already compromised situation.

You can’t really cure acne by giving up sugar. You can only lesson the severity or manage acne symptoms. But to cure acne permanently you must “rebuild” and “revitalize” liver function.

How do you do that?

Boy isn’t that the million dollar question. And luckily I have the million dollar answer. And it took years of work to figure out. Luckily you don’t have to wait years. To find out how take The Acne Cure E-Tutorial.

Sugar and acne: The bottom line…

Until you “build” back liver capacity to clear hormones you should avoid chocolate. You should avoid all processed sugars. And ingest vary sparingly simple natural sugars such as honey, molasses, or maple syrup. Doing that is the only way any acne alternative treatments will work.

You should avoid ALL fruit juices except the low-sugar fruit juices from fresh lemon and lime.


Because sugar from fruit juice (without the fiber of the fruit) enters your blood stream too quickly. It just spikes blood sugars too violently for you as an acne sufferer.

In addition to that, high sugar fruits such as bananas should also be eaten in small quantities at any one time.

The key is NOT to overwhelm your system at any one time with excess sugar at any one time.

But I gotta have something sweet!!!

Hey, I hear you. I know where you’re at. I have a sweet tooth as well.

What if there was a way to enjoy all the sweet stuff you enjoy now yet NOT aggravate your acne in any way? And not get fat from them either?

Well, the good news is I’ve discovered a way.

Using this discovery you can immediately enjoy all the sweet things you do now, yet suffer NONE of the bad effects of excess sugar. It’s really a pretty amazing discovery.

What is it?

I’ll be covering it in more details in future reports. To insure you don’t miss a thing you might want to subscribe to my newsletter. To get it just tell me where to send it. Then click the button below…

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The Acne Bacteria Myth

July 20th, 2009

“Why Acne Bacteria Has Nothing To Do With The REAL Cause of Acne “

“Discover why acne bacteria DON’T cause acne. And why killing acne bacteria CAN’T cure acne unless you do this first…”

So you find yourself with another nasty acne flare up. And you assume that it’s caused by acne bacteria running wild.

So what do you do?

You get yourself some topical bacteria killers like benzoyl peroxide. Or maybe you get a little more extreme…you get yourself a prescription for acne anti-biotics like monocycline or tetracycline.

You use these products for awhile, and you see some results, but your acne always seems to come back…


If you’re killing the acne bacteria, why then does your acne always come back? And why does your friend, who is constantly exposed to acne bacteria still have perfect skin?

In this report I’m going to reveal to you the surprising answers to all these questions. You’ll discover why acne bacteria do not cause acne. And why you cannot cure acne by killing acne bacteria.

And finally …I’ll reveal to you how to win your battle against acne bacteria once and for all.

Why acne bacteria do NOT cause acne…the irrefutable PROOF

Think about this…

If acne bacteria caused acne then acne would be highly contagious.

But acne is NOT contagious!

And if acne bacteria cause acne then bacteria killing anti-biotics like tetracycline and monocycline would cure acne long-term…

Which they DON’T do!

Even your dermatologist will tell you anti-biotics only treat the SYMPTOMS of acne…and don’t work LONG-TERM.

And to put the final nail in the coffin of the acne bacteria theory…

Did you realize that virtually EVERYONE has acne bacteria on there skin right now…even those with FLAWLESS skin?

It’s true!

Acne bacteria are everywhere. It’s on your skin whether you suffer from acne or not.

Let me repeat that …You’re skin is loaded with acne bacteria whether you suffer from acne or not.

And even if you exposed someone with perfect skin to acne bacteria it wouldn’t cause them any trouble…none at all.

But if you exposed an acne sufferers skin to acne bacteria it would cause redness…swelling…inflammation…puss…

All the nasty acne symptoms you dread so very much.

And here’s why…

The missing piece to the acne bacteria mystery

Lean in close …Because this is the acne bacteria insider secret you’ve been searching for.

Acne bacteria will NOT overgrow in and on your skin UNLESS you create the ideal environment in and on your skin for acne bacteria to flourish.

Stay with me here, because it’s about to get interesting…

What creates the perfect environment in and on you’re skin is a mix of both excess skin oil (caused by hormonal imbalance) and congesting blood toxins.

The mix of excess skin oil and congesting toxins creates a pasty glue. When this pasty glue clogs your pores it creates the perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria to breed like crazy.

They have all the food they need and the perfect environment protected from oxygen (oxygen kills acne bacteria) so they can “party hardy” and make lots of acne bacteria babies.

To better illustrate this principle here’s another example…

Did you realize you have streptococcus bacteria in your throat right now? This is the same bacterium that is present in extreme cases of strep throat. Yet you don’t have strep throat. In fact you don’t even have a sore throat.


Well, because the strep bacteria don’t actually cause strep throat. Strep throat is actually caused by a buildup of toxins in the throat and tonsils. Strep bacterium feeds on these toxins. It is only when this bacteria food (toxins) builds up that the bacteria is able to flourish and run wild.

In fact you won’t get strep throat or tonsillitis no matter how much bacteria you’re exposed to until the conditions in your throat are right for them to flourish.

