Accutane Side Effects

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“The horrific accutane side effects exposed so you don’t have to live through them”

from an ex-acne sufferer

Before I finally cured my severe acne I researched accutane to death. And I’m telling you… when I discovered some of the long-term and sometimes permanent accutane side effects…

They scared the @#!* out of me!

Thank God I found out about them before taking the drug. So I’m revealing them all to you so you don’t have to live through them.

As you read through them keep in mind all these side-effects are admitted by Roche…the manufacture of accutane.

The minor ones…

  • Chapped lips
  • Dandruff
  • Dry skin and itching
  • Dryness of the nose and nose bleeding
  • Irritation of the eyelids and persistent feeling of dryness of the eyes
  • Rash
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Mood changes
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • Delay in wound healing
  • Hair loss…often showing up years after the drug is discontinued.
  • Increased sensitivity to sunburn
  • Decreased night vision

The more serious ones…

  • Depression and thoughts of suicide.
  • May increase the level of blood fats, sometimes to risky levels.
  • Hideous birth defects. And these have been associated with pregnancies long after the drug was discontinued.
  • Permanent loss of vision. Accutane can cause the retina to become “rough” leading to blurred vision. This is very often permanent.
  • In high enough doses this drug can cause the growth plates to fuse…stopping growth.
  • And it has been linked to crippling arthritis.

Roche denies none of these side effects. They know the drug is dangerous. But they make so much money selling it they don’t really care.

Please, please hear me…if you listen to nothing else, please hear me on this one…

As painful as your acne is right now, accutane is not worth the long-term side effects you’re going to have to live with your whole life.
Nor is it necessary.

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  1. billank says:

    i am now 28 years old. i was on accutane from the age od 15 to about 18. im not sure on what to think after i just got done reading up on accutane side effects. i have %90 of the side effects. and they are the not so good ones at that, loss of vision, joint and muscle pain, bowel issues, stomach pain, mood changes, headache, dry nose, dandruff, dry and itch skin. do you think this is linked? im making a doc appt tomorrow to get some answers but want more out put then that. can anyone help?

  2. Dereck says:

    I was on accutane 10 years ago, it worked so well that all my friends that had acne took it, none of us had those side effects. Let’s face it everything in life that you do will have side effects some good some bad. Chances of those effects are rare, it’s worth the risk trust me. Taking this drug was a big turning point on my life in a good way.

  3. admin says:

    When you work WITH your body there are never negative side-effects. Fighting your body using poisons like accutane will always produce side-effects. The only question is in degree and when.

  4. admin says:

    Fighting with your body cures NOTHING. My recommendation for acne is to work with your body to correct the root internal problem causing it. Accutane sure as hell can’t do that.

  5. Z says:

    i am 20 years old and was on accutane when i was 16 to 17 years old. well unfortunately after reading this i came to know where came all of my probs. i have 99% of the above side effects. got to wear specs because of eyesight problems, got even rectal bleeding, went through a depression last year, still having hair losses like everyday! i dont know yet for the birth defects but i just hope that it turn out to be not so true.

  6. Desiree says:

    I’ve just come off of accutane 2 weeks ago. I’d been on it for about 6 months. I did get alot of the side effects like hair thinning, dry skin, dry eyes, dry lips, mood swings, etc. But since i’ve been off it everything is fine again. My skin isn’t dry at all and i never get dry eyes or lips. My moods swings are gone.
    Taking accutane was totally worth it though. My skin was absolutely dreadful and even my doctor said it was a miracle what happened. Since I’ve been off it, I’ve had one spot. Thats it! And that was because i came on my period!
    I def think accutane is the way to go!

  7. admin says:

    glad it was worth it for you Desiree. However, the you’re not out of the woods yet. It takes years for some of the side effects to show. I’m not trying to hex you. I just want others reading this to realize the long-term ramifications of that choice.

  8. Wulfgar says:

    I was perscribed this @ 15 years old, for one year. I was also on prednisolone, 20mg roaccutane + either 20 or 40mg of prednisolone. Since then I have terrible hormoune inbalences and become very aggressive when I can’t do somthing as simple as boil an egg. My boday also dose not respond to weight training, nor can I train for the Armed forces since my body can no longer cope with physical stress. I now also have a fat girly ass and love handles, I am 21 and male! 6 years on and still have side effects!!!

