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The Acne Bacteria Myth

“Why Acne Bacteria Has Nothing To Do With The REAL Cause of Acne “

“Discover why acne bacteria DON’T cause acne. And why killing acne bacteria CAN’T cure acne unless you do this first…”

So you find yourself with another nasty acne flare up. And you assume that it’s caused by acne bacteria running wild.

So what do you do?

You get yourself some topical bacteria killers like benzoyl peroxide. Or maybe you get a little more extreme…you get yourself a prescription for acne anti-biotics like monocycline or tetracycline.

You use these products for awhile, and you see some results, but your acne always seems to come back…


If you’re killing the acne bacteria, why then does your acne always come back? And why does your friend, who is constantly exposed to acne bacteria still have perfect skin?

In this report I’m going to reveal to you the surprising answers to all these questions. You’ll discover why acne bacteria do not cause acne. And why you cannot cure acne by killing acne bacteria.

And finally …I’ll reveal to you how to win your battle against acne bacteria once and for all.

Why acne bacteria do NOT cause acne…the irrefutable PROOF

Think about this…

If acne bacteria caused acne then acne would be highly contagious.

But acne is NOT contagious!

And if acne bacteria cause acne then bacteria killing anti-biotics like tetracycline and monocycline would cure acne long-term…

Which they DON’T do!

Even your dermatologist will tell you anti-biotics only treat the SYMPTOMS of acne…and don’t work LONG-TERM.

And to put the final nail in the coffin of the acne bacteria theory…

Did you realize that virtually EVERYONE has acne bacteria on there skin right now…even those with FLAWLESS skin?

It’s true!

Acne bacteria are everywhere. It’s on your skin whether you suffer from acne or not.

Let me repeat that …You’re skin is loaded with acne bacteria whether you suffer from acne or not.

And even if you exposed someone with perfect skin to acne bacteria it wouldn’t cause them any trouble…none at all.

But if you exposed an acne sufferers skin to acne bacteria it would cause redness…swelling…inflammation…puss…

All the nasty acne symptoms you dread so very much.

And here’s why…

The missing piece to the acne bacteria mystery

Lean in close …Because this is the acne bacteria insider secret you’ve been searching for.

Acne bacteria will NOT overgrow in and on your skin UNLESS you create the ideal environment in and on your skin for acne bacteria to flourish.

Stay with me here, because it’s about to get interesting…

What creates the perfect environment in and on you’re skin is a mix of both excess skin oil (caused by hormonal imbalance) and congesting blood toxins.

The mix of excess skin oil and congesting toxins creates a pasty glue. When this pasty glue clogs your pores it creates the perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria to breed like crazy.

They have all the food they need and the perfect environment protected from oxygen (oxygen kills acne bacteria) so they can “party hardy” and make lots of acne bacteria babies.

To better illustrate this principle here’s another example…

Did you realize you have streptococcus bacteria in your throat right now? This is the same bacterium that is present in extreme cases of strep throat. Yet you don’t have strep throat. In fact you don’t even have a sore throat.


Well, because the strep bacteria don’t actually cause strep throat. Strep throat is actually caused by a buildup of toxins in the throat and tonsils. Strep bacterium feeds on these toxins. It is only when this bacteria food (toxins) builds up that the bacteria is able to flourish and run wild.

In fact you won’t get strep throat or tonsillitis no matter how much bacteria you’re exposed to until the conditions in your throat are right for them to flourish.

Well, it’s the same with acne. The acne bacteria will not flourish until the conditions on your skin are right for them to flourish.

That is why your friend with perfect skin can constantly be exposed to acne bacteria and still never get acne.

So why can’t I just kill the little buggers with some kind of acne bacteria killer like benzoyl peroxide or tetracycline?

Sorry, but that’s not going to work, and here’s why…

Why killing acne bacteria does not cure acne

You see, it’s not the acne bacteria cause the problem. It’s the environment you create in and on your skin with this pasty-glue that causes all the trouble.

Until you stop the this pasty glue from forming in your pores…No matter how many times you kill acne bacteria, it will simply re-overgrow, again, and again, and again…

So what can be done…?

