Adult Acne Explained

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Why you get adult acne and how to stop it for good

“Discover the surprising difference between teen and adult acne and the secret to stopping it”

Why am I getting adult acne now? I never got acne as a teenager. Now years later my face looks awful…and it’s getting worse.

What’s going on? Adults aren’t suppose to get acne???

Can you relate?

Listen, I know your frustration. But please hear me. Adult acne isn’t just happening. There’s a cause…

Believe it or not the very root cause of both teen and adult acne is the same…Really!

What are you crazy? I never even got acne when I was a teen…but I’m getting adult acne now. How can the cause be the same?

Well, good questions…

First understand the very root cause of your adult acne is only 2 things…

Hormonal imbalance combined with congesting blood and lymph toxins.

(See The TRUE Cause of Adult Acne for a detailed explanation)

The difference between adult acne and teen acne

While the very root cause is the same, there is a very important difference between teen and adult acne. Hormonal imbalance cause both teen and adult acne sufferers trouble. But with adult acne, the cause of hormonal imbalance is a little different then with teens.

Let me explain…

Hormonal imbalance often occurs with teens because at that time the body produces a SURGE of all kinds of hormones…which can easily overwhelm the system…leading to hormonal imbalance.

Adult acne is not so much caused by a surge of hormones, but more so it is caused by an impairment in your body’s ability to “deactivate” and expel excess and used hormones from your system.

What do I mean by that?

Well, imagine a bucket.

A bucket? What does a bucket have to do with acne? Stay with me, I’m getting there.

Anyway…imagine you’re filling the bucket with running water from a hose. The water running into the bucket would be akin to the flow of hormones your body is producing.

Now imagine a hole in the bottom of the bucket. Imagine water running out of that hole. That would be akin to your body deactivating excess and used hormones and expelling them out of your system.

The bucket would be akin to your internal system.

Well, as long as more water runs out of the bucket then runs in, your hormones stay in perfect balance.

What happens if you clog up the hole in the bucket so water (hormones) can’t get out?

The bucket eventually overflows…

Which leads to chronic hormonal imbalance. Which leads to acne…and many other hormonal related problems.

So what’s happening with adult acne is not so much a surge of water (hormones) into the bucket…but more so…

…something has damaged or weakened your body’s ability to “deactivate” and expel excess hormones from your system. In effect you’ve clogged or slowed the flow of water (hormones) out of the bucket.

The end result is the same…chronic hormonal imbalance. And when you combine that with blood and lymph toxins that build up in your system you get adult acne.

Oh, but don’t despair. You don’t have to let it ruin your life.

The good news is you can fix it. There’s now doubt about it…You can cure your adult acne.

The bad news is, unlike what sometimes happens with teen acne…adult acne doesn’t go away on its own. Sorry but that’s the facts.

You’ve got to take some very specific steps to fix the deep internal problem that’s causing your adult acne.

So how do you do it? How do you cure adult acne?

Well, I’ve prepared a Acne Cure E-Tutorial that reveals how I did it.

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