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The Acne Bacteria Myth

“Why Acne Bacteria Has Nothing To Do With The REAL Cause of Acne “

“Discover why acne bacteria DON’T cause acne. And why killing acne bacteria CAN’T cure acne unless you do this first…”

So you find yourself with another nasty acne flare up. And you assume that it’s caused by acne bacteria running wild.

So what do you do?

You get yourself some topical bacteria killers like benzoyl peroxide. Or maybe you get a little more extreme…you get yourself a prescription for acne anti-biotics like monocycline or tetracycline.

You use these products for awhile, and you see some results, but your acne always seems to come back…


If you’re killing the acne bacteria, why then does your acne always come back? And why does your friend, who is constantly exposed to acne bacteria still have perfect skin?

In this report I’m going to reveal to you the surprising answers to all these questions. You’ll discover why acne bacteria do not cause acne. And why you cannot cure acne by killing acne bacteria.

And finally …I’ll reveal to you how to win your battle against acne bacteria once and for all.

Why acne bacteria do NOT cause acne…the irrefutable PROOF

Think about this…

If acne bacteria caused acne then acne would be highly contagious.

But acne is NOT contagious!

And if acne bacteria cause acne then bacteria killing anti-biotics like tetracycline and monocycline would cure acne long-term…

Which they DON’T do!

Even your dermatologist will tell you anti-biotics only treat the SYMPTOMS of acne…and don’t work LONG-TERM.

And to put the final nail in the coffin of the acne bacteria theory…

Did you realize that virtually EVERYONE has acne bacteria on there skin right now…even those with FLAWLESS skin?

It’s true!

Acne bacteria are everywhere. It’s on your skin whether you suffer from acne or not.

Let me repeat that …You’re skin is loaded with acne bacteria whether you suffer from acne or not.

And even if you exposed someone with perfect skin to acne bacteria it wouldn’t cause them any trouble…none at all.

But if you exposed an acne sufferers skin to acne bacteria it would cause redness…swelling…inflammation…puss…

All the nasty acne symptoms you dread so very much.

And here’s why…

The missing piece to the acne bacteria mystery

Lean in close …Because this is the acne bacteria insider secret you’ve been searching for.

Acne bacteria will NOT overgrow in and on your skin UNLESS you create the ideal environment in and on your skin for acne bacteria to flourish.

Stay with me here, because it’s about to get interesting…

What creates the perfect environment in and on you’re skin is a mix of both excess skin oil (caused by hormonal imbalance) and congesting blood toxins.

The mix of excess skin oil and congesting toxins creates a pasty glue. When this pasty glue clogs your pores it creates the perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria to breed like crazy.

They have all the food they need and the perfect environment protected from oxygen (oxygen kills acne bacteria) so they can “party hardy” and make lots of acne bacteria babies.

To better illustrate this principle here’s another example…

Did you realize you have streptococcus bacteria in your throat right now? This is the same bacterium that is present in extreme cases of strep throat. Yet you don’t have strep throat. In fact you don’t even have a sore throat.


Well, because the strep bacteria don’t actually cause strep throat. Strep throat is actually caused by a buildup of toxins in the throat and tonsils. Strep bacterium feeds on these toxins. It is only when this bacteria food (toxins) builds up that the bacteria is able to flourish and run wild.

In fact you won’t get strep throat or tonsillitis no matter how much bacteria you’re exposed to until the conditions in your throat are right for them to flourish.

Well, it’s the same with acne. The acne bacteria will not flourish until the conditions on your skin are right for them to flourish.

That is why your friend with perfect skin can constantly be exposed to acne bacteria and still never get acne.

So why can’t I just kill the little buggers with some kind of acne bacteria killer like benzoyl peroxide or tetracycline?

Sorry, but that’s not going to work, and here’s why…

Why killing acne bacteria does not cure acne

You see, it’s not the acne bacteria cause the problem. It’s the environment you create in and on your skin with this pasty-glue that causes all the trouble.

Until you stop the this pasty glue from forming in your pores…No matter how many times you kill acne bacteria, it will simply re-overgrow, again, and again, and again…

So what can be done…?

Don’t despair. You don’t have to let acne bacteria ruin your life.

You MUST do BEFORE you can kill acne bacteria

Before you will ever have ANY long-term success in your battle against acne bacteria you must first STOP the pasty glue that forms in your pores…giving acne bacteria the food and environment they love so very much.

