B5 Acne Treatment Exposed

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“Is mega dose vitamin b5 acne treatment safe? And does it work “

Discover the disturbing side-effects our vitamin b5 experiments produced…

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true…you just pop a vitamin and POOF your acne’s gone…no side effects and completely safe.

That’s what so many of the proponents of pantothenic acid acne supplements are claiming.

According to the b5 acne theory to cure acne all you’ve got to do is take EXTRAORDINARILY high doses of pantothenic acid (vitamin b5) and your acne will disappear.

What’s the real scoop?

Well, I’ve spent considerable time, money, and experimentation and put several volunteers through substantial discomfort and risk to bring to you the TRUTH about the vitamin b5 acne theory.

In this report I’m going to reveal to you all the shocking details about the vitamin b5 acne theory.

This report is a definite MUST READ for you if you’re considering b5 acne treatment.

The vitamin b5 acne phenomenon: What started it all…

The vitamin b5 acne phenomenon all started with a paper published by a doctor named Lit-Hung Leung.

In this paper he proposes a theory that acne is caused by a deficiency in vitamin b5.

So summarize Leung’s theory…

High fat diets aggravate acne because the body is not metabolizing fats properly. (I certainly don’t agree with this, I’m just summarizing his theory.) Coenzyme-A is necessary for the metabolization of fat.

Coenzyme-A is formed from adenosine triphosphate, cysteine, and pantothenic acid. And of those pantothenic acid (b5) is often the deficient one. So if you don’t get enough pantothenic acid then your body can’t make enough coenzyme-A.

Here’s where Leung’s theory gets interesting…

Coenzyme-A is necessary for both fat metabolization and hormone synthesis. And if coenzyme-A is lacking then hormone synthesis takes precedence over fat metabolization.

So when you’re body’s producing lots of hormones (for instance during puberty) then your body needs more coenzyme-A to synthesis those hormones, and if coenzyme-A is lacking then your body will choose to synthesize hormones rather then metabolize fats.

According to his b5 acne theory fats start to accumulate in the skin’s oil gland causing an increase in sebum…which leads to acne.

So what he’s saying is that the reason acne is associated with hormones isn’t because of the hormones themselves. But because the hormones are “robbing” coenzyme-A for hormone synthesis that could be used for fatty acid metabolization if there was an abundance of coenzyme-A.

In effect fatty acid metabolization is getting “shafted” by excess hormones.

And to correct a coenzyme-A deficiency all you need to do is take as high as 10 to 20 GRAMS (Not milligrams) of pantothenic acid (b5) a day.

Pretty interesting theory…and when you read his paper it all sounds very compelling. But does it work?

Vitamin b5 acne theory put to the test

Being an investigator of natural acne treatments it’s my job to check this kind of stuff out. And I’ve always been willing to give anything a try despite how crazy it sounds. But I don’t take ANYONE’S word for it…I’ll always put it to the test.

I had my reservations with such extraordinarily high doses of vitamin b5 for acne, but I went ahead anyway. I followed the guidelines exactly as the paper suggest…between 10-20 grams a day divided up in a minimum of 4 doses per day. The vitamin b5 acne theory was tested with several women and men and athletes as well.

When the initial experiments did not work to cure acne, I tested various doses and several different brands of pantothenic acid. I really, really wanted this to work.

But sad to say…It did NOT work on anyone I experimented with, despite the dose or brand of pantothenic acid they were using.

What’s worse is it caused nausea, and chronic low energy and fatigue in virtually everyone. In several people it caused cracks in the corners of the mouth that would not heal. Others reported poor wound healing in general. And still others reported headaches.

Granted, this was far from a formal scientific study. I simply purchased b5…showed a few volunteers the study, and took their word for it that they were taking it as directed. But despite my best efforts over several months, I could NOT duplicate any of reported benefits for acne sufferers.

In addition to that, I have yet to find anyone IN PERSON (not some random story on the web) who has actually had long-term success, not the intial placebo response, but rather long-term success with the mega dose vitamin b5 acne treatment.

So from my own personal experience I’ve come to the conclusion…

Vitamin b5 does NOT work for acne treatment and is DANGEROUS in the doses advocated by the vitamin b5 acne theory and the vitamin b5 acne theory is flawed.

Here is why I think that…

Why the b5 acne theory is wrong

If acne was in fact caused by a vitamin b5 deficiency then it wouldn’t take nearly as much of the dose being advocated to correct the deficiency. B5 is used as a treatment for several diseases, yet well under 2 grams and usually less then 0.5 grams are typically used with results for these other various diseases.

