Proactiv Solutions Product Review

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“Does Proactiv Solutions work? Is it worth the money?

A Proactiv Solutions product review from an ex-acne sufferer who’s tried them all

You’ve seen the Proactiv Solutions infomercials everywhere. And top celebrities are now endorsing it…

But what’s the real scoop? Does it work? And is it worth the money?

Here’s the inside scoop from someone who’s tried Proactiv Solutions along with hundreds of other topical acne treatments.

What Proactiv Solutions is

Just in case you didn’t know, the Proactiv Solutions kit consists of 3 products; Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Lotion. They have other products but these are their core acne products.

How Proactiv Solutions works

The acne fighting ingredients in Proactiv Solutions are benzoyl peroxide (both in the cleanser and the lotion) and glycolic acid (in the toner).

The benzoyl peroxide in the lotion kills the acne bacteria while the glycolic acid in the toner helps shed of excess skin cells.

What’s different about Proactiv Solutions

So what makes Proactiv Solutions different from the thousands of benzoyl peroxide products out there…?

Well, honestly….there’s not a whole lot of difference. The single greatest difference is Proactiv Solutions uses a much milder dose of benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) then most benzoyl peroxide products. And it adds to that the glycolic acid to help exfoliate the drying and peeling benzoyl peroxide causes.

Overall, it tends to be far less irritating then most benzoyl peroxide products.

Does it work…? What you can expect from Proactiv Solutions

Honestly, don’t expect any miracles. For many of you it will help…no doubt about it. But for just as many others it will cause the same dryness, redness, irritation, and peeling that most benzoyl peroxide products cause.

Should you buy it?

First understand…Proactiv Solutions does not cure acne. It only helps to reduce some of the symptoms of acne.

It’s only a temporary “band aid” . For lasting, long-term freedom from your acne you’ve got to “fix” the root internal problem causing it. How you ask…?

Checkout my special report, The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin to find out how.

Having said that…

For some of you, it’s going to be worth a shot. Even though it is a little pricey you don’t have too much to lose by giving it a try (it does carry a 30 day money back guarantee).

My experience with it…

Before I cured my severe acne I tried thousands of topical acne products, including Proactiv Solutions.

Most irritated the [email protected]#! out of my skin. And frankly while Proactiv Solutions helped it also irritated my skin. But to a much lesser degree of most topical acne products.

So give it a try…It’s going to help some of you deal with acne symptoms. But don’t expect any miracles.

My best advice if you’re thinking about giving Proactiv Solutions a try

First understand that you’re never going to cure your acne from any topical acne products (Proactiv solutions included).

Sorry, but you just can’t do it.

You’ve got to directly attack and “fix” the internal problem causing your acne. And topical products simply can’t do that.

So my best advice is go ahead and try some topical acne treatments like Proactiv Solutions. Find what topical acne products best help you deal with the symptoms of acne while you’re fixing the internal problem long-term.

Then do what you have to fix once and for all the problem inside your body causing your acne. How? Take the Acne Cure E-Course to discover how.

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  1. priya patil says:

    Proactive is the WORST acne product for indian skin. I never really had bad acne, I just got little bumps around my cheeks and forehead. After using Proactive, the red bumps not only got worse, but I started getting massive zits that I never used to get before. iam not satisfied with it. my skin has becomes so rough n dry i discontinued the use.i want to return the kit now.

  2. Ashley says:

    I have pretty bad acne and I’ve been using proactive for about two months and haven’t seen that much of a difference….. I just don’t know if j should keep using it because I have goten little to no results????

  3. juicy says:

    i use proactiv and i must say it only works if u keep using this product…once u stop using it ur bumps will get worst and much more painful…so if u cant afford to keep treatin ur skin then this product is not for you!

  4. Marlene says:

    Will i tried it do lets see if it works on me

  5. katie says:

    i have just ordered it and i keep reading about how it irritates the skin but so does everything. i have tried all the topical solutions and been on antibiotics for about 2 years now while still using regular face wash and masks and everything
    the way i see it is why not give it a go!
    i mean, i have already tried everything else and proactiv is obviously quite successful according to all those advertisements that they can afford
    i’m 16 and had moderate acne for about 4 years now and i’m sick of it
    i really hope that proactiv works for me
    in the end there are severe side effects to every treatment for anything :)

  6. winny says:

    thanks a million to protive activ ,today is my 3rd month use this product.prev,my skin s very very oily,after use this product,no more oily skin,my skin became softer,n new acne cant comes out,within 3 days will be heal or dissapear.I cant imagine this 1 set can last up to 3 mths.thanks to pro activ,i will continue use for the rest of my life!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i have been using pro active solution for now 3 weeks,and it has just made my face very dry,with a bit of rash nd my face is peeling nd now im having small pimples….i never had so much pimples before i just had a little of them coming once a while….so im thinking of sending the pro active solution back

  8. Anonymous says:

    i have never heard as many negative results. After visiting with the dermatologist and all I haven’t quite discovered good results. I have ordered me some proactive and I claim that in jesus name it will give me clearer skin.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My sister used Proactiv years ago and it work for her. I tried to use just the lotion and within 2 weeks,I can see the results. My face is much clearer! I have been struggling with acne problem since I was a teenager. I’ve tried so many remedy. Cheap & expensive ones. Nothing gives me results like Proactiv does. Now, I am going to buy the whole set and will continue using it! I don’t care how much it worth. The set lasted about 3 months. It is so worth it!

