Vitamins For Acne Explained

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“The TRUTH About Common Vitamin For Acne Supplements”

“From an ex-acne sufferer who’s tried all the common vitamin for acne treatments”

This area of natural acne treatment is so MISunderstood.

Someone’s got to bring some sanity to the vitamin for acne issue. So here it is…

Unfortunately there is no single vitamin supplement that’s going to cure acne (no b5 does NOT cure acne, more about that in a moment).

However, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are some vitamins for acne that are very key for natural acne treatment. And you need to understand how to use best use them synergistically with a more complete program.

In this report I’m going to reveal to you EXACTLY how vitamins really work, which ones DO NOT. And I’m going to clear up this whole vitamin for acne supplements controversy.

The vitamin and acne relationship

If you’ve checked out the special report on the TRUE cause of acne you’ve realized the very root cause of your acne is hormonal imbalance combined with congesting blood and lymph toxins. And imbalanced hormones are caused by blocks or disruptions in your “hormonal highway”.

So what does this have to do with the vitamin for acne supplements issue?

Good question.

While no vitamin alone will cure acne, there are some vitamins that play very key roles in hormonal balance that is so important for acne sufferers.

Let me explain…

Your body has means of regulating your hormones…keeping everything in balance. And this “hormone regulation system” requires key nutrients (vitamins included) to work properly…if it’s not working properly then your hormones get out of balance.

In addition to that, there are some secondary factors that apply to acne sufferers that can be helped significantly by the right acne supplements.

Vitamin for acne supplements…the bottom line

Yes, there are some vitamin for acne supplements that are indeed tremendously beneficial for acne if combined with a more comprehensive program. But please don’t think that you can simply take a vitamin for acne supplement and cure your acne. Because you can’t…believe me I tried for years to do it.

For any vitamin for acne to be effective it needs to be used with precision as part of a much more comprehensive program.

And you know what…the most CRUCIAL nutrient your body needs to maintain hormonal balance ISN’T a vitamin for acne, nor is it a mineral, no is it an amino acid.

Without this KEY nutrient your body simply cannot maintain hormonal balance despite whatever vitamin for acne supplements you may be taking.

What is it?

You can learn more my taking the Acne Cure E-Tutorial.

Reports on common vitamin for acne supplements

As promised, here are the common vitamin for acne supplements you will find on the web. Which ones work, which ones don’t…get the inside scoop on each by clicking the links below…

B5 and acne
What a fiasco. This is report is a must read for anyone considering b5 for acne treatment.

Zinc and acne
This is a key mineral for acne sufferers and one you should investigate. But it only works when used along with a key zinc co-factor. All the insider secrets revealed in this report.

Bookmark this page because I’ll be posting more reports soon.

More to come…

Vitamin E and acne

Chromium and acne

MSM and acne

Vitamin A/beta carotene and acne



  1. Ed says:

    This is not true. There is one vitamin that can cure or almost cure acne- Vitamin A in mega doses will pretty much cure most to all cases of acne no matter how bad. You need to take about 300,000 IUs per day for 1 to 3 months which causes toxicity. The toxicity causes the skin to dry out and then peel leaving your skin beautiful and clear underneath. But vitamin A at this quantity can easily cause depression and liver damage. So it will cure acne but it is very dangerous. Accutane basically is vitamin A shrunken down into the size of a small pill- so the side effects are almost the same. So people with risk of depression or liver weakness (and most people don’t know if they are at risk) should either not use vitamin A mega dose or should consult a medical professional first. So I would NOT recommend anyone treat themselves with vitamin A mega doses because of the risks- one is possibly better off taking Accutane with a doctor’s supervision and motorization of the liver. But for the record, vitamin A mega doses CAN cure and treat even the most severe acne.

    Added by admin:
    While vitamin A is certainly important for every acne sufferer you have to ask yourself the question WHY? Why would it take a toxic dose of vitamin A to create an effect?

    The answer is a vitamin A deficiency is not the core cause of acne. If it was then a dose well within normal range would cure it.

  2. jaime says:

    This has nothing to do with supplementing a vitamin A deficiency & nobodys saying that, it is the toxic effect of ‘overdosing’ on the vitamin that is beneficial for acne. large intakes of vitamin A drastically reduce the body’s production (over production) of sebum wich is the cause of acne, im not claiming its a natural process or advisable in any way. i assure you tho that it works as i am currently 5 months into a course of vitamin A mega dosing & my skin is completely clear, & im not dead yet either. the effects were identical to those of accutane (from what i’ve researched) (Lots).

  3. admin says:

    Jaime, I would suggest mega dose vitamin A treatment is NOT addressing the true origins of acne. Only the symptom (excess sebum). If acne was just a vitamin A deficiency then any reasonable dose would cure it. (Which you already know it does not). Take vitamin A if it helps you. But I would suggest keeping it in reasonable levels, and then taking additional steps to correct the true core cause of acne.

  4. admin says:

    Do you really think the cause of acne is a isotretinoin or oral contraceptives deficiency?

    Excess sebum is only an external symptom of an internal core problem. By focusing on the symptom you are hacking away at the leaves of the weeds and not the roots.

  5. Diana says:

    Guys, the Admin is absolutely right. Put your hormonal balance back to normal and you won’t have any sebum problems. You just simply trying to camouflage the symptoms instead of getting deep into the process of acne treatment by understanding what your body is lack of, and add these nutrients and vitamins into your diet. And it wouldn’t be just only Vitamin A, for example, its the complex of essential suppliments, as our body needs everything in moderation, right quantities.

  6. Lakshmi says:

    My Dad has a lot of sebum in his skin and never get a pimple, and in my neck i never get sebum and still pimples show up.

  7. kate says:

    Everything in this blog is completely true! In addition you’ve created an excellent blog post once again! Your writing style about acne supplements is impeccable, I really enjoy the articles. I check your site regularly and enjoy the fact its popular and has frequent users, please post about acne supplements more often.

  8. Jenny says:

    I agree that treating the symptoms is a lost cause and often leaves the underlying causes untreated and waiting to resurface or-worse-yet create other, larger health problems. We must not forget the skin is out largest organ!

    However, there IS a cause-related connection between Vitamin A and acne if you consider systemic candida infection. Acne has been associated as a symptom of systemic candida overgrowth, and patients with acne have been found to be more likely to have candida infections than non-acne sufferers. Ironically, high doses of vitamin A have also been recommended to kill off candida overgrowth so if high doses are helping your acne you may have a candida problem!!

  9. body acne says:

    Hi, I have been looking at various acne supplements for body acne and I have heard of a herbal product called neem. Have you ever heard of this and does it actually work?

  10. Concerned Mom says:

    I was so worried about my teenage daughter when she began suffering from acne. I was a sufferer and I had to live my teen life with acne. I refused to have my child go through that. I began giving her supplements including vitamn A 30,000iu, fish oil, and multi vitamins & minerals. In 2 months her face completely cleared and it still is a year later with only an occasional outbreak during menses. I stopped suffering from acne in my adult years, but after reading this post, I’m going to start taking vitamin
    A now. I wasn’t quite sure which supplement was clearing her face, but now I know it is the vitamin A with the support of the others. Thanks so much guys. This Vitamin A, really really works, and I am so grateful that I discovered it and now her skin is so beautiful. I wish my mom knew about it when I was a kid.

  11. Spot Free says:

    Wow, I will look into this vitamin A supplement.

  12. Angle says:

    Hi my friend also suffering from this. I am looking forward it to her by sharing this information.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i like to try this vitaminA but the undesirable effect of it on liver as what Ed have said, frightens me a lot..=((

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