If a vitamin b5 acne theory was correct as proposed then virtually EVERYONE deficient in vitamin b5 would have acne to some degree or another. This ISN’T THE CASE.

If a vitamin b5 deficiency was the cause of acne then simply supplementing with b5 would cure acne. WHICH IT DOES NOT DO. Believe me I’ve tested it again and again.

Despite how convincing the sales pitches are, despite what studies you may read on the net the bottom line is RESULTS. Does b5 produce results?

And I’m telling you I’ve tested the b5 acne theory again and again and not ONE person I’ve tested this on cured their acne.

Not one!

No dose or brand of b5 had a positive effect outside of the initial placebo response!

Not only does it not work, but it is dangerous in these high of doses…

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is DANGEROUS in high doses

The proponents of the vitamin b5 acne theory claim that since b5 is a water-soluble vitamin any excess would simply be excreted from your system.

And in any reasonable dose I would agree with them.

But think about this…

Your body has to excrete the excess vitamin b5 from your system, and to do that takes time. And while the excess vitamin b5 is in your system it’s going to have an effect.

We’re not talking about a little excess here, but were talking about MANY TIMES what is normally in your system.

Secondly, the balance between various nutrients in your system is very important.

To illustrate…

The balance between calcium and phosphorous is very important…so important that if you ingest excess phosphorous your body will leach calcium from your bones to keep the ratio of these key electrolytes in balance in the blood.

The same is the case with b vitamins…

The b vitamins work WITH each other in a complex and synergistic relationship. For them to work properly they have to be kept in proper ratio to each other.

If you ingest excess of any one b vitamin your body will try to balance things out by leaching the other b vitamins from anywhere in your system it can.

So what you are doing by ingesting these extraordinarily high doses of vitamin b5 is leaching out of your system key b vitamins like b3, b6, and b12.

This is why I believe fatigue was the most common side-effect on the vitamin b5 acne treatment. Because these other b vitamins are so key for metabolization of nutrition for energy.

B5 does not exist in ANY foods in these high of doses out of balance with the other b vitamins. In my opinion it is ill advised to be taking it in such high doses long-term.

If the b5 acne treatment worked I would be the first to tell you. I’d shout it from high heaven, but it doesn’t work…as convincing as the theory sounds IT DOESN’T WORK, and is DANGEROUS in the doses that are being recommended!

My prediction is the vitamin b5 acne phenomenon is going to burn out real soon because it doesn’t work.

Hear me now, believe me later!

A better alternative to mega doses of vitamin b5

B vitamins are only a small piece to a much more complex acne puzzle. I unravel the whole acne puzzle and how b vitamins (including b5) fit into the acne puzzle in the Acne Cure E-Tutorial.

In it you will find the ONLY approach I’ve found for natural acne treatment that works, and the only approach that actually corrects the ROOT cause of your acne. If after reading it you’re still bound and determined to test the vitamin b5 acne theory yourself, then I would suggest you AVOID pantothenic acid. But instead use pantethine.

Pantethine is much more readily absorbed form of vitamin b5, and would work much better for b5 acne treatment.

And I STRONGLY suggest you take it in no more then 1 to 1 1/2 grams a day. If a vitamin b5 deficiency is in fact contributing to your acne then that would be a more then sufficient dose to compensate for any deficiency.

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  1. dude says:

    b5 even taken in extremely high amounts is not known to be dangerous to the body. im not taking it as much as the doc says to, have already seen improvements and have no side affects.

  2. admin says:

    I disagree… B-vitamin balance is very important. Taking a massive dose of one will always through things out of balance.

  3. B says:

    I have been taking B5 for over 3 years now and will never look back. I started with 10grams and now regulate my skin with 5grams a day. I’ve turned many ppl on to my regimine and they have all had success as well and won’t try anything else. It is NOT dangerous when taken with other b vitamins and it does create a lasting effect if kept up with, like any skin care regimine. Eating a healthy and balanced diet with lots of water also helps. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!

  4. admin says:

    If a B5 deficiency was really the cause of acne why does it takes such high doses recommend? Something to think about here.

    I can give you near toxic doses of vitamin A to get rid of acne (at least the external symptoms). Does that mean vitamin A deficiency is the cause? NO IT DOES NOT. It’s only addressing an effect… excess sebum.

    I would suggest stepping back and really listening to the message of acne. Rather then trying to cover it up, be it with drugs or near toxic doses of anything.

  5. Dorothy says:

    It works for me, but I only take about a gram a day. My skin goes from totally out of control when I’m not taking it, to only a few spots here and there when I take B5 every day. I do also take a multivitamin with other B vitamins, maybe that helps.