Don’t despair. You don’t have to let acne bacteria ruin your life.

You MUST do BEFORE you can kill acne bacteria

Before you will ever have ANY long-term success in your battle against acne bacteria you must first STOP the pasty glue that forms in your pores…giving acne bacteria the food and environment they love so very much.

Until you do that, I don’t care how many times you kill acne bacteria, it will simply re-overgrow…again…and again.

So how do you fix stop this pasty glue from forming?

Well, my friend in over a decade of searching I’ve only found ONE way that works. Take the Acne Cure E-Tutorial to find out how to beat acne bacteria once and for all.

The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin

“You can try all the acne cures, treatments, or acne remedies, but you won’t enjoy LASTING freedom from your acne until you do this…”

Yes there is a physical difference inside you between you as an acne sufferer and some who has flawless, acne-free skin.

Understanding this difference is the key that unlocks the door to LASTING acne-free skin.

The secret to LASTING freedom from acne

How come some suffer from acne and some don’t?

Is diet?

Nope…people eat all kinds of different diets, yet some get acne and some don’t. Even some of those on “junk food” diets still enjoy flawless skin. While others eating “perfectly” still suffer from acne.

Is it a nasty acne bacterium?

Nope…it’s not that either. If bacteria was the cause of acne acne would be highly contagious…which it isn’t (See The Acne Bacteria Myth for more details).

What about genetics? Isn’t it my parents fault?

No doubt about it genetics do play a role. But if “bad” genes were the cause of acne then your acne symptoms would stay relatively constant (your genes aren’t changing)…Not flaring at times then subsiding at other times like most acne sufferers acne symptoms do.

So what is it? What is the difference between acne sufferers and NON-acne sufferers?

Well my friend lean in close because this is the million dollar answer to all you acne questions….

The PHYSICAL difference between non-acne sufferers and acne sufferers

The cause of all acne boils down to hormonal imbalance and a particular type of congesting blood and lymph toxins (see The TRUE Cause of Acne). And the PHYSICAL, INTERNAL problem causing hormones to get out of balance and toxins to build up in the blood boils down to a particular aspect of the function of your liver.

Your liver is what “deactivates” and “clears” excess and previously “used” hormones from your system. And it also purifies your blood of congesting blood toxins.

Liver function in this aspect is the KEY to hormonal balance and pure blood….which will lead to flawless, acne-free skin.

So the difference between you as an acne sufferer and someone with perfect, acne-free skin all boils down to this aspect of liver function.

Your liver simply isn’t strong enough to keep your hormones in balance and your blood pure. It is getting overwhelmed with excess hormones and blood toxins.

It can’t keep up.

These excess hormones and toxins “spill over” into your blood…causing your dreaded acne condition.

On the other hand, someone with perfect, acne-free skin has much “stronger” liver function in this aspect. It is able to quickly “deactivate” and “clear” any excess hormones and blood toxins. As a result their hormones stay in perfect balance. Their blood stays pure. And because of that they enjoy flawless, acne-free skin.

The ONLY path to LASTING acne-free skin

So the key to LASTING freedom from your acne isn’t just to follow a special acne diet. It isn’t to take a drug or acne anti-biotic. And it isn’t endlessly ingesting an herbal or homeopathic acne remedy…

What will cure your acne is to take that “weak”, malfunctioning liver you have right now and “building” it into a stronger, more powerful organ…Kinda like replacing a small 4 cylinder engine with a powerful V8, 350 horsepower engine.

Once you do that your liver will be able to handle any amount of hormones or blood toxins. It will have enough “capacity” and “power” to do so.

Once you “build” a strong liver your hormones will stay in perfect balance. Your blood will be clean and pure. And your acne will disappear almost magically. And your health, energy, and physical well-being will be revolutionized to boot.

How to “build” a stronger, more powerful liver

So how do you do it? How do you “build” a more powerful liver?

Well, until recently no one really knew how to do it. Even the very best techniques didn’t work very well. But after years of dedicated research and experimentation I’ve developed a program that effectively “builds” liver function in this regard.