    P.S. It also casue breathing problems on multiple occasions, I was in hospital for hours, although I refused to stop taking the stuff..

  9. e says:

    took accutane in 2000. it cleared up my skin great. the side effects hit me about 2-3 years later. I got about 80% of the side effects listed above. the worst of them being depression, chronic fatigue, hair loss, and joint/bone pain. I feel like I am about 80 years old trapped in a 27 year old body. I would much rather have my acne back. Stay away from this stuff because it will catch up to you.

  10. Ben says:

    I see a lot of people had side effects. Now it looks as if the chance is like 90% you get the side effects from common to serious. Here’s my experience:

    My acne started at puberty, 12y old. At 18 years old I’ve used prescribed ro-accutane for 3 months (2x20mg roaccutane only daily). I’d tried most stuff before, from alcohol bazed dippers to benzoilperoxide and all kinds of crap that didn’t help at all. Ro-accutane was the final solution I could get via our local hospital here in the Netherlands. After 3 months, 90% of the acne I’ve had for years on my head was gone. About 2/3 of pimples in my upper back also went away. Except for dry lips for a few weeks, I’ve had no side effects.

    The results after the 3 month cycle have been permanent. I don’t use anything on my skin anymore except warm water to wash it on a daily basis, like everyone should. I only have about 1-5 pimples on average on my head still, but they’re always pretty small, just like many people even without acne have. The back pimples are still about 2/3 less than before the cycle. The last 1/3 of pimples has not left my back, not even after 13 years (I’m 25 now), but the remaining 1/3 are much smaller pimples that are not clearly visible anymore. Besides: I’m doing powerlifting now and have higher testosterone levels than normal according to two blood tests, but the acne never really came back. So it’s all good.

    According to this board, I’m one of the few that hasn’t had any real side effects so -> here you go, there are also succes stories. I wish I’d have gotten the ro-accutane advise a lot earlier. That would have saved me a lot of moonlandscape on my skin :)

  11. reanie says:

    I suffered blurred vision after 2 mos of accutane treatment. Dr said not to worry as it was a “temporary side effect”. He was wrong. Ten years later my night vision is bad and vision deteriorated in general. I have proof as I had a vision test only months prior to taking accutane as I need a job physical. My lips remain dry 90% of the time even today. Flaky. My eyes remain dry and sensitive. Ready to litigate, to be sure. Unfair to have a Statute of Limiitations with accutane as some cases take years for side effects to reveal themselves. Worse yet, my acne returned 2 yrs later. If given choice today, I would NEVER have taken accutane. Please beware of potential side effects.

  12. ildancing88 says:

    I am on this drug as we speak, and within two weeks of the treatment I had very little acne. I love this drug, minus the dry nose and chapped lips, but you honestly just get used to it. My skin is a little itchy at some points, but especially after i’ve been out in the sun. My confidence level has increased to the max, definatley a turning point in my life as well. It is nice to take pictures now without having zits all over my face. I totally think the side effects ARE worth it. I don’t even put moisturizer on my face and my face is barely peeling. If your acne is really bothering you, then take this drug, you wont regret it. I tried everything under the sun, nothing worked except this. By the way i started off with 20mg per day for two months and now iam on 40mg per day for another two months, then iam done.

  13. Chino says:

    I NEVER comment on websites! I cry alot nowadays b/c of what Accutane has done to my body and I BEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ALL OF U 2 please NEVER USE THIS DRUG! Its not worth it! I have about 60% of these side effects! I started on it at 14-15 then again 18-21! I’m 29 now! The IBS and Crohns Disease started happening drastically at 24! I went through suicide,depression, mood swings, Im a guy and have a fat girly ass, metabolic problems, hard to lose weight even when I exercise and am anorexic! TRUST ME- DO NOT DO IT! NOT WORTH IT! But my doctor gave it to me and I was a kid! If I could’ve gone back and changed this I would! Imagine everyday having gas, diarrhea, irregular stomach probs, bloating, farting, discomfort, planning your day around meals, avoiding eating certain foods, an abnormal fat butt, metabolism problems, thyroid problems, dry skin and hair, chapped lips all the time, nosebleeds, sleep acnea, heart problems! THINK TWICE