    The thing to remember with acne is that there is no one solution for everybody because it can have so many different causes. My sister’s acne goes away when she stops eating wheat; mine does not.

  6. Dave M says:

    Gotta disagree with this article. I’m a 37 year old man that has literally tried everything that a Dermatlogist can prescribe including Accutune and none of them worked for me. Vitamin B5 is the only product that did work for me. Everyone has there own level of B5. I started with high doses until the acne cleared up and then tweaked it to a level where the acne was completely under control. There are times where I’ve stopped taking B5 and the acne reappeared within days. Once back on the B5, the acne disappeared again so for now, I will continue to take B5. My only recommendation is that you take it with a other B vitamins to balance things out.

  7. pam says:

    I wouldn’t recommend taking b5 or atleast not to take high doses like i was taking (10 grams daily) i was taking that amount for a whole year and i can honestly say it was the biggest mistake ive ever made and if i could turn the clock back i really would because now im left with very badly dried out flakey skin everyday that just wont go away,very dry hair and hair loss,dry eyes,stomach problems including frequent bloating and nausea,no sexual feelings whatsoever.I look like i have aged another 20 years and im only 22 :( ive been off b5 for over a year and its still having an effect,its totally ruined me and my life,took my confidence.I just dont feel myself at all anymore.All i wanted was clear skin and now ive bought about a whole lot more problems.what an idiot i was.Good luck to anyone who’s taking it or deciding to but if i had another chance id of never took it cos now my skin and hair is completly ruined

  8. Erik L says:

    It is good to hear that so many people have had success with B5 without side effects. I had gone to several Dermatologist without success. I just started the B5 regimen and will post the results. I think I am a bit of a different case in that I am 46 years old without any significant prior acne. Over the last year there has been significant continuous outbreaks and I can’t understand why. Obviously something has changed but no one can seem to identify it.

  9. van says:

    I think everyone is different. For me, I took vitamin b5 for a week and it made my skin break out very bad. I have always had bad skin so I have to be careful. I also take other vitamins. I added b5 to my daily vitamin list and I did not like the result. I stopped taking it.

  10. She says:

    to pam i can relate soo much!
    i have a question for you pam hopefully you reply?
    what can you tell me about your menstrual cycle?
    and weight loss?

  11. pam says:

    Hi she my menstrual cycle is normal in frequency,i may sometimes be a day or 2 late or early but they are still regular, i do suffer with pms sometimes though including cramps,swollen tender breasts etc which i’d never suffered with before taking b5.As for weight loss i cant really see any change in that or maybe its because i dont really take much notice.When i have been on diets in the past i do tend to lose a few pounds but then i don’t seem to lose as much as i would like,like i’d lose a few pounds to start with and then id just stay there and the scales wont budge any further its like i hit a weight plateau,whether that’s, just normal i don’t know x

  12. she says:

    to pam
    well hows the recovery from the b5 have you recovered? i was taking only 1 gram and i stopped after the 5 month or was it 4th? one of those i aswell look like ive aged i have terribly dry skin im hoping it will wear off i seriously want myself back i get relly thirsty their was someone saying around the forums of acne.org that someone had a kidney removed due too much b5 not sure if its true… what side affects do you have pam?

  13. Tana says:

    Anything in high does is not good… lol
    Having b5 in small amounts is with other things is fine.. im taking a supplement right now and in the ingrediants it contains b5 in it (and other stuff) after 3 months i stop getting pimples on my t-zone (which i always got when i was stress from an exam or during my period cycle) now i have clear skin. I love it.

  14. Alex says:

    I just started taking b5 about a week ago and so far there is little difference. I’m reading conflicting reports and it seems it just works for some and not others. I’m going to continue taking about 20g a day for the next month or two and see what the results are for me. I’m 21 and I’ve had acne for about 7 years so I’ve tried hundreds of brand products with minimal results…..so why not try this.

  15. krys says:

    hey tana ive just started taking the b5 for my acne and would love to know the safer option. what tablets you are using and how much milligrams it has in all the vitamins?

