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Herbal Acne Treatments – The “Rebound” Problem

“Why did that herbal acne treatment stop working? And how can I make it work long-term”

Get the answers to these questions in this report

I’ve tested zillions of herbal acne treatments over the years…ZILLIONS (well not exactly zillions, but close ๐Ÿ˜‰!

While most proved to be very disappointing…Belief it or not SOME herbal acne treatments actually worked SURPRISINGLY well…For the SHORT-TERM.

But not one ever worked for the long-term…

Not one!

In this ground breaking report you will discover the answer to a mystery that took YEARS to solve.

You’ll know why SOME herbal acne treatments worked so well in the beginning, but then STOP working.

And I’ll reveal to you what NO herbalist understands…How to get LASTING, long-term results with herbal acne treatments.

You won’t find this insider information anywhere else.

Why some herbal acne treatments actually work for acne

I’m the very first to tell you that YES belief it or not some herbal acne treatments proved to be very powerful for acne sufferers…for the short-term.

And the ones that worked (most did not), had ONE thing in common…

The herbal blend strengthened and improved liver function…there by purifying the blood and helping to balance hormones…


The herbal blend killed fungal forms that stress the liver oh so much.

To understand why this is so important please checkout my report on The TRUE Cause of Acne.

It’s your liver that “deactivates” and clears excess and used hormones from your system. And it’s also your liver’s that purifies your blood of the congesting toxins that aggravate acne so very much.

So, if it’s not working at capacity in this regard, then you’re going to get acne…No matter what you do.

Well, there are some herbs that can temporarily stimulate your liver to WORK better. And it’s these herbal blends that work for acne sufferers.

There are also herbs that help to kill fungal forms that weaken your liver so much. (This important distinction will prove to be VERY valuable for long-term results so stay with me.)

So the net effect is your liver works better at clearing excess and used hormones out of your system…and cleaning your blood. There by improving acne.

Sounds pretty good so far right?

Well, there’s a BIG problem that will ALWAYS prevent herbal acne treatments from working long-term.

To understand why you need to understand…

How herbs work in your system

Herbs…ALL herbs work one of 2 ways or a combination of these 2 ways…

  1. The herb carries with it vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and a less understood “life force”. These aspects support the body nutritionally and belief it or not “energetically”. These kinds of herbs are generally safe to be taken long-term. But should ONLY be taken seasonally.
  2. The herb has chemical components that actually throw the body out of balance or homeostasis. Depending on these chemical components different body systems are thrown out of balance. These herbs work short-term, and are damaging to the system if taken long-term.

Please understand…herbal acne treatments that temporarily throw your body out of balance are NOT a bad thing. That’s why they work. But they should NEVER be taken long-term and will actually STOP working very quickly if you do.

And here’s why…

Why NO herbal acne treatment will work long-term

You’re body is always trying to maintain balance (homeostasis).

Example: If you get too hot then you start to sweat to cool yourself down.

And this principle of homeostasis is UNIVERSAL. No matter what…your body will do whatever it can to maintain balance.

Well, once you’ve started taking that herbal acne treatment it threw your body out of balance (which is why it worked).

And for a time it actually worked.

But your body responded by doing whatever it had to do to bring your body back into balance. And once it did then the herbal acne treatment STOPPED working.

Sound’s depressing huh…oh what can be done? If herbs alone can’t cure my acne then what do I do?

Don’t fret…because I’ve discovered the secret you’re looking for…

The secret to long-term success with herbal acne treatments

First you need to understand…

you don’t have acne because of an herbal deficiency…

The reason you’re herbal acne treatment worked initially is because in a way it was giving you’re liver…

A SHOT of “nitrous”

Causing it to go into overdrive…”red-lining” it in a way.

(If you’re not familiar with street racing please forgive my analogy ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you imagine your liver as an auto engine…then the herbs that actually work for acne would be akin to injecting nitrous into your gas…

Causing your liver to temporarily “rev” higher.

This makes it do more work clearing hormones and toxins from your blood. Which has dramatic effects on clearing your acne.

But your liver quickly burns out. You can “red line” an engine for only so long.

The secret then for LONG-TERM results with acne is not to inject “nitrous” into your gas (what herbal acne treatments are doing)…but to “build” a bigger more powerful engine (liver) that can do more work.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you suffer from acne then your liver’s ability to “deactivate” and clear excess hormones from your blood is probably 20% or less of what it could be…

Sorry, but that’s just the case.

To cure your acne once and for all you need to “build” and “strengthen” your liver capacity to over 40%. And if you can get it to 70% or better not only will you look amazing, but you will feel like a million bucks…And you’re sports performance will go through the ROOF!

Believe me, I’m speaking from experience.

Building and strengthening liver capacity is the most powerful thing you can do.

The problem is that until VERY recently NO one new how to do it very well. All the liver strengthening techniques didn’t really work that well.

And there were so many variables that NO one had pieced together…

until now…

Take the Acne Cure E-tutorial to find out how to stop the very ROOT cause of your acne once and for all.

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acne alternative treatments

Herbal Acne Secrets Revealed

Discover How to Cure Acne Naturally Using Herbs and other Alternative Treatments for Acne

Acne Cure E-Tutorial shows you how

Herbal remedies can be very effective if you use them right. I had severe acne and cured it completely using herbs and vitamins in combination with a few other alternative acne treatments.

After experimenting with a lot of herbs here is what I found…

Thee most important organ to for acne treatment is the liver. The liver purifies the blood removing toxins and hormones that aggravate acne. If your liver is not functioning properly you get acne. Therefore thee most effective herbs for acne treatment are herbs that strengthen liver function.

The herbs that do that best are…

Burdock: It is a potent blood purifier. It works by stimulating liver function.

Yellow Dock: It works by stimulating bile and gallbladder function and is also a blood purifier. (Oh so important for acne treatment).

Dandelion Root: This herb is a digestive aid and yet another powerful liver tonic.

Oregon Grape: It is an effective liver protector.

Other herbs that aids liver function are Red Clover and Milk Thistle. For me these herbs didn’t give dramatic effects, yet they are still beneficial for acne.

And Echinacea can be effective for killing acne bacteria.

In addition to these herbs a few more I have found useful are…

Saw Palmetto and Beta Sito Sterol (actually this is not an herb it is a plant sterol extract, but still very effective on acne). These have the effect of balancing out the hormone testosterone and can be very effective in males.

The herb Vitex may be beneficial for some females. In some cases it helps to balance out female hormones.

And the sarsaparilla is said to help balance hormones. The results of this herb were subtle for me, however everybody is different; you might want to experiment with it.

Acne herbs alone are not enough…

Although herbs if used right will be beneficial for acne you will not be able to cure it completely until you address the underlying cause.

After years of research, trial and error, and a little luck, I finally cured my severe acne. Once I put all the pieces of the puzzle together I was able to cure my acne within weeks. And it never returned.

I’ve assembled everything I learned about acne into a complete program. Check it out here..

How I cured my severe acne using alternative treatments like herbs for acne

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