Using this program I’ve cured my own severe acne, and I’ve helped thousands of others do the same.

While it won’t be easy, and WILL take work once you’ve completed this program your liver will be healthy and strong. And you will enjoy lasting acne-free skin.

So if you are done trying the “quick fix” acne cures and you are ready for a LASTING solution to your acne problem it is something you must checkout.

Want to know more?

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The Hidden Cost of Acne Steroids

What Your Dermatologist Will Never Tell You About Acne Steroids

Acne steroids are an acne medication that lessens the swelling and inflammation caused by acne.

Sound’s pretty good so far huh? You don’t want that nasty acne swelling ruining your day.

But acne steroids have a SERIOUS problem…

What is it? Well before we get to that…

First let me make it clear…you don’t have acne because of an acne steroid deficiency.

And while acne steroids do actually help with the redness and inflammation…they do absolutely NOTHING to fix the underlying cause of acne.

Sorry, but they just don’t.

And taking them creates a serious long-term problem for acne sufferers.

You see, steroids stress the living sh*t out of your liver. Just think about the football star Lyle Alzado ….what happened to him. Yep, his liver actually shut down on him because of the extensive liver damage all the steroids he took caused him.

Well, acne steroids are NO different in the stress they cause to your liver. Your liver has to filter them from your system…and they are extremely toxic to your liver.

But the scary thing is liver function is very often already pretty darn weak in acne sufferers.

Sorry…but that’s the case. That’s one of the reasons you’re getting acne in the first place.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you haven’t checkout out my ground breaking report, the true cause of acne you should do so now!

In it you will learn that your acne is actually caused by only 2 things…

Hormonal imbalance combined with congesting blood and lymph toxins.

But what’s causing that hormonal imbalance? Well there a few factors…but the most important factor is your liver function.

You see your liver is what actually “grabs” excess and used hormones from your blood. Then it “wraps” them with a protein so they can’t work…then it expels them from your system.

But what happens if something comes along that weakens your liver in this regard. Well, hormones would build up in your system no matter what…and you’d get acne.

And you know what…acne steroids weaken your liver in this regard like nothing else.

No doubt about it, they do help with short-term swelling and inflammation. But long-term, they only make your acne worse.

Don’t let it happen to you.

So what’s the answer? How do you cure acne?

There is only one way. And that is to work with your body to correct the deep internal problem that’s causing your acne. Acne steroids certainly don’t do that. The only thing I’ve discovered in over a decade of research that does that. To find out what it is checkout my special report…The ONLY Path to Lasting Acne-Free Skin.

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Online accutane journal

Post your accutane experience for all the world to see in our online accutane journal

I get emailed every day absolute HORROR stories of what accutane did to them before they found my program.

And I’m telling you, they are enough to make you cry. Which is why I’m so fiercely passionate against the use of accutane for acne treatment.

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it. I want you to hear from the people who have been through it. So I’m creating this accutane forum to get the word out.

So if you’ve tried accutane please email me your accutane experiences. I’ll post your experiences good or bad for all the world to see here in this online accutane diary.

That way other acne sufferers can learn from your experience and not have to go through it themselves.

Send your experience to us through our contact page

Be sure to include permission for using your story.

I’ll post them here in this online accutane journal.

Want more revealing accutane information. If you haven’t checked out my primary accutane page click the link…

Click here for more accutane information

The best natural acne treatments home

Accutane Side Effects

“The horrific accutane side effects exposed so you don’t have to live through them”

from an ex-acne sufferer

Before I finally cured my severe acne I researched accutane to death. And I’m telling you… when I discovered some of the long-term and sometimes permanent accutane side effects…

They scared the @#!* out of me!

Thank God I found out about them before taking the drug. So I’m revealing them all to you so you don’t have to live through them.

As you read through them keep in mind all these side-effects are admitted by Roche…the manufacture of accutane.

