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Acne Alternative Treatments – The Best & Worst

(From a former acne alternative treatments patient)

Perhaps you tried conventional acne treatments and they have failed to give you results.  (Or like me they made your acne worse.)

Maybe the long-term side effects of acne treatments like accutane and acne antibiotics scare you (as they should).

Or perhaps you just want a holistic acne alternative treatment.

Well before you jump into the alternative acne treatments waters there are few things you need to know.  (And I’m speaking from experience here. I spent years in the acne alternative treatments waters.  So I know what I’m talking about).

I have good news and I have bad news:

First the good news…

Yes, you can cure your acne naturally, without drugs, without antibiotics, without any topical acne cream and you can do it by working WITH your body.

The bad news…

When it comes to acne alternative treatments, there is a maze of confusion waiting to trap you, confuse you, and waste years of your valuable time sorting it out.

There are so many different acne alternative remedy products that claim to cure your acne naturally.   Before I cured my own acne I tried what seemed like “all” of them.  And while some helped, no doubt about it, most did nothing.  And the sad truth is none of them worked long-term.

(It wasn’t until years later that I found out why.  None of these acne alternative treatments fixed the root cause of my acne.)

But please don’t misunderstand me…

Some acne alternative treatments do work.  Some will help you.  And you should definitely look into some of them.  But so you don’t waste too much time with what doesn’t work I’m going to breakdown someone more popular acne alternative treatments and give you my experience with them.

Homeopathic Acne Alternative Treatments:

I’ve tried dozens and dozens of these.  In the truth while homeopathic remedies helped me in up with other health conditions they did nothing to help my acne.

In general I would not waste my time with them.

Herbal Based Acne Alternative Treatments:

Believe it or not some of these treatments that I tried really did work.  Some worked amazingly well.

However all them (except one… more about this in a moment) stopped working after about two to four weeks.  Why did they stop working?  Well, it took me years to figure this one out.

I explain why in this special report. You can grab your copy here…

Herbal Acne Alternative Treatments Report

Vitamin For Acne Treatments:

The long and short of vitamin for acne treatments…

There are some “key” nutrients the body must have to maintain precise hormonal balance… which leads to acne free skin.  The right mix of these nutrients can improve acne for sure. But the most key nutrient for hormonal balance isn’t a vitamin.  (Nope it’s something else entirely).

However, the root cause of acne is much deeper than just a vitamin deficiency.  In my experience, while the right mix of nutrients certainly will help you they aren’t going to cure your acne…

What worked for me…

What was very key for me curing my own acne was correctly understanding exactly what was causing it.  It took a decade of research to figure that out.  Once understood the true cause of acne it didn’t take too much longer to find the long-term solution.

I cover the fundamentals of what’s causing acne and the basics to the long-term solution in a online acne cure e-tutorial.  You can grab your copy here:

The Acne Cure E-Tutorial

While it won’t be easy, trust me it’s not going to be easy, it can be done.  You can fix the root cause of your acne, and you can enjoy a lifetime of acne free skin.



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