Herbal Remedy For Acne – The Missing Ingredient

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Why every popular herbal remedy for acne is missing a KEY ingredient

No herbal remedy for acne will give you long-term results without this…

O.k. here’s the inside scoop with any herbal remedy for acne…or any herbal acne treatments…

There’s good news and bad news…

First the good news…yes there are some herbal remedies for acne that will be tremendously powerful helping you in your quest to cure your acne.

The bad news…You don’t have acne because of an herbal deficiency. Herbal remedies alone aren’t going to cure your acne. But the right remedies used in the PROPER combination WILL be a powerful tool for you if used wisely with a more complete program.

To get truly amazing, and long-term results you need to use your herbal remedy for acne with a more complete program. In this report I’m going to reveal to you all the secrets of just how to do this…so stay with me.

As explained in the special report The TRUE Cause of Acne, the very root cause of your acne is hormonal imbalances combined with blood/lymph toxins. And those are caused by blocks in your “hormonal highway”.

So how can we use herbal remedies for acne to best help fix this? Great question…

The SECRET to effective long-term results with any herbal remedy for acne

Listen carefully, because I’m about to reveal to you secrets that most herbalists, most alternative doctors, and of course no dermatologist completely understands!

The organ most responsible for “deactivating” used and excess hormones and clearing them from your blood is your liver. Your liver function in this aspect is VERY, VERY important for hormonal balance…Did I mention just how important it is…EXTREMELY important.

If it’s not doing its job then hormones build up in your blood causing everything to get out of balance.

Secondly, your liver is also what purifies your blood of the congesting toxins that when mixed with imbalanced hormones cause acne sufferers sooooo much trouble.

Bottom line…If your livers not doing its job as well as it should in this aspect you get acne despite any treatments you may be using!

Which leads us back to our quest for an herbal remedy for acne that works…

The herbs that consistently work for acne are those herbs that improve the function of your liver in regards to “deactivating” and clearing excess hormones from your blood, and helping cleanse it of any toxins that may build up…


Herbal remedies that have secondary functions that help to remove some of the burden off your liver. (I’ll have much more to say about this “little understood” principle).

And believe it or not, some are pretty darn effective at doing that for the SHORT-TERM.

But you can’t simply take herbal treatments that “cleanse” your liver (which all the popular formulas do).

The KEY missing ingredient

You’ve also got to “build” your liver functions. That’s the missing ingredient in so many treatments, and that’s why some herbal remedies for acne worked so well for the short-term, yet stopped working in the long-run.

The secret to LASTING acne-free skin is to “build” and strengthen your liver function strong enough so that you never, ever get hormonal imbalances that lead to your acne. (See my special report, The ONLY path to LASTING acne-free skin for more details.)

Until you do that you will constantly struggle with acne…no matter what herbal remedy for acne you take. That’s the missing ingredient that no herbalist, dermatologist, alternative doctor…no one has figured out how to do effectively…until now.

Take The Acne Cure E-tutorial to find out more.

But I digress…

Here are the herbal remedies for acne that have consistently worked (for the short-term), and I’ll explain exactly why and how to best use each on of them.

AKN Skin Care herbal remedy for acne

Olive Leaf Extract (Not traditionally used for acne, but I’ll so you how to use it with others treatments to compound the effects of any herbal remedy for acne.)

best acne alternative treatments options

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