Until you do that, I don’t care how many times you kill acne bacteria, it will simply re-overgrow…again…and again.

So how do you fix stop this pasty glue from forming?

Well, my friend in over a decade of searching I’ve only found ONE way that works. Take the Acne Cure E-Tutorial to find out how to beat acne bacteria once and for all.

The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin

“You can try all the acne cures, treatments, or acne remedies, but you won’t enjoy LASTING freedom from your acne until you do this…”

Yes there is a physical difference inside you between you as an acne sufferer and some who has flawless, acne-free skin.

Understanding this difference is the key that unlocks the door to LASTING acne-free skin.

The secret to LASTING freedom from acne

How come some suffer from acne and some don’t?

Is diet?

Nope…people eat all kinds of different diets, yet some get acne and some don’t. Even some of those on “junk food” diets still enjoy flawless skin. While others eating “perfectly” still suffer from acne.

Is it a nasty acne bacterium?

Nope…it’s not that either. If bacteria was the cause of acne acne would be highly contagious…which it isn’t (See The Acne Bacteria Myth for more details).

What about genetics? Isn’t it my parents fault?

No doubt about it genetics do play a role. But if “bad” genes were the cause of acne then your acne symptoms would stay relatively constant (your genes aren’t changing)…Not flaring at times then subsiding at other times like most acne sufferers acne symptoms do.

So what is it? What is the difference between acne sufferers and NON-acne sufferers?

Well my friend lean in close because this is the million dollar answer to all you acne questions….

The PHYSICAL difference between non-acne sufferers and acne sufferers

The cause of all acne boils down to hormonal imbalance and a particular type of congesting blood and lymph toxins (see The TRUE Cause of Acne). And the PHYSICAL, INTERNAL problem causing hormones to get out of balance and toxins to build up in the blood boils down to a particular aspect of the function of your liver.

Your liver is what “deactivates” and “clears” excess and previously “used” hormones from your system. And it also purifies your blood of congesting blood toxins.

Liver function in this aspect is the KEY to hormonal balance and pure blood….which will lead to flawless, acne-free skin.

So the difference between you as an acne sufferer and someone with perfect, acne-free skin all boils down to this aspect of liver function.

Your liver simply isn’t strong enough to keep your hormones in balance and your blood pure. It is getting overwhelmed with excess hormones and blood toxins.

It can’t keep up.

These excess hormones and toxins “spill over” into your blood…causing your dreaded acne condition.

On the other hand, someone with perfect, acne-free skin has much “stronger” liver function in this aspect. It is able to quickly “deactivate” and “clear” any excess hormones and blood toxins. As a result their hormones stay in perfect balance. Their blood stays pure. And because of that they enjoy flawless, acne-free skin.

The ONLY path to LASTING acne-free skin

So the key to LASTING freedom from your acne isn’t just to follow a special acne diet. It isn’t to take a drug or acne anti-biotic. And it isn’t endlessly ingesting an herbal or homeopathic acne remedy…

What will cure your acne is to take that “weak”, malfunctioning liver you have right now and “building” it into a stronger, more powerful organ…Kinda like replacing a small 4 cylinder engine with a powerful V8, 350 horsepower engine.

Once you do that your liver will be able to handle any amount of hormones or blood toxins. It will have enough “capacity” and “power” to do so.

Once you “build” a strong liver your hormones will stay in perfect balance. Your blood will be clean and pure. And your acne will disappear almost magically. And your health, energy, and physical well-being will be revolutionized to boot.

How to “build” a stronger, more powerful liver

So how do you do it? How do you “build” a more powerful liver?

Well, until recently no one really knew how to do it. Even the very best techniques didn’t work very well. But after years of dedicated research and experimentation I’ve developed a program that effectively “builds” liver function in this regard.

Using this program I’ve cured my own severe acne, and I’ve helped thousands of others do the same.

While it won’t be easy, and WILL take work once you’ve completed this program your liver will be healthy and strong. And you will enjoy lasting acne-free skin.

So if you are done trying the “quick fix” acne cures and you are ready for a LASTING solution to your acne problem it is something you must checkout.

Want to know more?

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Colloidal Silver for Acne Treatment

Does colloidal silver cure acne? Or is it just another acne treatment scam?