  16. hi says:

    Just gonna put this out there i took B5 for a month a nd a half about 500 mg a day was good at first cleared up my skin, but then my skin started to dry out a lot and seems like it peels every other day. made me feel good when i took it but i dont want the side effects that pam has and it seems i was heading in that direction for real. Glad someone else put the truth about them on here. Im not sure be careful i can tell yu that eveyones different

  17. V says:

    hi pam i was wondering if you can email me i want to know more about your bad experience with vitamin b5:)
    [email protected]

  18. Anonymous says:

    I only took 500mg of B5 for mild acne for a few months and it worked on my skin but did a whole mess of damage on my hair. My hair started shedding profusely and since taking myself off for 10 days it has gradually slowed down. I cant wait for the B5 to be out of my system so my hair can be back to normal. BTW vitamins can do a lot of damage to your internal organs, permanent damage. Anyone who is taking mega doses is crazy. I don’t know what the answer is but B5 is not it.

  19. Tobi says:

    I have had acne for 27 years. Started when I was 13 and now I am 40. Have been taking 10 grams of Pantothenic Acid for 4 days. My skin is horrible today, much worse than when I started. Should I reduce the amount or stop completely. Please help. Thanks

  20. carina says:

    I did this for 3 months taking 20 pills a day plus other things that you are supposed to. My skin was dry, my long blonde hair was shedding and worse, my vision was so blurry I couldn’t read the computer at work, call me crazy but I would do anything that would clear my skin. This may work for some but I had 0 improvement. I’m 46 and have suffered for 35 years, accutane,lasors,peels,pills, diet and the whole enchilada, you name it.I’m just so sad all the time that no one can help me,

  21. Fiona says:

    I have mild acne problems related to my menstrual cycle. I have taken B5 up to 2 dosis of 1 gram daily and I see the difference.

  22. Eli says:

    What i understand from reading these comments is that it obviously doesn’t work for everyone. However, i think B5 is the most effective and has the least side effects on those who have really have oily skin, scalp etc.

  23. bianca says:

    Taking high doses of b5 alone is bad. I myself am taking vilantae, I have naturally oily skin and hair so its working well for me. However, the b group is responsible for producing the natural oils that make our hair and skin healthy, because everyone is different, the levels of oil vary which is why some get acne, some dont. Taking a high dosage of b5 (without other b group vitamins) causes deficiencies in other b vitamins resulting in the oil levels to reduce (explains why it takes a bit to work). This can cause terrible side effects most common are dry scalp, dry skin, hair loss, ageing, weight loss and balding which can be irreversible. Although, it might not, the reduction in oil may dry acne oil sufficiently enough to cause fewer breakouts. Everyone is completley different. Megadosing on b5 isn’t only going to risk a significant change in skin and hair health, but deficiencies in other key vitamins.

  24. Savvylip says:

    BIANCA! please reply! I am thinking about taking a mulitude of b-vitamins very soon for my acne problem. My mom is a nurse and she is saying the same thing you are. I just wanted to get as much information as I can out of anyone who knows what they’re talking about. Please if you have the time, explain anything else you know as far as what not to do, and what to take together to the exact. You said you are taking vilantae..I’m going to have to google that lol. You said it’s working for you. Could you explain more about your conditions and how it’s helped you? If not on here, you can email me at [email protected], although I think more from you would be good for everyone on here to read too. :)

  25. GaryA says:

    Dude, you are confused – nobody talks about B5 deficiency. It is just some people don’t produce enough CoA and mega-doses of pantothenic acid pushes its up. It works just like a drug, only MUCH SAFER because your body will get rid of the excess without any problems. You need to megadose to push B5 into each cell of the body where it helps to create CoA. Maybe some people have inefficient transport of B5, maybe they get rid of it too quickly, who knows? But this is NOT about B5 deficiency – this is about using the most natural substance as a safe drug (yes, taking 10g/day makes it a drug)

  26. pam says:

    Hi she just to update you about the side effects i have with b5 and to let you know that yes unfortunatly i do still have them :( hair still falling out,skin still bone dry and scalp,stomach problems altho not has bad and coated tongue still all there.Ive bin drinking so much water this past year,it has helped with my dry eyes and energy but cant say its helped much else.Is it really true that someone had to have there kidney removed due to b5? tht is so scary im worried now :( i hope i havent done any permanent damage god willing

  27. she says:

    hi pam oh yes i made a mistake forgive me for the kidney thing i was to come back and fix it i must have forgotten don’t worry i had done research and i meant to say kidney stones a certain individual had to had kidney stones removed i’m so sorry for the confusion as soon as i saw your reply I remembered my comment i was upset at my self for not correcting it that same day. 😐
    i researched more and it turns out according to another source that
    “excess amounts of calcium causes kidney stones. pantothenic acid = d-calcium pantothenate.”

    can you email me please i am currently going through the same issue but thank god i am healing, it is slowly but i am healing, i have been avoiding certain foods that worsen my condition and doing natural cleanses it hasn’t been easy but don’t give up pam.