The minor ones…

  • Chapped lips
  • Dandruff
  • Dry skin and itching
  • Dryness of the nose and nose bleeding
  • Irritation of the eyelids and persistent feeling of dryness of the eyes
  • Rash
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Mood changes
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • Delay in wound healing
  • Hair loss…often showing up years after the drug is discontinued.
  • Increased sensitivity to sunburn
  • Decreased night vision

The more serious ones…

  • Depression and thoughts of suicide.
  • May increase the level of blood fats, sometimes to risky levels.
  • Hideous birth defects. And these have been associated with pregnancies long after the drug was discontinued.
  • Permanent loss of vision. Accutane can cause the retina to become “rough” leading to blurred vision. This is very often permanent.
  • In high enough doses this drug can cause the growth plates to fuse…stopping growth.
  • And it has been linked to crippling arthritis.

Roche denies none of these side effects. They know the drug is dangerous. But they make so much money selling it they don’t really care.

Please, please hear me…if you listen to nothing else, please hear me on this one…

As painful as your acne is right now, accutane is not worth the long-term side effects you’re going to have to live with your whole life.
Nor is it necessary.

I cured my severe acne without accutane. To discover how I did it take the Acne Cure E-Tutorial. In 4 lessons you will discover how to get ride of acne without suffering accutane side effects.

natural treatments for acne prone skin home

“Accutane… The Disturbing TRUTH!”

“Discover the disturbing facts about accutane Roche doesn’t want you to know”

…from an ex-acne sufferer

Are you thinking about accutane for acne treatment? Then thank GOD you found this site.

I suffered from severe acne. And before I finally cured it I researched accutane to death.

Whatever you want to know about it…I can tell you.

In this page you find valuable information to help you decide.

But, I’ve got to be straight up with you. After all the research I did on accutane…

You could NOT pay me enough to take the drug

But I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Special reports on accutane

Note: Bookmark this page because I’ll be adding more reports soon.

Accutane side effects

Accutane has serious, long-term, and sometimes PERMANENT side effects. ALL of these horrific side effects I’m about to reveal in this special report are admitted by Roche…the manufacture of accutane.

Why accutane makes acne WORSE in the long-run

In this surprising report you’ll discover why I believe the internal long-term damage accutane causes actually makes acne WORSE once the drug wears off.

What some leading doctors have to say about the drug

Doctors and dermatologist are waking up to the disturbing truth about accutane. Many doctors feel this drug should be banned. Hear in their own words why…

Horror stories

I get emailed every day absolute HORROR stories of what accutane did to them before they found my program. And they are enough to make you cry. After reading some of these perhaps you can understand why I’m so fiercely against the drug accutane for acne treatment.

Accutane in the news

Whenever I find something that gives the facts about accutane (and not propaganda or sales pitches) I’ll post it on this page. I’m continually growing this page so bookmark it and check back now and then.

The Acne Antibiotic Trap

“What Your Dermatologist Will Never Tell You About The Acne Antibiotic Treatments Tetracycline And Minocycline”

You find your self in the middle of another nasty acne flare up, and you’re willing to do just about anything to get rid of it ASAP!

So what does you’re well meaning dermatologist do? Right of the bat, they give you a prescription for an acne antibiotic like tetracycline.

You take the acne antibiotic for awhile, and you know what…it actually helped initially.

You’re overjoyed…so you keep taking it. But troubled waters are a coming. Your bubbles about to burst.

After awhile the drug gets less and less effective. In fact, it stops working entirely, and…

Now your acne is worse then EVER!

And nothing seems to be working!

Well, my friend there was a reason the acne antibiotic stopped working and in fact made your acne worse. And here it is…

Why the acne antibiotic treatment stopped working

Did you realize the acne antibiotic treatment you were on actually caused the acne bacteria to mutate into super-strain acne bacteria?

Shocking as it sounds…it true!

You see, what actually happens is acne antibiotic treatment kills off the acne bacteria in your system.

Sound pretty good so far huh?

Not so fast…

The problem is your skin still contains all the ingredients for acne bacteria to flourish. To understand why checkout my special report…the acne bacteria myth.

Anyway, because acne bacteria is EVERYWHERE it eventually re-infects your skin…but this time they get smarter.