Colloidal silver is heavily touted on the web as to cure acne. I’ve tested colloidal silver acne treatment thoroughly. Here are my findings…

Colloidal silver – what it is

Colloidal silver is silver that is processed usually with electricity in a specific way to make it into a colloidal state. Which simply means its “particle” sizes are so small the silver stays suspended in liquid.

Silver in this colloidal state has unique properties…

Because the particles are so small they move in and out of the walls of cells readily. This not only make is highly adsorbable by cells, but also it prevents it from building up to toxic levels. Any excess colloidal silver will simply “pass through” the cell wall and be flushed out of the system.

That’s why colloidal silver can’t poison you.

But what’s more interesting is silver in the ultra fine particle size of colloids has a very large surface area. And when bacteria, viruses, and fungus come into contact with the colloidal silver particles the silver kills them.

And what’s more interesting is it will kill the harmful organisms without harming any healthy cellular tissue.

So you can see colloidal silver is very useful for so many things. But does it cure acne?

Colloidal silver acne treatment – Does it work?

I’ve tested colloidal silver for acne treatment thoroughly. I’ve tested various brands, doses, and potencies. I tested it both internally and externally. I even bought a colloidal silver generator and made my own colloidal silver using several different methods and tried to cure acne with that.

And I can tell you from thorough direct testing that colloidal silver does NOT cure acne. And it has not proven to even help with acne symptoms.

Sorry…wish I had better news.

But why not? If colloidal silver kills bacteria why can’t it cure acne?

The basic reason is even though colloidal silver may be killing acne bacteria it is not “fixing” the ROOT problem causing acne. Acne bacteria do not cause acne. (See The Acne Bacteria Myth to understand why.)

And no acne bacteria killers whether its synthetic acne anti-biotics or acne topical creams, or even natural bacteria killers like colloidal silver can cure acne.

They just can’t.

So use colloidal silver where it has been proven effective. But don’t waste your money if you’re trying to cure acne with colloidal silver as an acne alternative treatment. It won’t work.

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Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment

tea tree oil for acne

“Does Tea Tree Oil Work For Acne Treatment?”

Tea tree oil has proven to

be a very powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. But should you use it for topical acne treatment? Get the answer in this report…

Tea Tree Oil – What it is

tea tree oil for acneTea tree oil is an oil extracted from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca Alternafolia tree. It has powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral qualities.

Tea tree oil has been traditionally used for thing such as athletes foot, body odor, bad breath, cold sores, and yes it has been traditionally used topically for acne.

In fact it has been proven effective killing acne bacteria when topically applied. And because of that it is often used as a replacement to benzoyl peroxide in many of the “natural” acne treatments.

Tea tree oil for acne treatment – Does it work?

Well, yes and no…

As an anti-bacterial it can help lesson the symptoms of skin inflamed with acne bacteria. But many of you are going to sensitive to it.

But just like ALL topical acne treatments, it can’t cure acne. The only way to do that is internally. (See The Acne Cure E-Tutorial to discovery how.)

Tea tree oil – The bottom line

Yes, no doubt about it tea tree oil does kill acne bacteria and it will reduce the symptoms of acne. But it won’t cure it.

How to use tea tree oil for topical acne treatment

In my experience many acne sufferer’s skin is very sensitive to tea tree oil. So you need to start out with a very mild dose and experiment with just a small part of your skin.

If your skin is aggravated by it then either opt for a lower dose or opt of another acne treatment all together.

Here is how I recommend you use it…

Get straight tea tree oil and dilute it in pure aloe vera gel. Add only a drop or two to start with per ounce of aloe.

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Aloe Vera for Acne Treatment

aloe vera for acneAloe vera accelerates healing of wounds and damaged skin, but is it useful for acne? Get the answers here…

Aloe vera can be used very effectively both internally and externally for so many different things.

But does it work for acne treatment?

Aloe Vera – What it is

Aloe Vera gel is the inner part of the aloe vera plant. It has been used for centuries for burns, to heal damaged skin, and for digestive and intestinal problems.

It has proven to accelerate healing because among other things it has the ideal polysaccharides necessary for the skin to repair. It gives the skin the “building blocks” to repair.

It also accelerates healing of the “inner skin” the delicate bowel lining.

But should you use it for acne treatment?

Does aloe vera help acne sufferers?

In one word…YES!

No doubt about it aloe vera WILL help your skin heal from the damage cause by your acne. It WILL lesson redness and swelling. And it WILL improve the overall health of your skin.

