“Accutane… The Disturbing TRUTH!”

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“Discover the disturbing facts about accutane Roche doesn’t want you to know”

…from an ex-acne sufferer

Are you thinking about accutane for acne treatment? Then thank GOD you found this site.

I suffered from severe acne. And before I finally cured it I researched accutane to death.

Whatever you want to know about it…I can tell you.

In this page you find valuable information to help you decide.

But, I’ve got to be straight up with you. After all the research I did on accutane…

You could NOT pay me enough to take the drug

But I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Special reports on accutane

Note: Bookmark this page because I’ll be adding more reports soon.

Accutane side effects

Accutane has serious, long-term, and sometimes PERMANENT side effects. ALL of these horrific side effects I’m about to reveal in this special report are admitted by Roche…the manufacture of accutane.

Why accutane makes acne WORSE in the long-run

In this surprising report you’ll discover why I believe the internal long-term damage accutane causes actually makes acne WORSE once the drug wears off.

What some leading doctors have to say about the drug

Doctors and dermatologist are waking up to the disturbing truth about accutane. Many doctors feel this drug should be banned. Hear in their own words why…

Horror stories

I get emailed every day absolute HORROR stories of what accutane did to them before they found my program. And they are enough to make you cry. After reading some of these perhaps you can understand why I’m so fiercely against the drug accutane for acne treatment.

Accutane in the news

Whenever I find something that gives the facts about accutane (and not propaganda or sales pitches) I’ll post it on this page. I’m continually growing this page so bookmark it and check back now and then.



  1. arthur trassomople says:

    what are your sources . I know hundreds of one time acne sufferers who have realized a cure for this condition by using ACcutane. Please don’t mislead young people with this auful misinformation

  2. admin says:

    Sources are Roche’s own material. They know this stuff is poison. Read it yourself.

  3. smclo says:


    I researched Accutane a lot before I took it, and I knew all of the risks. It changed my life forever, in a good way. My face was always so horribly broken out. Accutane stoppped that. It didn’t work right away, and I still get some break outs. However, my face is now basically just like anyone else’s. I’d recommend it, as long as you do enough research first and know that it’s the right choice for you.

  4. Zach says:

    I had cystic acne you know the size of a pea… I took every single drug to help it and every topical cream… they didn’t work… Let me tell you that yes your right about its potency and availability. however you are very wrong about it in that millions of teens/ adults would have killed themselves if this drug hadn’t been available do you know what its like to have your entire face broke in enormous blister like mounds on your face…? I imagine you don’t because you would have given a million dollars for this drug if you knew what it could do… and if you actually had cystic acne, not pimples!!!!! the ones that will leave a crater in your face after it heals… You have no idea what your talking about… you researched it and so did I… Do you know what its like going to school each day with a face full of what looks like a bad case of chicken pocks..? If they truly banned the drug then It was the biggest mistake the FDA ever made…

  5. admin says:

    Zach, perhaps you missed the post where I told my story. I went through all of that and more. And yes, I know exactly what I’m talking about.

    The irony is depression and suicide is a side effect of the poison they call accutane. Do you really think that it is curing anything? Do you really think you have acne because of an accutane deficiency?

    Use your head here. I know its frustrating. But jumping for a quick fix always, always leads to greater problems down the road.

    The only way to cure acne is to work with your body. Not fighting it.

  6. bebo says:

    I know this site sounds drastic, but a close friend of mine with no mental health problems and a lovley fiancee and future as a GP took this drug and committed suicide. Its not a joe, this stuff can severelt affect your mental state and the cases of it in the USA prove it. Be carefiul if you take this, i have bad back-ne, but I would not touch this with a barge pole. I would arther be spotty and sane…..and alive.