  14. Kelle says:

    I am currenlty taking; I hope this not come back to haunt me. A freind of my just ended her medication and is so very pleased with the results. The side effects she experienced during the this time no longer exsist. The side effects I am currently experience now are annoying more that anything. But, trust me I will be happy to be done. The acne is slowly diminishing; I have to say I am happy with the progress.

  15. Austin says:

    This stuff is super scary. Also make sure you don’t drink alcohol while you take this stuff. I went against my dermatologists orders and puked up green bile… my fault for not listening, but so disgusting and disturbing!

  16. Michelle says:

    I was put on Accutane August 2001 for about 8 months for adult acne, I immediately experienced all the side effects that they tell you then: chapped lips, dry eyes and skin, not so much depression though. But 2-3 years later I was having problems with my whole body. It seemed that it dried up all the soft tissue inside my body, I was stiff and required physical therapy for myofascial release. I currently still have dry eyes, hair loss, bowel problems, headaches, joint pain 9 years later! This is BAD stuff. I regret taking it, but they didn’t tell me about the long-term affects of this drug., so unfair.

  17. Stephen L says:

    figured I would go ahead and post my story too. i’m 30 now, took accutane when i was 16 and had the dry dry dry skin, i remember my entire body peeled a layer of skin, and i mean my entire body. i took it for 6 months and remember going to the blood doc monthly to have all my levels checked while i was on it. tried drinking alcohol and oh it was horrible.
    but that would be about the extent of it…
    until a couple years later when i got sun burned.. i wanted to die, the itching that the sun burn caused was just the most unbearable feeling someone can imagine.. and i could not drink alcohol any! only a couple of beers would cause stomach aches and sick feelings like something fierce..
    the sun burn allergy and the alcohol allergy persist to this day, I DO NOT GET SUN BURNED! i did get burned 2 years ago and it was the same horrible feeling that results in a hospital visit for some kind of relief!
    but i have had lower back pain for apprx 5 years now and have just started researching these affects..
    i dunno people.. with the exception of the back pain…(and any future illnesses to come) i would say that for me, accutane helped me.
    i had the worst case of acne that just ruled part of my life as a young teenager and can image the scaring that i would have today and think it was well worth it..
    anyhow, if i find out i have something later in life, i’ll try and revisit the site.. hope i survive though..

  18. robyn says:

    i was on accutane 6 months ago for a year and before that i was on minoxin, and i have some of these effects.. blurred vision and constantly dry eyes. i also feel tired all the time.. i still break out sometimes too which sucks!

  19. alison says:

    everything in life is a trade-off! I too was on roaccutane and although I suffered severe joint pains and still have tendonitis on and off to this day I am still glad I took it. severe acne can lead to depression and all drugs have side effects which have to be listed by law. Even paracetamol which is readily available over the counter has sever life threatening side effects.,Many of the symptoms which people descibe as having occurred after taking the drug are non specific and may be age related and occurr in people who have never taken roaccutane .I dont have any regrets -It changed my life around and at last could have a conversation without people looking at my spots!!

  20. Sam says:

    I was on accutane from 19 – 20, a ridiculously high dosage based on what I’ve seen in the studies, over 80 mg a day based on what I remember. I had the cracked lips, dry skin, mood swings, I was depressive before that, as are most who have conditions affecting outward appearance. I have some symptoms describes above and not others. I had to do monthly liver toxicity tests to continue treatment demanded from my doctor.. I haven’t heard anyone else saying this…. I personally had a rough time on it but it seems, 9 years later I’m ok, but did any of you have to take monthly tests to monitor your blood and most importantly liver toxicity? BTW. I’m not making a pro or anti statement, just curious about the responsibility of the prescriber

  21. Paul says:

    I took accutane 32 years ago and perfectly fine. One thing i find odd when looking at the messages on this board is that some people mention being on it for a full year. My course of treatment lasted 3 months only. At the time, I had the less serious side effects which disappeared within a couple months of stoppiing treatment.