In fact they actually mutate so they can resist the acne antibiotic. They get tougher, and meaner, and harder to kill. Now it’s going to take even more of the acne antibiotic to kill them.

But they always come back…this time they get even meaner and tougher. At this point no amount of acne antibiotics will work. The bacteria has become “ant-biotic resistant”.

Ask you dermatologist about it…even they will tell you tetracycline or any other acne antibiotic can only work short-term before it stops working. And now you now why.

And if that’s not enough acne antibiotic treatment actually causes serious damage to your internal system that makes your acne WORSE.

And here’s why…

Why acne antibiotic treatment always makes acne worse long-term

Acne antibiotics like tetracycline are what’s known as broad spectrum antibiotics. Meaning they kills lots of stuff of different kinds. Acne antibiotics are supposed to kill the acne bacteria that are aggravating your acne. And no doubt about it…they do that very efficiently…short-term.

But here’s the interesting part…

Not only do they kill acne bacteria, but they kill virtually ALL bacteria in your system.

But isn’t that a good thing?

Nope…not at all. In fact it’s…


And here’s why…

You’re body actually needs “friendly bacteria” to work. Now before you think I should check in to a funny farm, please hear me out.

In fact, you have several POUNDS of this friendly bacteria in your body right now…REALLY! (That is if you’re healthy.)

And it mostly lives in your digestive tract.

They have names like acidophilus, bifidobacteria, bacillus substilis…stuff like that. But the names don’t matter. What matters is what they do.

These friendly bacteria actually “pre-digest” food so you can absorb it. Not only that, they kill bad bacteria that may enter your system.

And if that’s not enough, they coat your digestive tract with a protective layer so parasites and bad bacteria can’t take hold or damage it.

And they eat away any “gunk” that may build up in your digestive tract from bad food or undigested food.

Needless to say they are VITAL for every level of health.

Without them you can’t really absorb nutrition very well. And bad bacteria, yeasts, and molds take over…actually overgrowing in your system.

And without them “garbage” builds up in your digestive tract just as if you stopped taking out the garbage in your house.

But, what does this have to do acne?

Well, good question…

Think of your G.I. tract as your inner skin. And in fact…the health of your outer skin is DIRECTLY associated to the health of your inner skin…your G.I. tract.

So if something comes along and messes up your G.I. tract, it also messes up your outer skin.

And acne anti-biotics mess up your G.I. tract like nothing else. They wipe out all the friendly bacteria that are protecting your G.I. tract.

After the acne antibiotic has killed the friendly bacteria…unfriendly bacteria quickly grow like crazy.

Think of the friendly bacteria as little warriors defending the fort. And the unfriendly bacteria as blood-thirsty mongrels who want to take the fort.

They are constantly battling each other. But the good news is…unless you kill the friendly bacteria off they can easily fight off the bad bacteria.

But let’s say the bad bacteria “take the fort”. They take over your G.I. tract. So friendly bacteria that do get to your G.I. tract is quickly killed by the blood-thirsty bad bacteria.

In fact, it takes LOTS of work to re-implant friendly bacteria once bad bacteria have taken over.

But what does all this have to do with acne….?

More then you could ever possibly realize!

You see these bad bacteria are very ill-mannered. They actually eat whatever they can and “poop” out toxins known as mycotoxins.

Now these mycotoxins (bad bacteria poop) weaken your liver function like nothing else.

And your liver is the MOST important organ for healthy, acne-free skin. (Please checkout my special report, the TRUE cause of acne to understand why.)

If it’s not doing its job clearing excess hormones from your system you’re going to get acne…no way around it.

The bottom line is you need a healthy liver and digestive tract to have healthy, acne free skin.

But acne antibiotic treatment like tetracycline or minocycline wipe out friendly bacteria completely, which cause bad bacteria to take over, which (among many other bad things) causes mycotoxins to build up in your system…which weakens your liver like nothing else…which lead to acne that’s WORSE then EVER

Whew…pretty involved process huh?

