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The missing piece to the Sugar and Acne puzzle

Sugar and Acne, Is there a connection?

“Everything you’ve ever heard about sugar and acne is only a tiny piece to a larger puzzle. The ‘rest of the sugar acne story’ revealed in this report.”

Many acne sufferers notice their acne flares when they eat sugar. And some even claim sugar is the cause of acne.

Yet nearly every dermatologist or doctor will tell you sugar has nothing to do with acne.

Well my friend they are BOTH wrong!

In this report you’ll discover exactly how sugar does and does not effects acne symptoms. And why sugar is NOT the cause of acne.

And most importantly, you learn what you should do to prevent sugar from aggravating your acne.

Understanding the sugar acne relationship

Yep, there most definitely is a relationship to sugar intake and acne. But that’s far from the whole story…

As revealed in my special report The TRUE Cause of Acne, all acne is caused by only 2 things…

Hormonal imbalance combined with a particular kind of highly congesting blood and lymph toxins.

But what does this have to do with sugar and acne?

Well, I’m about to unravel this mystery before your very eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stay with me…Because this information is going to be very beneficial for you as an acne sufferer. Here is where it gets interesting…

Your HORMONAL response to sugar

Just what happens after you eat sugar?

Well right of the bat your blood sugar levels rise rapidly. To bring blood sugar levels down your body excretes hormones…particularly insulin and other androgenic hormones.

These hormones signal your body’s cells to upon up their “doors” and let the sugar in.

The primary places blood sugar goes is the cells of the liver and the cells that make up the muscles. They “fill up” just like inflating a tire or filling up a water balloon.

But what happens when they are all full to capacity?

Well, any excess blood sugar is then converted by your liver into long chain fats (basically LARD). This “lard” is then transported to your fat cells and stored as fat.

End effects of consuming EXCESS sugar

Sugar, unlike other more complex starches, raises blood sugars rapidly. It is metabolized (“burned”) very quickly in your system.

It spikes blood sugar levels in direct proportion to how much you ingest at one time. The more you ingest the greater the spike in blood sugar levels.

This spike in blood sugar causes your body to excrete a SURGE of hormones all at one time.

It also causes a surge of high blood fats (LARD) all at one time.

So the end effect is it overwhelms your system with hormones and blood fats.

All these excess androgenic hormones cause your skin sebum glands to go into hyper drive…producing way too much skin oil. Add to that the excess blood fats floating around and the end results is aggravation of an already existing acne condition.

So if sugar aggravates acne then why can some people eat all the sugar in the world yet still have flawless skin?

Great question….

Why sugar aggravates acne in some and NOT in others

Here’s the missing piece to the sugar acne relationship you’ve been looking for…

Ingesting too much sugar alone will not aggravate acne. It’s only when you overwhelm the liver with excess hormones that acne will flare.

The liver is what “deactivates” and “clears” excess hormones from your system.

But it only has so much capacity to do that.

So the reason sugar aggravates your acne, while your friend can eat all the sugar they want and still not get acne is because their liver function is much stronger.

Their liver is able to quickly “deactivate” and “clear” any excess hormones. So they never sufferer hormonal imbalance. And they never sufferer from acne.

But you’re liver capacity in this regard is significantly “shackled”. That’s why even a little bit of sugar can aggravate your acne.

How to PREVENT sugar from aggravating your acne

So what’s the solution?

Well, you’ve got to “build” and “strengthen” your liver function in this regard. Once you do that, then you’ll be able to eat some sugar yet still have perfect skin.

So you can see it’s NOT sugar itself that causes acne, but a liver that is drastically compromised and overwhelmed with too many hormones all at one time.

Sugar only aggravates an already compromised situation.

You can’t really cure acne by giving up sugar. You can only lesson the severity or manage acne symptoms. But to cure acne permanently you must “rebuild” and “revitalize” liver function.

How do you do that?

Boy isn’t that the million dollar question. And luckily I have the million dollar answer. And it took years of work to figure out. Luckily you don’t have to wait years. To find out how take The Acne Cure E-Tutorial.

Sugar and acne: The bottom line…

Until you “build” back liver capacity to clear hormones you should avoid chocolate. You should avoid all processed sugars. And ingest vary sparingly simple natural sugars such as honey, molasses, or maple syrup. Doing that is the only way any acne alternative treatments will work.

You should avoid ALL fruit juices except the low-sugar fruit juices from fresh lemon and lime.


Because sugar from fruit juice (without the fiber of the fruit) enters your blood stream too quickly. It just spikes blood sugars too violently for you as an acne sufferer.

In addition to that, high sugar fruits such as bananas should also be eaten in small quantities at any one time.

The key is NOT to overwhelm your system at any one time with excess sugar at any one time.

But I gotta have something sweet!!!

Hey, I hear you. I know where you’re at. I have a sweet tooth as well.

What if there was a way to enjoy all the sweet stuff you enjoy now yet NOT aggravate your acne in any way? And not get fat from them either?

Well, the good news is I’ve discovered a way.

Using this discovery you can immediately enjoy all the sweet things you do now, yet suffer NONE of the bad effects of excess sugar. It’s really a pretty amazing discovery.

What is it?

I’ll be covering it in more details in future reports. To insure you don’t miss a thing you might want to subscribe to my newsletter. To get it just tell me where to send it. Then click the button below…

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