Nature’s Way AKN Skin Care Herbal Formula

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“What’s the most effective way to use AKN Skin Care herbal remedy for acne?”

AKN Skin Care herbal remedy is an herbal combination manufactured by Nature’s Way. And while this herbal remedy for acne alone isn’t going to cure your acne it’s seem to get significant and consistent results improving acne symptoms in nearly all the acne sufferers I’ve tested it on.

And if you use it in along with some other stuff you can get pretty dramatic results. You’ll find all the details in this report.

Nature’s Way AKN Skin Care herbal remedy consists of the herbs…

  • Dandelion root
  • Burdock root
  • Licorice root
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Yellow dock root
  • Sarsaparilla root
  • Kelp
  • Echinacea purpurea
  • Plantain leaf

Here’s why it works

As explained in the report The TRUE Cause of Acne your liver’s ability to “deactivate” and clear excess hormones from your blood is EXTREMELY important for acne-free skin.

Anyway, your liver’s ability to clear hormones from your blood is so important for you as an acne sufferer, and the herbs in Nature’s Way AKN Skin Care herbal remedy help to cleanse your liver and stimulate bile so that it is more effective at purifying your blood.

In addition to that, it has some secondary herbs that help to kill acne bacteria.

So the bottom line is, yes, for a significant majority of you it will help a bunch. I highly recommend it.

But (oh you knew there was a “but” coming) herbs will only work short-term. For this herbal remedy for acne to be effective long-term you need to combine it with a more complete program.

Here’s how to use AKN Skin Care herbal remedy most effectively

The herbs in AKN Skin Care formula should NOT be used long-term. In fact it will stop working after about 2-3 weeks. In general it’s best if you don’t take it for more then 10 days at a time.

The best way to get results with AKN Skin Care formula is to cycle it with liver “builders”.

Take the AKN Skin Care formula for no more then 10 days. Then switch to the liver “builders” described in the Acne Cure E-Tutorial. Then 10 days later you can switch back to the AKN Skin Care formula. If you don’t cycle it in this fashion then it STOPS working after 2-3 weeks.

Remember the key to LASTING acne-free skin is to strengthen and build your liver function strong enough so that you never have hormonal imbalances that lead to acne. That’s the secret to any effective natural acne treatments.

AKN Skin Care herbal remedy for acne is a liver “cleanser” NOT a liver builder. But if used in conjunction with liver builders you’re going to see some pretty amazing results.

For the inside scoop on how to best use liver cleansers like AKN Skin Care herbal remedy and liver builders checkout the Acne Cure E-Tutorial.


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