The bottom line is acne antibiotic treatment is BAD NEWS. I don’t care what your dermatologist tells you…they only making your acne worse.

Don’t do it…

Don’t fall for it. Because the damage acne antibiotic treatment does to your system can take years to fix.

Acne antibiotics are NOT necessary. You can cure your acne without them or any other drug for that matter using totally natural acne alternative treatments. How? Take the Acne Cure E-Tutorial to find out how.

See also…

Why conventional acne medications make your acne WORSE in the long-run

More acne antibiotic treatment info…

Disturbing long-term accutane results…

“Why accutane makes your acne worse after the drug wares off”

Are you looking for accutane results? Want the truth about the long-term effects of accutane? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve researched accutane to death and in this report you will discover the devastating long-term results of accutane use. Why in my opinion accutane makes acne worse once the drug wares off…and how to stop it from happening to you.

Why accutane makes acne WORSE long-term

While the makers of accutane don’t fully understand how it works, here’s what I think is going on (let me repeat I’m not a doctor and this is only my opinion)….

Accutane is a drug that actually damages your skins sebum glands so they can’t work very well at producing the necessary skin oil. And no doubt about it…damaging your skin’s oil glands in this way surely does stop acne…for the short-term…

But at a HUGE long-term cost!

Not only does accutane damage your skins ability to produce sebum, it also severely damages your liver.

In fact, it’s so damaging to your liver that nearly every dermatologist will require continual liver enzyme testing while on the prescription. This is to make sure the drug isn’t damaging the liver so much that you die. They can’t have that happening…you would no longer be a customer 😉

But here’s the rub..

Your liver function is EXTREMELY important for long-term acne-free skin. To understand why, please checkout my surprising report on… The TRUE Cause of Acne.

If you damage your liver you hinder you’re liver’s ability to “deactivate” and “clear” excess and “used” hormones from your system.

Let me explain…

Think of your liver as a machine inside you that grabs excess and used hormones from your blood. Once it grabs them it “deactivates” them by adding another piece to them. This makes the hormone not work anymore.

Then it sends them out of your system. So you can see why your liver function is so important for hormonal balance…which is so important for long-term acne-free skin.

Well, taking accutane is like pouring glue in the cogs of your “liver machine”.

Doing that slows it way down. This causes all those extra hormones to build up in your blood. But you don’t notice because your skin’s oil glands are so severely damaged by accutane they just don’t respond to the hormones by producing oil.

Then what can happen when accutane wares off?

Well, your skins oil glands recover from the damage. But you still have all these extra hormones in your blood because your liver isn’t working very well…

Making your acne FLARE like CRAZY

This is why so many people report their acne coming back worse after the drug wares off. The only exceptions seems to be if the person has past the time of puberty when the hormonal burden on the liver is significantly reduced.

So you can see why the long-term results of accutane makes acne worse in so many cases.

Accutane is NOT the solution

Damaging your skin so that it can’t produce skin oil is not the answer.

There is only one way to enjoy lasting acne-free skin. And that is to correct at the deepest level the INTERNAL problem that is causing your hormones to get out of balance to start with.

And no acne drug can do that!

There’s only one path I’ve found in over a decade of research that fixes this deep internal problem that’s causing your acne. Using this ground breaking program I cured my severe acne without suffering from the damaging accutane results.

Want to know how I did it? Take the Acne Cure E-Tutorial to discover how to get accutane results without accutane side-effects.

Why acne medications make your acne WORSE in the long-run

“Shocking but true…your dermatologist is UNKNOWINGLY making your acne worse in the long-run”

Don’t let it happen to you

You’ve been seeing your dermatologist for 6 months now. And every time you go in it’s something like this…

Well all these acne medications stopped working, let’s give this one a try…see what happens.

Who are you to question…they’re the doc right?

So you give it a try. And you know what…for a little while it actually helped.


Soon it stopped working.

And now months, and months later trying one acne medication after another…your acne is WORSE then ever!

Does this sound familiar? You been down this road to huh.

Well, my friend there was a reason why all the acne medications your dermatologist gave you made your acne worse in the long-run.