  7. ian says:

    Zach, I totally agree with you,and I suffered exactly as you did. Sadly Roaccutane [ in Aus ] came a little too late to save me from damaged pitted scars on my face, but it at last cured me from a life of absolute hell. Before Roaccutane I felt like killing myself many ,many times. I had become a social outcast, frightened of appearing in public.
    Roaccutane had no significant side affects on me at all, and I now have my 14 yr old daughter on the drug. No child of mine will suffer the hell I went through, nor should any other teenager.
    Scaremongering like this is a travesty. Blaming this drug for suicides and Bowell cancer is unscientific hogwash !
    Roaccutane CURES cystic acne by shrinking the oil glands, simple as that.
    I’m 53 YRS old and still suffer everyday with the physical and psychological scars left by my experience with acne. Don’t let this happen to anyone !

  8. Randi says:

    I took accutane for a year and a half…. It cleared up my acne at the time.. I still have my problem pimples every once in a while… I have had a lot of intestinal issues though… who do I talk to to see if this was cause by me taking this drug.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I took more than the doctor recomended accutane for 6months (up to 60mg a day) before it finally healed me. Ever since i’v had a blanket of sadness overcome my life where i dont find joy in things i used to life friends and family. I was aware of the psycological effects, though i didnt know it was this long lasting. Is it true that accutane is the same chemical compound as chemotherapy? If so the toxicity of this drug was highly underrated by my dermatologist. Pharmeceutical companies don’t care about your health, just your money.

  10. irene says:

    roaccutane in nz is now prescribed by normal g.ps too. i c clients every day who have taken this medication and it has not helped them but made matters worse. the side effects are not only the play up of chemical imbalance in the brain but also a whole lot of other things too. young girls as young as 12 are being given this drug. a lot of these girls are already suffering access hair and pimples and overweight issues. this drugs adds on to that problem. dealing with acne is simple. get to the root cause of the problem and acne will be solved. a lot of young teenagers do not wash their makeup off or use wrong types of products on their skin. a lot of the time it is a lot of junk or oily foods. a lot of the times its hormones that are causing it or waxing and threading facial hairs can cause disruption in the follicles leading to pimples… and so forth. another major one is low iron in ladies, bring it up girls and the problem will be solved

  11. kevin says:

    i finished a 6 month regiment of accutane several months ago. i have seen commercial after commercial of the potential cases people can have against the company for serious abdominal issues. im not going to lie these things frighten me. my acne was extremely out of control nothing worked.. except this drug. im some what depressed and what not but im not about the use this drug as an effing scape goat for that. my main concerns are the actual FACTS about the potential abdominal issues. how long after treatment do these supposed abdominal issues come into play? my dermatologist had my blood worked once a month during my treatment to make sure everything was normal. according to her everything was up to snuff.. admin if you can give me some concrete answers i would appreciate it

  12. Ryan says:


    I used Accutane for 19 days. I stopped taking it because it was thinning my hair, and my skin was getting extremelty thin. I didn’t notice any changes at the time.

    But now, 8 months later, I have severe “Brain Fog“. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The best way I could explain it is it feels like I’ve been awake for a couple weeks. I’m mentally slow now, and it’s debillitating. Around the same time this showed up, I began getting severe digestion problems. I’m constipated for days on end, and I’m constantly bloated. I haven’t gotten an exact diagnosis yet, but I will soon.

    The drug simply ages the cells in your body (mostly: brain, digestive system, bones, skin). This is how sometimes you notice the effects later on in life. It’s hard to tell when you’ll get it though. I hear a lot of stories of it happening within two years, but others get it ten years later.

    What you need to do now is take care of your health the best you can. Eat, sleep, drink water, like your life depends on it.

  13. kevin says:

    ryan: wow you only took it for less than 3 weeks and all those things are happening to you?? :/. did you drink heavily during the time you were taking it? did your dermatoligist have your blood worked? did you have any previous diseases er anything? im really sorry for ya man hope you get through it. my email is [email protected]. get bakk to me bro.