  22. Phil says:

    To all considering taking accutane…. Is it really worth it?????
    I started my treatment at age 15 till about 17, and am now 24 years old. I did get the milder symptoms during the treatment. Extremely dry skin, horribly dry lips and annoyingly dry eyes. These symptoms now are nowhere as extreme as they were during the treatment but are obviously present everyday..
    As for the gastroentestinal problems, I have not noticed anything drastic. I’m beginning to wonder now, after reading these posts, if my chronic acid-reflux and more often than not diarhea is related to accutane.
    I had tried many cream based and pill acne medications before resorting to accutane. I had pretty bad facial acne, and horrible acne on my back, and although it has cleared 100%, it’s hard to say if it was worth it. I’ll never know how my acne would have cleared without accutane, but if more side effects present themselves…. ….. I always had my doubts about this med.
    Just be careful and do not consider if your case is not that bad.

  23. alyssa says:

    well , im on accutane right now ive been on it for about 3-4 weeks now and im getting rashes on my arms, my face and lips are becoming really dry , my nose bleeds out of nowhere , my bones feel so weak , and my eyes burn to the point where I just want to fall asleep wherever im at only 15 bt I want to get rid of the acne bt I also dont want these long-term side affects..what should I do ?

  24. Wil says:

    From my research, this drug accutane unnaturally causes your skin to be less oilly by decreasing the size of the skins pores by up to 80%. I’m from the South and I remember working in Summer heat not bothering me. But I do believe that after I took this drug, my sensitivity to heat went up a lot. I noticed my face wouldn’t tan like it used to. I believe the vision decrease is also real. Keep in mind that some of these side effects may take years to show up! I BEG anyone considering taking this drug to consider these side effects and look to a NATURAL healing method.

  25. one thing that we need not to forget is that depression is the number one most disagnosed diseases in north america. i am having a hard time believing that people are derpessed years after taking accutane. i bet if you go on any forum about any drug you will find similar stories.
    people are depressed in the usa and in canada. life isnt fullfiling, and having acne makes that even worse. we are exposed to so many different toxins in our atomosphere that can also cause these things.
    i myself have been on accutane for 8 months on 60 mg. it cleared my painful acne and made life a lot easier. yea there were side effects, but honestly, what drug doesnt have them? the birth control pill is pouring in hormones unnaturally, and most female take these. these pills can also cause mood swings and depression.
    im now back on accuntane to treat the minor acne that is left behind from 8 years ago.
    not afraid, just concerned about future pregnancy after the drug cycle has been complete. has anyone experienced any problems with pregnancy after finishing their cylcle of accuntane?

  26. former user says:

    I took Accutane for 16 weeks back in 89 in dosages of 60mgs one day and 80 the next. I suffered from most of the minor side effects, but I stuck with the treatment. My acne was very cystic (I suffered from it for 10 years and it left my face scarred. Today I very rarely see a pimple appearing on my face. I still get occasional outbreaks on the back of my neck but I can live with it.
    This drug was the only thing that worked for me and I took it almost 22 years ago. I am fine today as far as I know and I have no regrets what so ever. The most important thing to do is follow the doctor’s orders and have your blood tested every month. As I am sure everyone on this blog knows “PREGEANT WOMEN SHOULD HAVE NO CONTACT WITH THIS MEDICATION”. This drug gave me my confidence back when nothing else worked. Maybe there are alternatives today but at the time Accutane was my only option.

  27. colinas says:

    @Billank: there is a class action against Accutane i have permanent acid reflux as a result from it. You should definitly evaluate taking a law suit against them.

  28. Elaine says:

    I have been on Accutane for almost 4 months. I have experienced all of the minor side effects. However, my face looks fabulous! I know a lot of people that have taken this drug, and have had no major side effects. I believe everyone’s body has different reactions. I wish everyone the best of luck with this drug. It has helped my self confidence immensely!

