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The ONLY Path to LASTING Acne-Free Skin

“You can try all the acne cures, treatments, or acne remedies, but you won’t enjoy LASTING freedom from your acne until you do this…”

Yes there is a physical difference inside you between you as an acne sufferer and some who has flawless, acne-free skin.

Understanding this difference is the key that unlocks the door to LASTING acne-free skin.

The secret to LASTING freedom from acne

How come some suffer from acne and some don’t?

Is diet?

Nope…people eat all kinds of different diets, yet some get acne and some don’t. Even some of those on “junk food” diets still enjoy flawless skin. While others eating “perfectly” still suffer from acne.

Is it a nasty acne bacterium?

Nope…it’s not that either. If bacteria was the cause of acne acne would be highly contagious…which it isn’t (See The Acne Bacteria Myth for more details).

What about genetics? Isn’t it my parents fault?

No doubt about it genetics do play a role. But if “bad” genes were the cause of acne then your acne symptoms would stay relatively constant (your genes aren’t changing)…Not flaring at times then subsiding at other times like most acne sufferers acne symptoms do.

So what is it? What is the difference between acne sufferers and NON-acne sufferers?

Well my friend lean in close because this is the million dollar answer to all you acne questions….

The PHYSICAL difference between non-acne sufferers and acne sufferers

The cause of all acne boils down to hormonal imbalance and a particular type of congesting blood and lymph toxins (see The TRUE Cause of Acne). And the PHYSICAL, INTERNAL problem causing hormones to get out of balance and toxins to build up in the blood boils down to a particular aspect of the function of your liver.

Your liver is what “deactivates” and “clears” excess and previously “used” hormones from your system. And it also purifies your blood of congesting blood toxins.

Liver function in this aspect is the KEY to hormonal balance and pure blood….which will lead to flawless, acne-free skin.

So the difference between you as an acne sufferer and someone with perfect, acne-free skin all boils down to this aspect of liver function.

Your liver simply isn’t strong enough to keep your hormones in balance and your blood pure. It is getting overwhelmed with excess hormones and blood toxins.

It can’t keep up.

These excess hormones and toxins “spill over” into your blood…causing your dreaded acne condition.

On the other hand, someone with perfect, acne-free skin has much “stronger” liver function in this aspect. It is able to quickly “deactivate” and “clear” any excess hormones and blood toxins. As a result their hormones stay in perfect balance. Their blood stays pure. And because of that they enjoy flawless, acne-free skin.

The ONLY path to LASTING acne-free skin

So the key to LASTING freedom from your acne isn’t just to follow a special acne diet. It isn’t to take a drug or acne anti-biotic. And it isn’t endlessly ingesting an herbal or homeopathic acne remedy…

What will cure your acne is to take that “weak”, malfunctioning liver you have right now and “building” it into a stronger, more powerful organ…Kinda like replacing a small 4 cylinder engine with a powerful V8, 350 horsepower engine.

Once you do that your liver will be able to handle any amount of hormones or blood toxins. It will have enough “capacity” and “power” to do so.

Once you “build” a strong liver your hormones will stay in perfect balance. Your blood will be clean and pure. And your acne will disappear almost magically. And your health, energy, and physical well-being will be revolutionized to boot.

How to “build” a stronger, more powerful liver

So how do you do it? How do you “build” a more powerful liver?

Well, until recently no one really knew how to do it. Even the very best techniques didn’t work very well. But after years of dedicated research and experimentation I’ve developed a program that effectively “builds” liver function in this regard.

Using this program I’ve cured my own severe acne, and I’ve helped thousands of others do the same.

While it won’t be easy, and WILL take work once you’ve completed this program your liver will be healthy and strong. And you will enjoy lasting acne-free skin.

So if you are done trying the “quick fix” acne cures and you are ready for a LASTING solution to your acne problem it is something you must checkout.

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The Acne Cure E-Tutorial

Finally, the Acne Mystery Solved…

Why do you suffer from acne while others enjoy perfect skin… without even trying?

What’s different about you and that person who enjoys effortless, beautiful skin?

Is it possible to cure your acne?

Finally, the answers to these questions and more have been solved and answered in 4 revealing lessons…


THE Acne Cure E-Tutorial

Lesson 1 – Why you get acne and your friend does not

Yes, there is a message your body is trying to send you. And knowing this surprising message is the first vital secret to cure your acne.

Lesson 2 – The TRUE cause of your acne

To cure any disease you must correctly understand the cause. Discover what’s really causing your acne. And it’s nothing your dermatologist has ever told you…

Lesson 3 – The first step to hormonal balance

No doubt about it, to cure your acne you’ve got to balance your hormones. When hormones are out of balance skin oil production goes into overdrive aggravating acne. But luckily it is a simple matter to balance hormones once you know this secret…

Lesson 4 – Hormonal balance the CRUCIAL second step

To have LASTING hormonal balance and perfect acne-free skin you must do this…The crucial second step to precise hormonal balance and LASTING acne-free skin revealed in this report…

The Proof is in the Results!

The Proof is in the Results!

Here are a few examples of the results people send me everyday…

They are re-printed exactly as they are sent to me, complete with misspellings. Nothing is changed.

As you review them realize these are the kind of results YOU can enjoy with the proper guidance…

Click & hold on each box below.

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To those who have written me, thanks for all your great input. It really keeps me going.

To those of you thinking about this this is the real deal! But don’t take my word for it.

I created this program so you can learn in a few days what took me over a decade to figure out. I’m so glad to see so many of you are getting results. Please keep sending me your results. Reading them is the best part of my day.


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