But it WON’T cure acne.

No topical or external acne treatment can cure acne. The only way to do that is internally. (See The Acne Cure E-Course).

How to use aloe vera for acne treatment

Get pure aloe gel and apply liberally topically to your skin after washing. It’s as simple as that.

More acne alternative treatments tips

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Proactiv Solutions Product Review

“Does Proactiv Solutions work? Is it worth the money?

A Proactiv Solutions product review from an ex-acne sufferer who’s tried them all

You’ve seen the Proactiv Solutions infomercials everywhere. And top celebrities are now endorsing it…

But what’s the real scoop? Does it work? And is it worth the money?

Here’s the inside scoop from someone who’s tried Proactiv Solutions along with hundreds of other topical acne treatments.

What Proactiv Solutions is

Just in case you didn’t know, the Proactiv Solutions kit consists of 3 products; Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Lotion. They have other products but these are their core acne products.

How Proactiv Solutions works

The acne fighting ingredients in Proactiv Solutions are benzoyl peroxide (both in the cleanser and the lotion) and glycolic acid (in the toner).

The benzoyl peroxide in the lotion kills the acne bacteria while the glycolic acid in the toner helps shed of excess skin cells.

What’s different about Proactiv Solutions

So what makes Proactiv Solutions different from the thousands of benzoyl peroxide products out there…?

Well, honestly….there’s not a whole lot of difference. The single greatest difference is Proactiv Solutions uses a much milder dose of benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) then most benzoyl peroxide products. And it adds to that the glycolic acid to help exfoliate the drying and peeling benzoyl peroxide causes.

Overall, it tends to be far less irritating then most benzoyl peroxide products.

Does it work…? What you can expect from Proactiv Solutions

Honestly, don’t expect any miracles. For many of you it will help…no doubt about it. But for just as many others it will cause the same dryness, redness, irritation, and peeling that most benzoyl peroxide products cause.

Should you buy it?

First understand…Proactiv Solutions does not cure acne. It only helps to reduce some of the symptoms of acne.

It’s only a temporary “band aid” . For lasting, long-term freedom from your acne you’ve got to “fix” the root internal problem causing it. How you ask…?

Checkout my special report, The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin to find out how.

Having said that…

For some of you, it’s going to be worth a shot. Even though it is a little pricey you don’t have too much to lose by giving it a try (it does carry a 30 day money back guarantee).

My experience with it…

Before I cured my severe acne I tried thousands of topical acne products, including Proactiv Solutions.

Most irritated the [email protected]#! out of my skin. And frankly while Proactiv Solutions helped it also irritated my skin. But to a much lesser degree of most topical acne products.

So give it a try…It’s going to help some of you deal with acne symptoms. But don’t expect any miracles.

My best advice if you’re thinking about giving Proactiv Solutions a try

First understand that you’re never going to cure your acne from any topical acne products (Proactiv solutions included).

Sorry, but you just can’t do it.

You’ve got to directly attack and “fix” the internal problem causing your acne. And topical products simply can’t do that.

So my best advice is go ahead and try some topical acne treatments like Proactiv Solutions. Find what topical acne products best help you deal with the symptoms of acne while you’re fixing the internal problem long-term.

Then do what you have to fix once and for all the problem inside your body causing your acne. How? Take the Acne Cure E-Course to discover how.

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acne alternative treatments and cures

Proactive Solutions Review

Proactive Solutions for Acne Treatment…Does it work?

You’ve seen the Proactive Solutions infomercials. And your wondering does it really work for acne?

Well, first you need to understand just what it is and how it works.

The Proactive Solutions kit has 3 products; Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Lotion. They have other products but these  are their core acne products.

How does Proactive Solutions work?

The acne fighting  ingredients in Proactive Solutions are benzoyl peroxide (both  in the cleanser and the lotion) and glycolic acid (in the toner).

The benzoyl peroxide in the lotion kills the acne bacteria while the glycolic acid in the toner helps shed of excess skin cells.

Does Proactive Solutions work?

Well, it works for some acne sufferers, but don’t expect any miracles. If you’re sensitive to benzoyl peroxide you can expect redness and peeling (although it contains only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide). If you can tolerate benzoyl peroxide then you should be okay.

Of the acne sufferers I talked to, most say it helped, but a lot of them said it caused redness and peeling.