Well, it’s the same with acne. The acne bacteria will not flourish until the conditions on your skin are right for them to flourish.

That is why your friend with perfect skin can constantly be exposed to acne bacteria and still never get acne.

So why can’t I just kill the little buggers with some kind of acne bacteria killer like benzoyl peroxide or tetracycline?

Sorry, but that’s not going to work, and here’s why…

Why killing acne bacteria does not cure acne

You see, it’s not the acne bacteria cause the problem. It’s the environment you create in and on your skin with this pasty-glue that causes all the trouble.

Until you stop the this pasty glue from forming in your pores…No matter how many times you kill acne bacteria, it will simply re-overgrow, again, and again, and again…

So what can be done…?

Don’t despair. You don’t have to let acne bacteria ruin your life.

You MUST do BEFORE you can kill acne bacteria

Before you will ever have ANY long-term success in your battle against acne bacteria you must first STOP the pasty glue that forms in your pores…giving acne bacteria the food and environment they love so very much.

Until you do that, I don’t care how many times you kill acne bacteria, it will simply re-overgrow…again…and again.

So how do you fix stop this pasty glue from forming?

Well, my friend in over a decade of searching I’ve only found ONE way that works. Take the Acne Cure E-Tutorial to find out how to beat acne bacteria once and for all.

The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin

July 20th, 2009

“You can try all the acne cures, treatments, or acne remedies, but you won’t enjoy LASTING freedom from your acne until you do this…”

Yes there is a physical difference inside you between you as an acne sufferer and some who has flawless, acne-free skin.

Understanding this difference is the key that unlocks the door to LASTING acne-free skin.

The secret to LASTING freedom from acne

How come some suffer from acne and some don’t?

Is diet?

Nope…people eat all kinds of different diets, yet some get acne and some don’t. Even some of those on “junk food” diets still enjoy flawless skin. While others eating “perfectly” still suffer from acne.

Is it a nasty acne bacterium?

Nope…it’s not that either. If bacteria was the cause of acne acne would be highly contagious…which it isn’t (See The Acne Bacteria Myth for more details).

What about genetics? Isn’t it my parents fault?

No doubt about it genetics do play a role. But if “bad” genes were the cause of acne then your acne symptoms would stay relatively constant (your genes aren’t changing)…Not flaring at times then subsiding at other times like most acne sufferers acne symptoms do.

So what is it? What is the difference between acne sufferers and NON-acne sufferers?

Well my friend lean in close because this is the million dollar answer to all you acne questions….

The PHYSICAL difference between non-acne sufferers and acne sufferers

The cause of all acne boils down to hormonal imbalance and a particular type of congesting blood and lymph toxins (see The TRUE Cause of Acne). And the PHYSICAL, INTERNAL problem causing hormones to get out of balance and toxins to build up in the blood boils down to a particular aspect of the function of your liver.

Your liver is what “deactivates” and “clears” excess and previously “used” hormones from your system. And it also purifies your blood of congesting blood toxins.

Liver function in this aspect is the KEY to hormonal balance and pure blood….which will lead to flawless, acne-free skin.

So the difference between you as an acne sufferer and someone with perfect, acne-free skin all boils down to this aspect of liver function.

Your liver simply isn’t strong enough to keep your hormones in balance and your blood pure. It is getting overwhelmed with excess hormones and blood toxins.

It can’t keep up.

These excess hormones and toxins “spill over” into your blood…causing your dreaded acne condition.

On the other hand, someone with perfect, acne-free skin has much “stronger” liver function in this aspect. It is able to quickly “deactivate” and “clear” any excess hormones and blood toxins. As a result their hormones stay in perfect balance. Their blood stays pure. And because of that they enjoy flawless, acne-free skin.

The ONLY path to LASTING acne-free skin

So the key to LASTING freedom from your acne isn’t just to follow a special acne diet. It isn’t to take a drug or acne anti-biotic. And it isn’t endlessly ingesting an herbal or homeopathic acne remedy…

What will cure your acne is to take that “weak”, malfunctioning liver you have right now and “building” it into a stronger, more powerful organ…Kinda like replacing a small 4 cylinder engine with a powerful V8, 350 horsepower engine.

Once you do that your liver will be able to handle any amount of hormones or blood toxins. It will have enough “capacity” and “power” to do so.

Once you “build” a strong liver your hormones will stay in perfect balance. Your blood will be clean and pure. And your acne will disappear almost magically. And your health, energy, and physical well-being will be revolutionized to boot.

How to “build” a stronger, more powerful liver

So how do you do it? How do you “build” a more powerful liver?

Well, until recently no one really knew how to do it. Even the very best techniques didn’t work very well. But after years of dedicated research and experimentation I’ve developed a program that effectively “builds” liver function in this regard.

Using this program I’ve cured my own severe acne, and I’ve helped thousands of others do the same.

While it won’t be easy, and WILL take work once you’ve completed this program your liver will be healthy and strong. And you will enjoy lasting acne-free skin.

So if you are done trying the “quick fix” acne cures and you are ready for a LASTING solution to your acne problem it is something you must checkout.

Want to know more?

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