A Simple At Home Acne Treatment

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Why you might want to consider olive leaf as an at home acne treatment

Looking for an inexpensive yet effective at home acne treatment that works? You might want to consider olive leaf.

To understand why olive leaf extract is so effective if used properly you need to understand a piece to the acne puzzle that doesn’t seem to be understood by most.

A good place to start is to review The TRUE Cause of Acne. It explains what it is in more detail.

What’s causing your acne all boils down to hormonal imbalance combined with highly congesting blood and lymph toxins. And it’s your liver’s responsibility to see to it that “used” and excess hormones are “deactivated” and filtered from your blood.

If you overwhelm your liver with too much work to do at one time then it can’t do its job of keeping hormones in balance. Or if you weaken your liver in this aspect then you’re going to get acne despite whatever at home acne treatments you may try.

The SECRET to Olive Leaf Extract for at home acne treatment

Now listen carefully, because here is where it gets interesting…

What weakens your liver’s ability to deactivate and clear excess hormones from your blood more then just about anything else are particular kinds of toxins called mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are toxins that are produced by molds and yeasts. Think of mycotoxins as mold “poop”. And believe it or not molds and/or yeast can actually grow in your blood and throughout your body organs.

This weakens your liver like nothing else. And in all my experience with acne sufferers nearly EVERY one of them has this happening in their system to one degree or another.

So the bottom line is no matter what at home acne treatments you may try you will never really get LASTING success with any natural acne treatments until you clear mycotoxins out of your system and strengthen your liver function so that you never get hormonal imbalances in the first place.

What does all this have to do with olive leaf?

Olive leaf is a potent anti-fungal. It kills yeast and molds in your system like nothing else I’ve ever tried, stopping them from “pooping” out all the mycotoxins that weaken your liver so much.

In addition to that, olive leaf is very lethal to the acne bacteria that are aggravating your acne so very much.

So the bottom line is olive leaf extract can be one of the most useful at home acne treatments you will find anywhere. And it will compound the effects of any other at home acne treatments because it takes so much toxic stress of your liver and kills acne bacteria.

Is olive leaf alone going to cure your acne?

Well no…no herbal remedy alone will…I explain why in my report, The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin.
But olive leaf is going to help out a bunch. More then you would EVER believe. And it will get FAST results compared to most at home acne treatments.

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  1. noel says:

    can olive leaf extract be taken for long-term with success or is it like the other herbs that works in the short-run???

  2. janet says:

    Hey do your research before taking o.l.e. Although, its a great anti-fungal, u shouldn’t take it if you suffer from low blood pressure, as it can be fatal.

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