  29. Karen says:

    I was on accutane 4 years ago in north america as my skin seemed to get to the point where it was cystic and i was 23 years old. I got all the side effects depression extremely dry eyes, nose bleeds, painful joints, dry skin and peeling skin on lips. Five years later and my lips still continue to peel constantly my skin burns in the sun and is extremely sensitive and it was never like this before. My eyes still feel dry the skin on my body is constantly dry and patchy and i have a permanently sore back which ive had physio for. I guess for me though the side effects have been worth it because my skin would have been left badly scarred the only thing that worrys me is being pregnant because i was told about birth defects while taking the drug but nothing was mentioned about having a baby after taking the drug and ive heard it stays in the body for a long time after.

  30. Larry Killen says:

    I was placed on Accutane while it was still experimental. I was on very high doses. I had severe adult acne (age 32) while I was in the Navy. I was told that they had a new, experimental drug and I had to sign a waiver. It was not even called accutane yet.
    I took the drug for 6 months. The side-effects were excruciating. If I for got to carry my lip-baum, I was dead.
    But after the treatment, my acne ceased and never returned. It was one of those life-changing events that have no compare.
    I was able to date and finally found the love of my life. I was also able to advance in my career since I no longer looked like the elephant man. I owe my life to Accutane and the Navy MDs who prescribed the treatment. I would risk the side-effects all over again. I was suicidal from the zits anyhow.

  31. Colleen says:


    I suffered with cystic acne from the age of 22 to 30.
    Nothing worked for me. After taking accutane my skin totally cleared up. I did have the dry itchy skin, eyes and lips. Now at age 50 I can say it was worth taking.
    I do have dry eyes but that does not mean because of accutane. but i am grateful for the drug as it did change my whole life.

  32. Marie says:

    I had horrible acne starting at age 13. I tried everything and finally my dermatologist put me on accutane when I was 16 and I was on it for about 6 or 7 months. I’m very wary of drugs now but at the time, I needed to do anything to clear up my skin and accutane did work for me. I’m 32 now and have never had any of those side effects, knock on wood. As someone else above mentioned, everything in life has trade-offs. I would definitely not go on accutane now knowing what I know about this drug, but at the time I was depressed because of my acne and it was a life saver.

  33. Don't make same mistake! says:

    Horrible!!!! Took it for six months and stopped, the dry skin was fine at the moment cuz I just used cream and I thought it was normal but now it has been two months after stopping the drug; my hands are horribly dry! They are itchy and I get water bubbles, I never had dry hands in my life before and my feet are really dry now as well. I find myself itching myself everyday now. I only had acne during winter and summer I looked amazing. I wish I did t take the drug, I preferred bad skin in the few months of winter than having horribly dry hands, feet, and body. I was a distance runner last year and I noticed all my joints hurt especially my knees which were not a problem before the drug. I wanna cry and I’m a guy, I went through depression too but I know how to control myself and it is still difficult. If u r taking it, be very careful, I say just don’t take as much as the dr tells u to take because they got me to taking a lot. Read this shit ppl, I wish I would have read this before starting, now I’m horribly afraid of what other possible side effects might come in the near future :,( they gave me some stupid cream for my hands but it just seems like a regular cream, stupid doctors being money hungry.

  34. john says:

    Roaccutane has so many side effects..everyone gets side effects from them.Its part of taking them.

  35. Jill says:

    I was on Accutane for 8 months when I was 19. I did experience all of the minor side effects that were explained and, in all honesty expected, during treatment. I had the painfully dry skin, the bleeding dry lips, bad night vision and muscle pain. However, my acne cleared up and has not returned in the last 5 years.
    Now, at 25, I am beginning to have GI issues. I am not sure if it’s related to my Accutane use, but it’s hard not to think of a possible correlation since there are lawsuit commercials and information everywhere. I have not changed a lot about my diet in the last 5 years, but I am now experiencing constipation & diarrhea, bloating, gas and abdominal cramping. Again, I’m not sure if it’s related, but it could be.
    Although the side effects really suck, I absolutely would take it again. Severe acne takes such a toll on your self esteem and while many people say to “solve it naturally”, don’t you think many of us tried that before trying something so toxic? For many of us, Accutane was a last resort– something that we used because we had tried ALL other options.
    I would do it again, stomach issues and all. It changed my life.