    email me pam
    [email protected]
    i also have to drink lots of water and currently am
    and i had to cut back on salt so i can’t eat too much
    salt ive been eating lots of fruits like bananas and other fruits and some vegetables that aren’t heavy for my stomach but it has been helping me

  28. Yoko says:

    The causes of Acne are many, I haven’t tried B5 yet, and currently I don’t have acne, I got rid of it using Benzoil Peroxide at 5% and Tea Tree Oil, I almost have no ugly scars, I got rid of them with Resorcinol Chemical Peels (Be very careful, less is best’), but now I’m going to try Dermaroller to achieve a perfect skin, but I’m only half way as I’m left with an ugly oily skin that I hate. I will try B5 as I’ve heard it cures people with a genetic disposition to produce too much sebum.. and if it works that should be the final battle against a horrible skin. I will cross my fingers and let you know.

  29. pam says:

    if any of you b5 users want to really know how damaging megadosing can be then im proof of that.Finally after 2 years of suffering from dry skin,hair loss,no libido,constipation,stomach problems etc ive now been diagnosed with celiac disease and a wheat allergy and my bread eating has bin adding to all my problems in a very big way and b5 as caused this.I never suffered any problems at all until i took these.I come from a very healthy family no history of celiac so it just goes to show what damage megadosing can do.Think twice before making the same mistake i did guys please.I regret this and i wish i could turn back time.Anyone who’s suffering similar side effects to me get checked up for celiac you never know you could just have it too

  30. Sandy1 says:

    Hi all..
    Forgive me if this sounds daft but if B5 or Pantothenate acid causes problems with health (everyone is different I realise) and some peoples it works great for, but this substance pushes up levels of Coenzyme A, is it possible to have a Coenzyme A supplement?…taking away the B5 supplement. Or could this be just as dangerous?

    Please help.

  31. Sandy1 says:

    Hi all

    Could you take a co enzyme A supplement instead of B5 as some people have warned it can be dangerous in high doses???

    Please help :-)

  32. Chris says:

    Biotin and B5 are transported via the same mechanism which is probably why taking huge doses of B5 cause problems related to things that Biotin helps with.

  33. starlight says:

    what about just taking coenzyme -A. will that be just as good or better. if that’s what your body is needing to metabolized the extra oils, does anyone know? or do they not make pills for coenzyme A

  34. find acne solutions here says:

    Remarkable issues here. I am very glad to peer your article. Thanks so much and I’m having a look ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  35. IfjVicki says:

    Teens need to realize they are being manipulated by Big Pharma who wants MONEY and POWER over them. Don’t rebel and get a TATTOO or SEX DRUGS and rock and roll. Big Pharma LOVES that! Learn how AMAZING vitamins TOTALLY cure all sorts of problems INCLUDING especially acne. They want you AFRAID of vitamins and taking expensive drugs CUZ THAT IS HOW THEY MAKE MONEY. Vitamin A is an amazing cure for the most horrible acne imaginable so they suppress the truth every chance they get TRY VITAMINS BEFORE THEY ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WITH A PRESCRIPTION AND MARKED UP 1000 TIMES ACTUAL COST as in other countries. It is pharma versus vitamin industry and pharma OWNS the airwaves internet and nightly news.

  36. Donshulla says:

    I agree Vicki….f**k Big Pharma. All prescription drugs are basically toxins/chemicals that “cure” one thing but causes other health issues. Big Pharma and their docter buddies are basically in it together and its basically a business. The best thing to do is eat healthy and exercise. A good multivitamin won’t hurt but don’t use that cheap stuff like one a day or centrum. I use GNC’s brand it absorbs better. I also take extra vitamin E, zinc, and B5 (but only 1 500mg a day)…that works for me.

  37. Lauren says:

    I take 200mg of b2 (riboflavin) daily for glutaric acidemia type 2. Normal intake is 2 mg/day. Funny that the doctors don’t mention I should take other b vitamins to balance this. In addition to the problems my genetic disorder causes, my skin has cleared up quite bit. Dosing b5 at several thousand grams seems a bit extreme, and definately not a ‘deficiency’, if people were coa deficient from b5 deficiency they would be so exercise intolerant they couldn’t climb stairs pre-megadosing.

  38. Nina says:

    Please help my 16 year old daughter with severe acne problem? Nothing worked so far as she have myopia as well with weak eyesight.
    Is it related to her Aldosterone levels or thyroid issues?
    I myself tried b5 and it make my blood sugar goes up after meals so I am really confuse.
    waiting for any miracle for my daughter.

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