And that is…

your dermatologist simply didn’t treat your acne the right way!

Sorry, but that’s just the painful truth.

All the prescriptions, drugs, steroids, antibiotics…or whatever they gave you did nothing to fix the actually cause of your acne.

Why, because none on them can!

And you know what else? Your dermatologist doesn’t even know what the true cause of acne is. Really….ask them. They’ll tell you know one knows…

But I’m telling you that’s pure BULL! More accurately…no one in dermatology knows.

And how in the world you ever going to have any hope of curing any disease if you don’t know what the cause is?

The truth is I know what’s causing your acne…and I spill all the beans in this special report…The TRUE Cause of Acne.

But that’s not what this is all about…

O.k. where were we…oh yea, why all the acne medications your dermatologist gives you make your acne worse…

And that is because there is only one way to cure your acne. And that is to work WITH your body to correct the very deep INTERNAL problem that’s causing your acne.

Let me say that again…you’ve got to work WITH your body.

And you know what…all those acne medications work dead against your body. Yep…that’s just the sad truth.

No acne medications work with your body.

Those acne medications are actually doing serious damage to your internal system. And that damage only makes your acne worse in the long run.

I know all this sounds a little shocking and hard to believe at first…but I’m going to prove it to you.

Why ALL typical acne medications make acne WORSE in the LONG-RUN

I’ve prepared special individual reports that explain in much greater detail exactly why your acne got worse from acne medications…

Accutane…the disturbing truth

Why accutane always makes your acne WORSE after the drug wares off.

The problems with acne anti-biotics

Why antibiotic acne medications like tetracycline and minocycline cause long-term damage to your system making your acne worse in the long-run.

Acne steroids

Why acne steroids don’t work long-term and make acne worse in the long-run.

After reading these disturbing reports you’re going to be armed to the teeth…and you won’t have to fall pray to the acne medications trap.

Because believe me…as well meaning as your dermatologist may seem…they just can’t show you the path to LASTING acne-free skin. And they are going to unknowingly make your acne worse.

Don’t blame them. They just don’t know any better. They were never really taught how the body works. They have no idea about the best acne alternative treatments. It’s not their fault. But don’t you pay the price for their ignorance.

Take the Acne Cure E-Tutorial to discover what your dermatologist never learned…how to cure your acne once and for all.

The unseen differin gel risks

“Why Differin Gel is NOT a safe alternative to accutane for acne treatment”

“Acne researcher reveals the unseen risks of Differin gel”

Differin Gel

Differin gel…

You’re willing to do anything to get rid of your acne. But the horrific side effects of accutane have you worried. So you opted for Differin gel instead.

After all, you don’t eat it. It’s got to be safe right?

Not so fast…

Differin gel has many of the same dangers and side effects as accutane.

Here’s why…

The active ingredient in Differin gel is retinoid (vitamin A) compound known by the chemical name Adapalene. It’s a chemical vitamin A derivative in the exact same family as Accutane.

Basically you can think of Differin gel as topical Accutane. And you already know the horrific long-term side effects of Accutane.

The biggest problem with these chemical derivatives of vitamin A for acne treatment has been the horrific side effects. So Roche worked to develop a topical version thinking it would be safer.

After all you’re not taking it internally. It’s got to be safe right?

Nope, not at all. And here’s why…

Your skin is in fact highly absorbent for many different chemical and natural agents.

That’s why nicotine patches works so well. The nicotine absorbs straight into the blood through the skin. And that’s why so many drugs can be administered through patches on the skin.

What you put on your skin ends up in your blood for plenty of stuff.

And Differin gel is no different.

When you put Differin gel on your skin you’re putting it in your blood.

If the horrific side-effects of Accutane scare you then Differin gel should have you every bit as concerned. Nursing and pregnant mothers should be even more concerned.

But I’m sick to death of this acne! Aren’t the side effects of Differin gel worth the risk?

Nope! Because you can get rid of your acne once and for all without risking your long-term health.


Take The Acne Cure E-Tutorial and find out how I cured my severe acne without the dangers or side-effects of Differin gel.

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