I tried the cleanser, toner, and lotion for 2 months. While it helped it didn’t eliminate my acne. I didn’t reorder. I discovered a much more powerful way to treat acne.

Here is the breakthrough that cured my severe acne…

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See also…

The Acne Bacteria Myth: Why acne bacteria does not cause acne and why you can’t cure it by killing acne bacteria.

The TRUE cause of your acne: And it’s not what anyone else (including your dermatologist) has ever told you.

Retin-A for Acne Treatment?

Retin-A is alone is not enough for effective acne treatment…. Discover the missing ingredient to effective use of Retin-A

The Acne Cure Tutorial Gives Details …

“Acne starts on the inside and topical treatments like Retin A are not effective alone…”

Acne can be eliminated completely. But the answer is not in topical gels and creams like Retin-A.

Although Retin A can help, Retin-A will never cure acne. Acne starts on the inside and although Retin-A my help treat symptoms Retin-A does nothing for the cause of acne.

Hello, my name is Leo Kiesen, and I was a severe acne sufferer. It tried Retin-A and virtually every other treatment without success. But Retin-A alone was not enough.

After 8 years of searching and trial and error with treatments like Retin-A I discovered the secret to acne-free skin without acne treatments like Retin-A.

The bottom line…

Using this breakthrough discovery I cured my severe acne without Retin-A, and I’m about to show you have to do the same.

I’ve assembled a complete program that explains step by step how to eliminate the root cause of your acne, and do it without topical acne treatments like Retin-A.

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alternative acne treatments info

“I don’t want permanent acne scars!”

How to stop dead in their tracks any new acne scars, and what to do about acne scaring you already have

Dear Acne Sufferer,

Does the thought of permanent acne scars make you quake at the knees?

Well no doubt about it…you should be concerned. Because the painful truth is acne usually packs a double whammy

What do I mean by that?

Well, not only does it ruin your life now, but if you don’t do something about it FAST then you’ll have to live with those nasty acne scars…

your whole life!

You know what I’m talking about…those pitted, potted holes in the cheeks, neck, and even back…

Not very pleasant when you think about it.

So your Numero Uno mission is to fix this acne challenge NOW before you get any more acne scars!

And no, I’m not talking about popping another pill, or pasting some other cream on your face…

No sir, not here. You and I both know that DOESN’T work.

But what does work?

Well, good question…

How to prevent acne scars

There’s only one way to prevent any new acne scars from forming. And that is you’ve got to fix the deep INTERNAL problem that’s causing your acne.

You see, acne scars don’t come from the air around you…the smog doesn’t cause them…and no neither does some nasty bacteria! (See the acne bacteria myth.)

Acne scars are the end result of acne which is caused by a deep INTERNAL problem…

They come from inside you!

As crazy as it sounds, the root cause of acne scars have nothing to do with your skin…

Nope…nothing at all. (That is except AFTER they have formed.)

And no, I haven’t lost my marbles…and I’m not on Prozac either.

Please listen to me when I say…

Stop looking at your skin as the problem. And decide that you’re going to do what it takes to correct the deep INTERNAL problem that is the ROOT cause of ALL your skin problems.

And the good news is you don’t have to let acne scars ruin your life. You can STOP dead in their tracks any new acne scars.


Boy, isn’t that the million dollar question.

Luckily, you’ve struck gold!

After nearly a decade of focused effort, I’ve discovered the secret to lasting acne free-skin. And I’m spilling all the beans in this web site.

Do what I say and you will not have to suffer from any more acne scars…plain and simple!

So what’s your very next step in conquering these acne scars before they become a problem?

Well, I’ve prepared a Acne Cure E-Tutorial that reveals how I cured my severe acne. Check it out…

But what if I already have acne scars?

What to do if you’ve already got acne scars

Well, I can’t really help you get rid of acne scars once you’ve got them. Sorry!

But I can show you how to stop any new ones.

So here’s my best advice…

Before you go about getting rid of acne scars fix the deep internal problem that’s causing your acne. Get that part handled permanently.


Checkout my special report The ONLY Path to LASTING Freedom From Acne for the answer to that, a premier on the basis for any effective alternative acne treatment.

Then once you’ve stopped any new acne scars, checkout a few of the plastic surgery options for acne scars removal. They are going to be a little pricey…but hey, this one time investment is going to pay dividends your whole life.

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