  36. jessica says:

    I was on accutane my first year of college. I was on a sports team too and I couldn’t drink at any parties. My skin was so dry and my lips were constantly shredding…which was wonderful trying to talk to guys. I was on the meds for the first college year and then off for the summer and back on it for my sophmore year. I ended up having to leave my first school after the first year because i was becoming depressed playing my favorite sport. I became depressed again during the second year and didn’t find out until after the sceond year that it had been linked to 15 suicides in that past year! In the following years I had stomach aches and quite often would have excruciating bowel discomfort. I also ended up a couple years later needing to see a counselor because I couldn’t come out of a slump. I also just went to a doctor to find that at 30 I have significant cartilage loss in my knees, early arthritis and may have to look at knee replacements in 10 to 15 years!!! WTF!! I can only think that I should play the lottery if this was all just a coincidence! Anything that forces you to go on birth control bc it would make your kids have birth defects can NOT be good for your body! So far my two kids seem quite lucky then! And borth control is a whole other comment!

  37. Caroline says:

    I’m female aged 22 and have had bad acne since I was 10 or 11. I’ve been on 30mg of accutane for about a month. I’ve dry lips, dry skin on my face, dry eyes, red cheeks, am susceptible to sunburn, had a headache the other day which is rare for me and in the past week I’ve had constipation followed by diarrhea a few hours later and also rectal bleeding. My mood has also been low but I’ve suffered from depression over the years and am unemployed, so I don’t know if roaccutane is effecting my mood. I have my monthly dermatology appointment next week so will let the doctors know all this. I don’t know if I’ll stay on accutane for the full 6 months as planned but it is helping tremendously. My skin looks healthy now. And I have tried everything before including alternative treatments like omega oils, apple cidre vinegar etc. If I could afford it I would like to have accupuncture and more alternative things but these are expensive and time consuming whereas accutane is free for me and it’s working straight away. However I will keep in mind all I’ve read. Thank you.

  38. Erle says:

    these people saying they got 90%, 60%, 99% of all side affects above are just bullshitters…if you have permanent vision loss how the hell would you be typing this right now. these people are anti-accutane crazies that try to convince people not to take it by scaring them with these rediculous side effects statistics and “15 suicides” that have never been traced because of accutane. I’ve been on accutane and honestly I can say I have only had chapped lips and dry skin no depression or any of that shit. My skin clearing up boosted my confidence by 150% and was like an anti-depressant.

  39. Crystal says:

    I am 28 years old, I took accutane in High School. I use to be full of energy and would go non stop. Now, I am always tired and dont feel like doing anything. I had to have a colonoscopy due to rectal bleeding. I also have very bad heart burn, I take Nexxium daily. Is there anything to be done about this?

  40. Jessica Golubski says:

    I took accutane for 4 mo. I had the giant type of pimples that would scar on my face they were very ugly and made me more unattractive, now i have moderate acne. I am glad I took it because I am not sure if my skin would have gotten better. I am not happy with the way the medication reacts to the human body and what it could do to you. I dont understand why the drug admistration would put something like this on the market. I sit here today looking at what other people have to say about this medication that caused my teeth to rot from acid reflux disease.( I have 4 cavities and possibly 8 cavities when i never had a problem before) with regular dentist visits. I have pains in my joints and feel crappy everyday of my life i wiegh 115 llbs and took the 25mg tablets on and off for 4 months. I feel like in the future I am going to be bald with my hair continuing to fall out. I hate my life even more than i ever had because i will have to be living with the regret of taking a powerful medication at the age of 19 when I didnt even know what i was getting into. Too bad my parents are idiots and dont even care about what medications their kids are on. I feel even more unattractive about the way I look just because it isnt the real me and I might not be the same way i am supposed to be. I dont want to be unattractive when im older because I didnt know what i was doing. I seriously want to sue them for emotional pain and for dental problems and pain.