  10. saff says:

    i hate proactiv

  11. i like proactiv says:

    i used proactive about 1 week and my skin got much clearer and i used it before months ago and it helped alot and now im using it again and i really like it it helps alot in just a few fays

  12. chelsea says:

    i never tried proactive in my whole life
    ive got pimples my self and i’ve got sensitve skin
    will it work on me?
    i need help

  13. akansha says:

    i used proactive since two month, but when i stop for a day i had pimple on my face…
    i m helpless because i m 26 year old and according to hormonal disorder acne shuld be stop at the age of 25th
    but year by year i have no change still i had pimple
    i used to drink 3 or 4 liter water in a day, doing work out exercise and all but still my face like that…

  14. Anonymous says:

    It really works (only for a few people.)

  15. Tnz says:

    I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it really made my face soft and there is acne in my face but if you touch it, it’s like there is no acne at all (hope you get what I mean) it first make your face soft and then the acnes are getting smaller.

    Sorry for my English hope it helped 😀

  16. SENZ says:


  17. Liz says:

    No it is not a great product. It contains SLS & SLES
    these products you do not want. Google & find out.

  18. Haley says:

    I’ve used the Burts Bees acne treatment solution for a while now,it works sometimes but then it takes forever to clear my acne,I don’t want to be the girl at school with acne anymore,i want to find a product that works,I’ve always wanted to try proactiv,I guess I’ll give it a try

  19. Devin says:

    I used proactiv…it dried out my skin like crazy! My skin was extremely dry and red. I will never use that stuff again.

  20. Camellia says:

    So I decided to give Proactiv a go, I like everyone else have tried just about everything there is, I have even done a round on Accutane!, but unfortunately after about 8 months with what I consider to be the best skin I ever had I started to breakout once again. Although it was not as bad it was still there. I am 26 years old and as a female it is very hard trying to get on with your daily life when your face has pimples.

    So back to my proactiv experience, I used the system for a total of 8 weeks and can tell you this, my skin is so much WORSE now then it was when I started. I thought at some stages it was getting better but was always disappointed. The reason I had to stop was because I noticed that on my left cheek a place I sometimes would get get a few pimple I got a bunch of them Im talking 6-8 huge ones that would not go down!! It got so bad my skin has actually bruised, I went to the doctors and was told that is was severely inflamed and that I need antibiotics. I was just heart broken, im exhausted and just don’t know what to do next…….

  21. Alysia says:

    I used proactive for about two months. My skin worsened dramitically. My small oil bumps turned to large painful pimples and I had a red rash that covered my face. It was very painful and continued to be extremely oily. I discontiued use and started on oral antibiotics and my skin has never looked better.

  22. ann says:

    hi everyone i’ve had acne for years im 26 goin on 27 and all i can say is clearasil daily exfoliating wash and clean and clear deep action is great. to tell u all the truth i can never get rid of it but till i start using this it slowed down. i have bad acne since i was in grade 9 and around 20 i started getting severe acne it started to scar my face and now im going to dermatologists to fix my skin getting treatments such as facial peels. at this point im giving up on trying to find solutions on how to fix my skin no one wants to live with this i sure dont and all of u dont either. my last chance is the peels to get my clear skin back since i never found nothing really that helps me i never tried proactiv and i wouldnt mind to try it what can i loose but i hear that clearasil works just as gud ??? all i can give for advice is dont stop taking care of ur skin try everything u can see a doctor dermos anything i never got acne and i blaime it on stress things that i went thru in my life who knows what causes it they say genetics but no one under stands it till they are facing it no one know how we all feel having acne is the worste and u wont truly under stand till u are dealing with it

  23. Anonymous says:

    PROACTIVE is not only worst but I ll say it is fake and third class product , I ever seen . Pls every it is request to you dont go for PRoactive ……..!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    i really dont knw …..does proactive works? i’ve been using it for 3days ……..i really dont see any difference at all :(

  25. anonymous says:

    hi, im only 13 and i have had bad acne for about a year and a half i get bullied at school over if and i really want to stop my bad acne and get clear skin again. its that bad that i can’t look in the mirror or go out that often. i have looked at proactive and i really want it but i dont no if it would make my skin worse (even though it cant get any worse) or if it would help me.
    i dont no what to do

  26. Anonymous says:

    I ordered Proactiv and I’ve been seeing all of these negative comments tell that are telling that it’s bad. My order hasn’t come yet but I’m wondering if I should cancel my order. Pls help. I don’t want my skin to get worse that it already is!!! :(

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