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The Hypoglycemic Index and Acne, the WHOLE Story

The Hypoglycemic Index and Acne, the WHOLE Story

“Discover the CRUCIAL Missing Piece to the Hypoglycemic Index and Acne Relationship”

The hypoglycemic index is an index that measures how quickly any given food will raise blood sugar levels. Many people have noticed a correlation between foods high on the index and acne…

But this perspective is incomplete.

In this report I will explain exactly why the hypoglycemic index should be largely ignored when it comes to acne. And what you should pay attention to instead.

Hypoglycemic index and acne, the fatal flaw

The hypoglycemic index in theory seems like a useful indicator of your bodies blood sugar response to foods. However, in practice its pretty much useless.

Let me explain…

More important then how quickly a food is metabolized into simple sugars is whether or not at any one given time you eat so much of these type of foods that you overload your system with sugar.

Your “sugar reservoir”…the CRUCIAL missing piece to the hypoglycemic index and acne puzzle

Think of your system as a bathtub…

You have water running into the tub, and you have water running down the drain.

Well, the water running into the tub would be the sugar entering your system as a result of food metabolization. The pressure at which the water ran into the tub would be the value of that particular food on the hypoglycemic scale. The volume at which the water flowed into the tub would be the amount of that food or food combination you consumed. So you could have high pressure but not much volume.

The water running out would be the sugar being burnt as energy by your metabolic rate. Your muscular tissue burns most of the sugar, and the more active you are (exercise) the more sugar you burn.

If you fill the tub faster then the water runs out eventually the tub is going to overflow. And this overflow would be akin to overwhelming your system with too much sugar from food metabolization.

Well, the tub in this analogy would be your body’s “sugar reservoir” which is primarily your muscles and your liver. The more muscle you have the larger your sugar reservoir. Your body will store most of the sugar to be used as energy in the muscle tissue and the liver.

But what happens once the muscles and liver are totally loaded to capacity with sugar?

Well your body deals with excess sugar in 2 ways…

1. It excretes it through the kidneys in the urine.

2. The liver converts it into long-chain triglycerides (lard) to be stored as fat.

“Overflowing” your “sugar reservoir”…the disastrous results

So if you “overflow the bath tub” what you’re doing is overloading your blood stream with lard. The same blood and lymph that supplies your skin is also transporting lard to the fat cells where it is stored until you burn it off through physical exercise.

Loading your blood and lymph with this excess lard is what causes that greasy forehead look. So you do not want to run high blood “fat” levels by ingesting too many carbohydrates and simple sugars at any one time.

In addition to that, to deal with all the blood sugars that overwhelmed your system your body has to excrete a surge of insulin and other androgens at one time. All these hormones in your blood at one time overwhelm your liver’s ability to deactivate and expel them. So overflowing the “tub” upsets hormonal balance.

The key here is not “overflowing” the tub. If the water is running out of the tub quickly due to a high metabolic rate then you can ingest more sugars and starches. And in fact at times of high physical activity you need more sugars and starches.

It is not so much the rate at which foods turn to sugar (what the hypoglycemic index of a food reveals) that is important, but whether you overwhelm your system with too much sugar at any one time (the volume). So you can see why the hypoglycemic index is too simplistic a perspective when it comes to acne.

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And mostly importantly what acne diet factors get results, and what “acne diets” are a complete waste of time and sometimes dangerous.

Does diet affect acne?

After I gave up on traditional acne treatments to cure my acne one of the first natural acne treatments I turned to was dietary factors.

Believe me I tried them ALL over the course of years…vegetarianism, veganism, the Wai diet, the mucus-free diet, the low-carb diet, Atkins, frutarianism, the raw food diet, macrobiotics, Fit For Life, the Natural Hygiene diet, the alkaline diet…just to name a few.

I tried them ALL with 110% passion and conviction…I never cheated…I followed them to the letter, and carefully monitored the results of each dietary approach and it’s affect on acne.

And I’m telling you from direct and personal experience, and all my experience helping other acne sufferers…

No acne diet ALONE will cure acne!

You simply cannot cure acne with diet alone. There are underlying INTERNAL problems causing your acne that you’ve got to DIRECTLY address and correct which no acne diet can do.

Think about it…If the wrong diet caused acne then virtually everyone eating the “wrong diet” would suffer from acne to some degree or another…which isn’t the case.


There ARE some VERY key dietary principles that relate to acne (BUT DO NOT CAUSE ACNE) that you must understand.

The program covers ALL the basic dietary principles that DIRECTLY effect acne, how they effect acne, and everything you should know about diet and acne, and it uncovers all the myth and lore surrounding the acne diet issue.

But please understand it is NOT a “special” acne diet. No acne diet can cure acne without first correcting the root cause of acne.

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