  41. Kint Verbal says:

    I took it too, and helped me a lot where NO OTHER acne product would – yes that’s right, NO OTHER. I experienced none of the side effects (perhaps mood changes but who knows if that wasn’t me anyhow), the liver tests were within limits even at the end of the treatment.

    The key may be to keep your overall dosage within certain limits with respect to total intake grams / kg of body.

  42. Mark Bint says:

    this constant pain and discomfort..its horible..thank you accutane for clearing up a few pimples..oh no..wait..itdidnt even work.

  43. Teresa G. says:

    I am about to start this medicine soon! I am extremely scared out of my mind because of all these side effects. I think i am going to cry because i dont want any of my future( in a lonnng time) to have birth defects, nor do i want hair loss!! i am SCARED and AMBIVALENT!!!

  44. Sheen Hunter says:

    I’m 22 and NEVER had acne issues as a teen. I tried many many other lifestyle changes and treatments before getting on Accutane. I’m active healthy and not a family history of skin issues. I did get in a car accident and that is shortly after when a few simpler turned to on going cystic acne. My Derm worked with me to try every other way before the last resort of Accutane, Extremely monitored medication with online and phone check in with your doctor every month and pregnancy test. My skin and body was increasing dry after the 3 month of treatment, I did 7. As doses increased based on recovery, I can say some days sucked and my skin changes I had to get use to treating differently just like aging or different times in anyone’s life. I dis experience nose bleeds and cracked lips and dry spots and dry eyes but using lotions, oils, and drinking plenty of water the biggest help was keeping out of the sun and having my cool water humidifier on non stop for months. My skin is completely clear like normal now and many scars have faded, I’ve been off for about a week now and most likely I will never have issues again. My dry spots disappeared almost instantly 2-4 days after stopping my treatment. I highly recommend Accutane as A LAST RESORT treatment, and under the care and communications of a Dermatologist. It’s well to have change sometimes but its paid off in the end. Id rather have dry issues for months than painful skin and mental issues from my looks. May I also note I’m an experienced Aesthetician so to have to go to a Dermatologist was a little shameful that I couldn’t balance my own skin issues.

  45. Sheen Hunter says:

    This is not a medication you can just take here and their like a vitamin, IT’S A GOVERNMENT REGULATED AND CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE that is only going to work if you take as prescribed DAILY and stay in contact under your Dermatologist for management, counsel, and professional education and support. It’s like any other lifestyle change you have to continue and do and stick through with to get results!

  46. Margaret C says:

    My friend was on accurate in the 80’s.Was sick all the time and died from cancer.Do not go on this extremely dangerous drug.

  47. Emmanuelle says:

    I took Accutane when I was 15 for minor acne, when I was 16 I was put on Accutane again on double dose (80mg if I remember correctly) for a few blackheads, and a few pimples. Dermatologist recommended…I did have the dry lips…dry skin, act. I did not complete the second treatment as my parent took me off the drug as I was becoming extremely depressive, had sever mood swings, something very abnormal for the happy teen I was.

    I am now 26. At age 22 I had severe stomach problems and had to be hospitalized for a month. Turns out I had a pancreatitis. Doctors passed a battery of tests, without any results, they still don’t know why I would get such a disease.

    I had 2 acute pacreatitses that year, and a 3rd pancreatits when I was 23.

    I do believe now after reading all your comments that this was caused (and is still caused) by long term effects of Accutane. I still have severe pancreas pain, and it has made my life hell.

    Please think twice before taking this drug.

  48. Jenette says:

    I took accutane when I was 13 years old, I had cystic acne on my face, shoulders and back. I was told at the time I would stop growing if I took the medicine and I agreed to do it because at that time I was tired of being made fun of.
    I’m now 32 years old and I did stop growing soon after taking the medication but now I have pretty bad eczema and digestive issues. I have to take pro-biotic daily or I will have severe IBS, which is no fun. I also have a lot more allergies to food too which I never had before.
    One of my friends that too took the medication has severe Colitis, she also is intolerable to Gluten. She eats no gluten, dairy or beef.

  49. Anonymous says:


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