  14. Takuma says:

    I Hope all this crap about accutane being bad is all lies.
    Because i just started accutane Exactly 2 months, and i seen some slow but nice changes. Although some of the side effects are a pain in the butt. Anyways i shall talk to my doctor about this after next appointment.

  15. helen says:

    i stopped taking roaccutane 19 years ago, after suffering vitamin a toxicity (i ended up in intensive care), and am now suffering from spontaneous scarring, fragility of skin, easy scarring, wounds healing slowly and not fully, and found out today i am allergic to 22 foods! roaccutane causes hypersensitivity!
    all i needed is what i’m taking now for acne (natural medicine), and instead i took something that only improved the acne while i was taking it (not that i got to enjoy that time because of the side-effects). I knew my skin would go back to being overly-oily once i stopped the roaccutane, and my hair started thinnning too. i was concerned about permanent hair-thinning prior to taking it. The hair thinning is due to the vitamin a toxicity.
    roaccutane (accutane) should be banned!

  16. Rachel says:

    Hi! Umm, I’m sixteen years old and I have had acne for a really long time… Precisely when I was 13… And I’m asking do you think I should use this drug Accutane??

  17. John says:

    I was on Roacutain in Australia about 30 years ago as a guinea pig and since the drug I have been diagnosed with severe depression and my ligaments in hands and especially my knees are in constant need of treatment and I will be needing a knee replacement for both of my knees in future. I am now 43 and on Zoloft now and again when I feel very bad including stints of the highest dosage which I think is 200mg. I am on 180 panadeine forte a month as a result of the limbs and these 2 things I have been told by a forensic pyshchiatrist are side effects of Roacutain. It is known by them as the suicide drug. I was on a double dosage as a result of the initial dosage not working and I am definitely no better off after 30 years. Yes the acne is much less but is it worth everything else that is now wrong with me. When I took it there were no warnings and I really had no choice.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi, well I’m researching this drug & you talk about the quick fix and what it will do to you in the long run. Your right it will cause a yeast over growth in your body after its done but that’s just a side effect that occurs after every antibiotic but let me tell you something else…. I am on a very strict only fresh foods and no dairy and I take acnepril which is all natural and it helps a little and I’m someone who’s tried everything even a clean healthy diet with exercise and all of that stuff. I even have a naturopath that’s has tried to help and doesnt think accuntane is the best solution but she knows I’ve tried anything and if your willing to keep your body healthy and help it recover afterwards why not let people be happy with beautiful skin?? I know it’s my dream

  19. I took the generic of accutane. And I have been off it for a long time. And had no problems. My face has broken out. But not hat bad that its noticeable. Its like one or two SMALL pimples. So to some people its works just fine.

  20. Deciding says:

    I have cystic acne – on my face, chest and back..21 and have had acne since 12 years old. Fortunate to be attractive otherwise and my boyfriends have never minded so I haven’t tried anything in years for it. But recently my skin has gotten way worse and I realized it has been 9 years and I am going to do something about this acne. I have SO much scarring. Just started 3 months of high dose tetracycline and will be getting procedures to reduce scarring. I am going to try this and if it doesn’t work, what else do I have to try but accutane..nothing. And this is cystic, all-over, . Not hormonal, not caused by products (I use top of the line stuff). So I am basically the ideal patient for accutane. About to enter law school and start with a big firm in London in 2 years so I just cannot afford getting depression or any of these horrible effects. But after 9 years I am bloody tempted. Can’t decide.

  21. Maryke says:

    I’m 35 years old and used roaccutane about 18 years ago! I am now on antidepressants, and my skin is not all that! I want to know whether this drug can cause “male” hair growth in woman, obviously on your face. My friend and I have the same problems with the hair and depression and we were both on this drug. Is there a list where we can see what some of the known side effects are.

