Iodine and Acne

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“Does Iodine Cause Acne?”

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For years and years dermatologists have claimed that there was a link between iodine in the diet and acne. They say iodine will induce acne in an acne prone person.

Well, I’ve tested this theory again and again.

I’ve tested various doses and sources of iodine. And I’ve tested cutting out ALL iodine. And I have yet to make any kind of connection between iodine and acne. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, all I’m saying is I’ve certainly never been able to find a connection.

If there is a connection then it’s a very, very tiny factor. I wouldn’t even worry about it.

If you want to give the theory a test you could try drastically lowering your iodine dose.

You will find iodine highest in sea vegetables like kelp, seaweed, or algae. Many types of seafood are also high in iodine. Anything with carragennan and dulse in it will have higher levels of iodide because it is derived from seaweed. Salt will often be iodized but you can get non-iodized salt. Also check any supplements you may be taking for high levels of iodine.

So give it a try…see if you can make a connection.

But I doubt you will.

You should be aware that iodine is a necessary nutrient. However, it would take months and months of an iodine deficient diet before you would start to see any serious symptoms.

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  1. Jordan says:

    No way does Iodine cause acne. You need it or your Thyroid will enlarge and cause you to have Goiter. (Huge neck)

  2. Dina says:

    I think there might be a link for acne prone people. I’m prone to acne, but I keep it more or less under control with topical acne meds. I recently started eating considerable amounts of seaweed every day (one or two sheets of nori) for about two weeks… I broke out and kept breaking out worse and worse every day despite no other change in my diet or hygiene habits. Small breakouts are normal for me, but nothing like this. I stopped eating the nori and within two weeks my skin was clear again.

    Might just be a coincidence, or maybe some people (like me) are more sensitive to iodine than others.

  3. admin says:

    I’ve come to realize there is more to this mystery then simply the iodine dose (which was the basis of my original tests). The form of iodine seems to play a factor. And a displacement effect iodine causes with heavy metals I believe plays another key role.

    Why it seems to effect some and not others? Well, that’s what I’m trying to pin down now.

    Since I wrote this original post I would have to revise my assessment. While I do not believe iodine is the cause of acne, in some acne sufferers it in the right form and with other mitigating factors (such as heavy metal displacement), seems to aggravate an existing acne condition.

    in others it does nothing at all either way.

    I still have lots of tests to run, and more research to do to get down to the bottom of it.

    Again, if I was to write this post today I would revise my position. In some it will effect and existing acne condition. In others it does nothing. The form of iodine combined with other mitigating factors seem to play a role as to why.

  4. Revlon Blackhead Remover - Hugo says:

    I thought iodine was just something we used in high school science class? haha

  5. Sara says:

    I have had cystic acne in the past, and was determined to find a way through natural means. I do believe that the Potassium Iodine i was taking was one the keys that helped me find the end of my journey. I was actually using it to get over breast cysts that i developed, and was cured in one month from taking the Optimox Iodoral, i only needed to take one pill in the am and one in the evening. And after one month my acne was much better and the breast cysts were gone. So for me it really helped. I cut back on it to only .5 a pill every few days as i was running out of my second bottle and my acne is returning so i haven’t found my maintenance dose yet. I cut back because i was getting a racing heart, but to be far i take a wide variety of supplements and it could be anything in the variety that caused the racing heart.

  6. Acne prone says:

    I am acne prone. Now that I am a little older, I don’t really have it any more, just a few occasional breakouts. However, I started to take iodine, and I’ve tried several different forms. After a few days or maybe a week, I get very bad cystic acne and have to discontinue using it. The problem is I have low thyroid too, so it would be great if I could take it. In fact, I stop taking vitamins with iodine and avoided iodine rich food because of the breakouts. I think that’s how I developed low thyroid in the first place! If someone could tell me of an iodine supplement that didn’t cause acne in me, I would gladly take it.

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