    Thank you

  22. Sully says:

    I had cystic acne, I took Accutane and it changed my life. Just keep up with the blood work every month and you will be fine. It took two tries but now 10 years later not one breakout. I know others who have taken it and it worked out well for them also. Do not use Accutane as an excuse for depression. Many studies have shown this is not the case. I started to feel better emotionally because your acne is going away and you start to feel like a human being again……

  23. Jayz says:

    I took roaccutane for about 8 months prescribed by my hospital in the UKi was on 500 mg a day i seen a pleasant clearing of my back acne in about 3.5 months. and 7 or 8 months in i was clear and had a spotless back and no known face acne or side effects. I stayed normal on the drug all the way through the period of treatment. It did wonders for me and i have sufferd no side effects so i would say it worked for me. I realise it isnt the same for everyone but there is another cure aswell if you cant get on with roaccutane. Tea tree antisceptic body wash is expensive but works with results of acne vanishing in 3 months and im talking you will see a diffrence ine 3 months of it starting to subside. Good luck guys with your cures im a happy guy.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I took accuane when I was 15 and it completely destroyed my life. I know it affects everyone differently, and some people dont have side effects. But all bodies are different in composition and react differenty something which the medical industry is too stupid to consider.

    Accutane affected my chemisty, endocrine system and made me depressed, at times suicidal, unmotivated, loss of memory, emotionally excessive, fatigued and withering away on the sidelines. These were nothing like my former self (before I was 16) and showed no indication as coming from any other source.

    That was 15 years ago and despite trying many alternative therapies to heal which have helped to a degree, I still am not back to what I would consider a healithy, vital or happy person. It has been a long, LONG road and I know more than anyone that the pharmaceutical industry is a predatory industry that people should be extremely cautious of. They care only for profits and not for the individuals long term wellbeing, they have made something which should be sacred (healing) into a scummy business and trade in disease just as BP trades in petroleum – diseasue is their raw product and they do their best to make sure there is a steady supply of it.

    They will one day be held to justice for what they have done.

  25. I took Accutane for 6 months, about 1 year ago. I have to say that the 6 months that I took the Accutane, were PURE HELL! My whole body ached so badly. Every joint in my body was so painful! The Accutane removes fluid from the body, which includes the oil from your face and hair, but it also removes the fluid in between your joints. It felt like I was 90 years old! I thought about stopping several times, but I decided to see it through because I thought it was a cure, not just "a treatment". I know side effects are different for every person, but that was what I experienced.

    About 3 months ago, my cystic acne returned! I was mortified! After all I went through, I realized it was all for nothing! I felt I should pass my experience with Accutane with others because if someone is thinking about taking this medication, they should know that there is a chance that acne can return. I am now trying to research what products to use, and what would be the best treatment for me. I do plan on returning to my Dermatologist to ask questions and see if they recommend any products, but I will NOT go back on Accutane, that is for sure!

  26. Anonymous says:

    My son was consumed by his severe acne,He hated going to school because of it……we tried everything! made an appt to see a dermatologist a differant one this time and he suggested the accutane. He was very strick with him had to see him every month for check ups he also stated his way( the doctors) or he would take him off of it………Accutane is the only med that helped my son! He took the meds for just about 6 months this was 6 years ago and has not had a break out in those 6 years and still to this day looks GREAT!

  27. Robin Pemble Bittermann says:

    My son took accutane when he was a freshman in highschool….I had to do something for his severe acne was consuming him so bad that he didn't want to go to school or care about school. Took him to see differant dermatoligist told him we used everything! he said no you didn't and told us about the accutane, but stated that the only way I'll put you on it is you have to follow my rules be here for your appts and don't miss any appts if you do I will not give anymore treatments we agreed once a month for 6 months we were there, my son is very happy and grades went up and so did his selfesteme, he totally did a 180. He has not had a breakout in over 5 years and still looks great! It worked for him anyways.

  28. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! After reading these comments, I am releived. I took my 16 year old to the Doctor and she tried to convince him that he could take Accutane with no problem and he refused. I am so glad that he made that choice.

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